Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1798

Chapter 1798: The Earth Spirit Sec

Looks like the Wayner clan has not caught sir Xuan Dous eye, even when theyve gained an Overgod, Wayner Yan. However, it seems like sir Xuan Dou has personally come to visit the Tian Yuan clan due to the orders of his majesty. Hence, it'll be more correct to say that Wayner Yan has not caught the eye of the divine king.

Xuan Dous behavior caused many of the Gods currently gathered in the hall to change their minds slightly. Their gazes towards Jian Chen underwent some minute changes as well.

This was because they had realised that the provincial city would probably fall under the Tian Yuan clans control.

Even though that was the case, the Gods from the various clans still did not dare to show any disrespect towards the Wayner clan. After all, the Wayner clan was an organisation with an Overgod now.

Although Wayner Yan felt like Xuan Dous behaviour had embarrassed him, the latter was a late Overgod, so Wayner Yan could do nothing about it. Then he looked towards Jian Chen and clasped his fist, In a few days, our Wayner clan will hold a celebration and formally announce that we are now a clan with an Overgod to the entire Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. At the same time, we will lead the province in all matters and pass down some regulations. I hope the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan will grant me the honor of coming. Wayner Yans voice was assertive.

Even though he knew that the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan was also an Overgod, he showed no fear at all, even when he mentioned how he wanted to lead the entire province.

Jian Chens face did not change at all. He sat on the patriarchs throne without moving at all and looked at Wayner Yan from above. He said plainly, It would be rude for me to not. You have granted me the honor of you attending our founding ceremony today, so I will naturally attend your celebration.

Wayner Yan frowned when he heard that. He was not in a good mood. The patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan had basically said that he was only willing to take part in the Wayner clans celebration because Wayner Yan had come to his founding ceremony. If Wayner Yan had not come to the founding ceremony, the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan would probably not attend his Wayner clans celebration.

What Wayner Yan found to be even more unacceptable was how the patriarch actually sat high up on the throne and spoke to him while looking down. His face had become rather cold.

At this moment, Jian Chen continued, Though about the province, I think its best to keep it as it is right now. Theres completely no need for any extra regulations. Too many regulations will affect the development of the province.

All the Gods present secretly beamed inside when they heard that. They were not celebrating the fact that Jian Chen wanted to keep the Dongan province as it was right now. Instead, they were happy that the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan had already begun disagreeing with Wayner Yan.

Many of them behaved extremely obediently because they were Overgods, but they felt the exact opposite inside. As a result, they were really eager to see the Overgods of the Tian Yuan clan and the Wayner clan turn on each other. They hoped it would get to the point where both Overgods suffered heavy injuries.

Xuan Dou also stood to one side with his crossed arm. He said nothing. However, he felt very perplexed over what would happen as well. Two Overgods had actually appeared in a single provincial city. It was going to be lively.

Wayner Yans face sank when he heard Jian Chens words. His gaze gradually turned into a glare, and he said coldly, Are you saying that you want to oppose my Wayner clan? Do you also think that my Wayner clan does not have the right to rule over the Dongan province? Suddenly, Wayner Yan took out a yellow token. He held the token high in the air and called out, May I ask if my Wayner clan has the right now?

A protectors token from the Earth Spirit sect! Xuan Dous face changed suddenly when he saw the token, and he cried out. He was extremely shocked.

Thats right; its from the Earth Spirit sect! Wayner Yan became very complacent. He could not help but smile arrogantly.

The expressions of the Gods present all changed slightly when they heard the words Earth Spirit sect. They all looked towards Wayner Yan in disbelief.

Commander Xuan, may I ask about the Earth Spirit sect? Jian Chen asked Xuan Dou secretly. He had only come to the Dongan province for so long, so he naturally had no idea about the Earth Spirit sect.

A sliver of surprise appeared on Xuan Dous face when he heard Jian Chens question. He had probably never considered that Jian Chen would not have heard of the Earth Spirit sect despite being an Overgod.

However, Xuan Dou still explained the matter to Jian Chen patiently, The Earth Spirit sect is one of the two most powerful sects in the Heavenly Moon Empire. Theyre extremely powerful, and they possess five or six Godkings. They also have far more Overgods than our Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. I never thought that this Wayner Yan would be a protector from the Earth Spirit sect. He possesses a certain level of status in the Earth Spirit sect. As such, matters will become difficult now, Jian Chen.

Xuan Dou explained Wayner Yans identity rather solemnly. Although Wayner Yan was only an early Overgod, the sect behind him was not an existence that could be provoked.

The Heavenly Moon Empire? The Earth Spirit sect? Looks like Ill need to spend some time to understand the Cloud Plane properly, thought Jian Chen. He realised that his understanding of the Cloud Plane was simply too limited.

Patriarch, commander Xuan Dou, may I ask if theres anything you want to say? Wayner Yan held the protectors token as he spoke to Jian Chen and Xuan Dou arrogantly.

Xuan Dou furrowed his brows. He clearly feared Wayner Yans identity slightly. It was not good news for the divine kingdom if he offended a protector of the Earth Spirit sect.

This was because the Earth Spirit sect was just too powerful. Even with the Heavenly Moon Empire in perspective, they were one of the two most powerful sects.

Even the imperial family of the Heavenly Moon Empire feared the two sects slightly.

Wayner Yan, its the same as Ive said before. Its best if we keep the Dongan province as it is right now, said Jian Chen. He did not show any fear. He had already founded his own clan in the Dongan province, so he naturally could not let an early Overgod dominate him. Although he was not interested in controlling the provincial city, he could not remain in the provincial city forever. He would leave some day.

As a result, he had to ensure that the Tian Yuan clan possessed a stable position in the Dongan province before his departure.

If thats the case, theres no need for your Tian Yuan clan to remain in the provincial city. Piss off, Wayner Yan became angered. With that, he charged towards Jian Chen with lightning speed. He clenched his right hand into a fist and directly threw it at Jian Chens face.

A gleam of cold light flickered through Jian Chens eyes. He suddenly stood up and stood in front of Shangguan Muer. Forming a sword with his fingers, he immediately produced a dazzling streak of light to receive Wayner Yans punch.