Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1793

Chapter 1793: Breakthroughs To Godhood

Ancestor Yans full name was Wayner Yan. His talent was extraordinary, and he was the most outstanding clansmen ever since the Wayner clan was founded. In just thirty thousand years, he had reached early God, becoming the fifth ancestor of the Wayner clan at such a young age. Afterwards, he spent five thousand more years to go from early God to mid God.

Even with the entire Divine Kingdom of Pingtian in perspective, there was barely anyone who could match up to his talent and cultivation speed. The Wayner clan, on the other hand, held very high hopes for Wayner Yan.

After breaking through to mid God, Wayner Yan went travelling all by himself and had just returned today.

Great-grandfather Cong, great-grandfather Xuanguang, how come I dont see great-grandfather Sen and great-grandfather Ti? Wayner Yan smiled with a sense of closeness.

The great-grandfather Sen and great-grandfather Ti he was referring to were naturally the two mid Gods of the Wayner clan, Wayner Sen and Wayner Ti.

Wayner Yan was also an ancestor of the Wayner clan now, making his status equal to the other Gods. However, due to his age, he always referred to the other ancestors of the Wayner clan as great-grandfathers.

Wayner Cong and Wayner Xuanguan became gloomy when they heard the question. They said, Xiao Yan, just too many things have happened in the Dongan province recently. Your great-grandfathers Sen and Ti have already fallen.

What! Great-grandfather Sen and great-grandfather Ti are already dead Wayner Yans face changed suddenly, and his smile disappeared. It was converted into grief.

Afterwards, Wayner Cong and Wayner Xuanguang explained everything that had happened in the recent years to him, including the opening of Godking Duanmus dwelling and the battle with Jian Chen outside. They hid nothing.

Xiao Yan. Both your grandfather Sen and grandfather Ti died in Godking Duanmus dwelling. They lost their lives to the killing formations cast down by Godking Duanmu. However, we find it very fortunate now; fortunately, you werent in the Dongan province when the dwelling had opened. Otherwise, you would have probably been doomed as well.

Just too many Gods died in Godking Duanmus dwelling. Let alone Gods, even quite a few Overgods died. There were even late Overgods among them. Sigh

Wayner Cong and Wayner Xuanguan said slowly. When they mentioned the dwelling of Godking Duanmu now, they were no longer enthusiastic. There was only indifference and melancholy.

Great-grandfather Sen, great-grandfather Ti, how did you just go like that? You didnt even see me unite the entire Dongan province beneath me. You didnt even see the day when our Wayner clan would become the greatest clan in the Dongan province, Wayner Yan murmured to himself. He was extremely grief-stricken.

The eyes of Wayner Cong and Wayner Xuanguang immediately narrowed when they heard Wayner Yans words. They looked at Wayner Yan with brimming interest as disbelief flooded their faces. At the same time, there was eagerness and excitement.

Even the Huo family, the Dong family, or the Nanyun clan did not dare to say the bold and lofty words of uniting the entire province and becoming the greatest clan in the province because late Gods were not enough to rule over an entire provincial city.

Although late Gods were peak experts in the Dongan province, there were many other Gods in other clans as well. Early and mid Gods were not the opponents of late Gods in single combat, but they could deal with late Gods if they worked together.

A late God would be unable to reign supreme within a provincial city. If a late God tried to do that, the other clans would definitely band together to suppress the late God. Even late Gods would die when they became completely outnumbered by experts of a similar level.

As a result, for a clan to dominate an entire provincial city in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian and many of the other divine kingdoms in the surroundings, they would need an Overgod.

Only Overgods could reign supreme in a provincial city!

Xiao Yan, whats your current cultivation? Wayner Cong asked. His voice trembled slightly.

Suddenly, Wayner Yan emitted a tremendous presence. The presence was so powerful that it had completely exceeded late God, reaching a whole new level.

Wayner Cong and Wayner Xuanguan were greatly shocked when they sensed the chillingly powerful presence. Surprise flooded their faces, along with uncontainable excitement.

Overgod. Xiao Yan, youve actually become an Overgod.

Jian Chen currently sat a meter above the ground in the forbidden grounds of the Tian Yuan clan as he guarded over the people who were breaking through.

The moment Wayner Yan gave off his Overgod presence, Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes and gazed in the direction of the Wayner clan.

Wayner Yans presence had only filled the hall of the Wayner clan and had not extended beyond that. As such, even many of the elders in the Wayner clan had failed to sense it. However, it was not enough to hide from Jian Chens senses.

An Overgod has actually appeared in the provincial city, Jian Chen murmured softly, and a light flickered through his eyes.

However, at this moment, the presence of a breakthrough suddenly appeared in the forbidden grounds. The people from the Tian Yuan Continent had finally stepped into Godhood.

Its Muer. Muer has actually broken through before the white tiger. Jian Chen stood on the ground now. He looked towards where Shangguan Muer cultivated as he smiled faintly.

Two hours into Shangguan Muers breakthrough, another presence appeared. Vaguely, it was filled with a presence of slaughter, making the surrounding temperature drop slightly.

The white tiger has broken through as well, Jian Chen smiled even wider. To him, being able to personally witness them reach Godhood was an extremely happy matter.

Soon after Shangguan Muer and the white tiger began their breakthrough, the others broke through as well, successfully reaching Godhood.

However, the third one to break through was the Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast, which had remained the size of a fist the whole time, never taking a human form.

Houston was the fourth person to break through among everyone.

Afterwards, Xiao Jin, Xiao Ling, Rui Jin, Hong Lian, Hei Yu, Nubis, as well as Xiong Zhong, Cheng Jingyun, and so on from the World of Forsaken Saints followed.

Originally, it was impossible for a few of them to reach Godhood so quickly, but due to the droplet of liquid lime from Jian Chen that was enough for even Overgods to lay their lives down for, they had all comprehended the laws of the world much earlier and formally reached Godhood.

The simultaneous breakthrough of over a dozen people naturally caused quite the disturbance. However, since formations protected the forbidden grounds, no outsider learnt about their breakthroughs.