Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1784

Chapter 1784: Chanlongs Fligh

Master Chanlongs face became extremely ugly as he looked at Jian Chen who had broken out. He knew he had lost his chance to kill Jian Chen. Moreover, in his current condition, he had even lost the basic ability to move, let alone battle.

Lets go. Quick, theres a teleportation formation disc in my Space Ring. Lets leave here quick, master Chanlong said to the trapped soul. His voice was filled with regret.

He was so close! He was so close to killing Jian Chen!

Chanlong, youve finally realised it. You might not be able to live for another a hundred years, but living for a few years longer is always better than dying here, the trapped soul said seriously to master Chanlong. His stern voice made it seem like he was not making fun of or joking with Chanlong.

It was also at this moment that a bright, white light surrounded master Chanlong and the trapped soul. They immediately vanished; the teleportation disc had transported them away.


Just after they were sent away, a golden sword Qi struck the deep pit where master Chanlong lay in earlier. Dust and sand were immediately kicked into the air with a boom.

In the distance, Jian Chen hovered in the sky. Even though he was rather pale and was in a rather horrible shape, his cold eyes shone brightly. His presence was prominent as sword intent surged towards the sky.

I actually let him escape Jian Chen gazed in the direction where master Chanlong had vanished from. His killing intent did not decrease and became even heavier than before instead.

Master Chanlong had forced him to use the twin swords. Although he put the swords away immediately when the formation was destroyed, he did not know whether master Chanlong could see what was happening within the formation.

Its fine if he hasnt seen it, but if he has, I cant keep master Chanlong around. I have to kill him no matter where he flees off to, thought Jian Chen.

In reality, his relationship with master Chanlong had deteriorated so much that even if master Chanlong did not see the twin swords, Jian Chen might not have planned on sparing him anyway.

Jian Chen sucked in a deep breath and slowly dispersed his presence, making him seem normal again. He gazed into the distance at the provincial city that a formation still enveloped and did not make his way over immediately. Instead, he flew further away.

Before long, Jian Chen found a hidden place within a mountain range and began to heal himself. He planned to recover his strength.

Naturally, the wounds from the battle healed very quickly thanks to the superior regeneration of the Chaotic Body. However, his drained power of the soul did not recover as quickly as his body. Now that he had used up all the Soul Recovery Pills as well, the power of his soul would recover extremely slowly.

Master, the twin swords are extremely heavily damaged. They cant be used any longer. You need to find materials of higher grades to refine them again, said Zi Ying.

Once I get out of here, Ill go collect the materials, said Jian Chen. Due to the limitations of their materials, the quality of the current swords was just too low. They were unable to withstand the powers of the sword spirits.

The sword spirits had used Supreme Yang Force and Supreme Yin Force when Jian Chen smashed through the formation, so the swords became heavily damaged. They were covered in cracks and could fall apart at any time.

As Jian Chen recovered, several dozen Gods hovered in the sky within the provincial city. Not only were there the ancestors of the powerful clans in the city, but there were also people from other provinces and other divine kingdoms.

Even though they had been trapped by the formation, they had completely forgotten about it at that moment. They all hovered in the formation as they looked in the same direction.

To no surprise, they were looking at where Jian Chen and master Chanlong had fought.

The formation had restricted the senses of their souls, so they were unable to expand them. However, they could clearly sense the powerful and terrifying shockwaves of energy from there.

The shockwaves were so powerful that even from a million kilometers away, they all leapt in fright.

There are two Overgods fighting. Looking at the disturbance, they should be mid Overgods

Looks like the two Overgods are going at each others throats in this battle of life and death. I just dont understand why they had to cast down such a powerful trapping formation to keep us all inside the provincial city

This trapping formation was cast down silently, right before all our noses. Looks like the Overgod who cast it down had been scheming about it long ago. Im guessing that he probably wanted to use the formation to trap his opponent after they entered the city and kill them after that

What a vicious person. Does he plan on wiping out our city like that? If two Overgods begin fighting in our city, the defensive formation of our city definitely wont be able to withstand it. How many people will be able to survive the shockwaves?

The Gods all discussed. Many of them were rather pale as they felt lucky. Fortunately, the two terrifying Overgods did not begin fighting within the city, or the outcome would have been unthinkable.

At the same time, everyone became riddled with hatred towards the Overgod that had cast down the formation. Of course, they did not dare to voice their hatred.

Hmm? The battle in the distance has stopped. Has the battle between the two Overgods ended? At this moment, a God said.

Its a pity that we dont know the outcome and who won

It must be the person who cast down the formation. When the formation was activated, I heard someone say You really have come to the provincial city. Where do you think youre going? Youre staying right here! Just thats enough to decide the victor.

I hope that Overgod who trapped us here can come back and remove this formation, or well be stuck here for a very long time

Many of the Gods sighed inside. They were filled with helplessness. The person who had trapped them was an Overgod. No matter how displeased they were, they had to put up with it. They did not dare to vent their anger.

However, the Gods in the city waited for quite some time, but no Overgod came to remove the formation. As a result, no one could enter or leave the city.

At this moment, a white-bearded old man in white robes suddenly appeared in the sky above the provincial city.