Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1805

Chapter 1805: Passing On Laws Two
Chapter 1805: Passing on Laws (Two)

Mo Yan immediately became unhappy. She pouted her lips, Hmph, fine then. I want to help you, yet you dont even appreciate it and want to ground me. So much for my good intentions. Mo Yan was no longer in the mood to learn the sword anymore. She picked up her sword and left.

Jian Chen shook his head helplessly as he watched Mo Yan walked away. Afterwards, he looked at Xi Yu, and his eyes gradually deepened. He said, Miss Xi Yu also seems to have comprehended the Laws of the Sword, right?

Patriarch, I do indeed comprehend the Laws of the Sword, Xi Yu straightened herself and answered honestly. Jian Chens status was completely different from before, so she clearly felt a little unnatural before Jian Chen.

However, perhaps due to Mo Yans words, Xi Yu avoided Jian Chens gaze slightly. Her face remained slightly flushed as well.

Show me what youve comprehended, Jian Chen asked calmly, completely ignoring the redness on Xi Yus face.

Xi Yu was surprised. She seemed to realise that Jian Chen wanted to guide her personally. A strange light could not help but appear in her eyes.

Jian Chens Laws of the Sword had reached the level of Overgods while Overgods were insurmountable existences in Xi Yus eyes. If she could receive the personal guidance of an Overgod who had comprehended the Laws of the Sword, it would be extremely beneficial to her own comprehension. She might even be able to become a God in a single stroke.

Xi Yu immediately became slightly excited. However, she sucked in a breath soon afterwards and forcefully calmed herself down.

Suddenly, Xi Yu emitted a sharp sword Qi. A dazzling sword had appeared in her hand. Its light surged as she slashed towards a fake mountain nearby with her full strength.

This attack contained Xi Yus greatest comprehension of the Laws of the Sword. Through the might of her sword, she demonstrated her comprehension of the Laws of the Sword to Jian Chen.


With a great rumble, the fake mountain was not damaged at all after withstanding Xi Yus most powerful strike. After all, a layer of formations protected the entire Tian Yuan clan. Although the formations were not enough to stop attacks from Overgods, they were not something that a late Deity like Xi Yu could destroy.

A gleam of light shone through Jian Chens eyes. From that single attack, Jian Chen could tell what Xi Yu lacked in her comprehension of the Laws of the Sword.

Xi Yu, watch closely, Jian Chen called out. Using his fingers as a sword, he emitted a powerful streak of light and directly stabbed towards Xi Yus head.

As Jian Chen stabbed out, a surging sword Qi immediately permeated the surroundings. Xi Yu sensed it the most intensely. In Xi Yus eyes, she seemed to have moved into a sea filled with sword Qi that clustered densely all around her. Endless sword Qi surrounded her. Every single strand of sword Qi there seemed to represent a law of the world, and the countless sword Qi seemed to form the laws of the world.

At the very beginning, Xi Yu was surprised, but she understood very soon. Jian Chen was passing on his own laws. He was using this method to invoke his comprehensions of the Laws of the Sword, displaying it to her in the simplest fashion possible.

Xi Yu could not help but close her eyes. Looking could not allow her to understand the laws that Jian Chen was passing on to her. She had to comprehend it using her heart.

If she comprehended some of the mysteries there, it was extremely likely for her to become a God. However, if she failed, Jian Chens attempt this time would be completely useless and a waste of time.

Comprehending the laws of the world was not as simple as cultivation. To cultivate, a person only needed to ingest a few heavenly resources, and they would be able to increase their cultivation with the energy within. On the other hand, there were no shortcuts to comprehending the Laws of the Sword. It would all be up to the individual.

Even after ingesting heavenly resources that assisted comprehension like Comprehension Tea, personal comprehension was still required to understand the mysteries within there. It would not directly increase a persons comprehension of laws.

The sword Qi from Jian Chens fingertips stopped before Xi Yus forehead, and the sword Qi slowly dispersed. Jian Chen pulled back his hand, and he stared at Xi Yu, who currently had her eyes closed.

Around half an hour later, Xi Yu finally opened her eyes. There was a sliver of understanding in her eyes.

Do you understand? At the same time, Jian Chen asked her.

Xi Yu looked over and saw Jian Chen standing next to a pond nearby with his back towards her. There was a gentle breeze that blew his hair around while his white robes fluttered gently as well. He seemed slightly otherworldly.

Xi Yus eyes suddenly narrowed as she stared at Jian Chens back. Somehow, she seemed to sense an indomitable presence from Jian Chens back.

I understood a little, but theres still a lot I dont understand, Xi Yu said gently as her emotions were mixed.

Jian Chen slowly turned around and stared at Xi Yu with reassurance. He said, Since youve understood a little, it means that your affinity for comprehension is extremely great. It wont be a waste for me to guide you. Suddenly, Jian Chen pointed a finger towards the sky. A huge streak of light shot out directly towards the sky.

At the same time, an even more powerful sword intent radiated from his body, enveloping the entire Tian Yuan clan in a single instance.

The sword intent did not just stop there. Instead, it rapidly expanded throughout the city with lightning speed. Eventually, it enveloped the entire city, shocking everyone around.

What powerful sword intent. Its from the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan. What is he doing

This is definitely the laws at the level of Overgod. Its the Overgod from the Tian Yuan clan

Whether it was the Gods of other clans or the people who had settled down in the city temporarily, they all gazed in the direction of the Tian Yuan clan in shock.

Mo Ling and Ando Fu hurried over within the Tian Yuan clan as well. They watched from the distance as Jian Chen pointed his finger towards the sky as he stood next to the pond. Shock filled their faces as well.

Jian Chen had already closed his eyes, connecting himself with the Laws of the Sword in the surroundings as best as possible. He maintained his posture for around ten minutes before finally opening his eyes.

At that moment, his pupils had lost their original black. They shone with dazzling, silver-white light. They seemed as bright as lanterns when the white eyes and pupils fused together.

At that moment, Jian Chen slowly guided his finger through the air. As his finger moved, the formations on the fake mountain in the distance immediately collapsed. A huge slash gradually appeared there.

The mark on the fake mountain grew longer and longer as Jian Chens hand moved. It flickered with light, and it seemed to contain a mysterious power.

A sliver of exhaustion appeared on Jian Chens face after creating the mark as if leaving behind the slash on the fake mountain had taken a great toll on him.

The slash contains all my comprehension of the Laws of the Sword. Itll just depend on your affinity for comprehension as for how long it will take you to become an Overgod, Jian Chen said to Xi Yu before leaving step by step with exhaustion. He directly made his way to the forbidden grounds.

Xi Yu stared at Jian Chens back as she felt greatly touched. Her lip quivered gently. She seemed to want to ask Jian Chen why he wanted to help her like this, but in the end, she held back her desire to do so.

She understood that even many disciples could not enjoy something like passing on laws, as it simply took too great of a toll on the person who was passing on the laws.

Even when a few masters would use a method like this for their disciples, the masters would only pass on a portion of their laws. However, according to Jian Chens words, he seemed to have engraved all his comprehension of the Laws of the Sword there. If all the mysteries in the slash could be comprehended, she would directly be able to become an Overgod.