Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1808

Chapter 1808: Fifteen Years

Jian Chen refined the tremendous energy within the huge, golden ginseng. It was an extremely long and arduous process. He required a very long time to wear away the brutal energy before being able to transform it into Chaotic Force. After all, the tremendous energy within the golden ginseng was not as gentle as the energy within the Violet Cloud Peaches that could be easily absorbed without any difficulty at all.

Jian Chen lost track of time as cultivation was timeless. He devoted himself to cultivation. Near him lay the three-meter-long golden ginseng.

However, the ginseng was only half of its initial size now. Jian Chen had devoured all its roots and refined into tremendous energy, so the chaotic neidan in his dantian gradually grew.

Five years passed in a flash. The golden ginseng had vanished from the gloomy room while Jian Chen held the last piece of fist-sized ginseng flesh. After sighing, he shoved the last piece of ginseng flesh into his mouth before closing his eyes and devoting himself to refining its energy.

As the last piece of ginseng flesh reached Jian Chens stomach, he finally devoured the entire huge ginseng after five whole years.

The energy within the golden ginseng was enough for my chaotic neidan to grow from the size of a soybean to the size of a thumb. The energy required for any progress after Ive reached the tenth layer of the Chaotic Body has increased by so many times. I wonder if the other heavenly resources from Godking Duanmus Space Ring and the fifty Ten-thousand-year God Origin Pills will be enough for me to reach the eleventh layer or not, Jian Chen thought. Even though early Overgods posed no threat to him, and there was no need for him to even fear mid Overgods with his current strength, he was not a late Overgods opponent.

He had managed to emerge victorious against the late Overgod master Chanlong because the latter was a formation master. He was skilled at using formations against his opponents and not in open battles. Hence, Jian Chen managed to achieve a close victory against him.

Ive gained a stable footing in the Dongan province now, but there are still some people who can threaten me in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian like Yang Kai, who has reached late Overgod, and the commander of the Royal Divine Army, Xuan Dou. I would not be their opponents, as my tenth layer Chaotic Force is only equivalent to Gods.

If my Chaotic Body can progress some more, reaching the eleventh layer, my cultivation would directly be on par with Overgods according to the sword spirits. By then, will there still be anymore Overgods that are my opponent? The only people I will have to fear will probably be Godkings, thought Jian Chen.

Jian Chen had gained a detailed understanding of the corresponding cultivation levels for the future layers of the Chaotic Body in the past few years.

The eleventh layer of the Chaotic Body was equivalent to Xuan Immortals in the Immortals World, and Xuan Immortals were equivalent to Overgods in the Saints World.

If he reached the twelfth layer, he would be equivalent to the Nine-heavenly Xuan Immortals of the Immortals World.

Nine-heavenly Xuan Immortals were equivalent to Godkings in the Saints World.

The twelfth layer was also the peak of the partial achievement of the Chaotic Body. Surpassing the twelfth layer and reaching the thirteenth would be equivalent to reaching the major achievement.

The Chaotic Body had a total of eighteen layers, and the thirteenth to the eighteen layers were all a part of the major achievement.

The thirteenth layer of the Chaotic Body was equivalent to Immortal Monarchs in the Immortals World, which were equivalent to Infinite Primes in the Saints World.

Although the cultivators strength would increase substantially with each layer of the Chaotic Body, the difference between minor cultivation levels in the Primordial realm was also extremely great.

As a result, once he reached the thirteenth layer of the Chaotic Body, his strength would progress very slowly. Below the Primordial realm, each layer of the Chaotic Body would be equivalent to a major cultivation realm or even several of them.

However, the thirteenth layer, fourteenth layer, and fifteenth layer would all correspond to Infinite Primes due to the huge disparity between each cultivation level.

The sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth layers would correspond to Chaotic Primes of the Saints World. However, due to the power of the Chaotic Body, people who had reached the eighteenth layer would be able to hold their ground against regular Grand Primes, even though they were only peak Chaotic Primes technically.

Beyond the eighteenth layer was the great perfection of the Chaotic Body, which only existed in the legends.

No one had ever managed to reach the great perfection of the Chaotic Body, including the few people with the Innate Chaotic Body throughout the history of the Immortals World.

I have to reach the eleventh layer as soon as possible, Jian Chen made up his mind. After devouring the golden ginseng, he immediately removed other heavenly resources from Godking Duanmus Space Ring and wolfed them down.

Who knew whether Wayner Yan would ask for other experts of the Earth Spirit sect to move against him now that they had fallen out. As a result, he always felt pressured. Only when he became even more powerful could he be free from worry.

A few decades were less than a split second to the Dongan Province that had already existed on the land of the Cloud Plane for several hundred thousand years.

Now, Jian Chen had already been in seclusion for fifteen years. Although Jian Chen never appeared within the clan during this period of time, the impression he had left in the hearts of the other clans in the city remained the same.

The name of the Tian Yuan clan had completely spread across the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, so everyone knew that a Tian Yuan clan had appeared in the Dongan province. Moreover, their patriarch had defeated the Overgod of the Wayner clan, and the clan had claimed the entire province as their land. It was to the point where even the royal capital would not interfere with anything that happened in there.

As a matter of fact, quite a few people heard about the Tian Yuan clan of the Dongan province in the neighboring countries as well, leading to quite a few people feeling admiration for them.

The Tian Yuan clan had become the insurmountable existence within the Dongan province now.

As for Mo Ling and Ando Fu, they basically managed all the affairs in the clan as Jian Chen was in seclusion. As a result, they had become authoritative members of the clan, and they were people who could shake up the entire province wherever they went.