Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1814

Chapter 1814: Partial Achievement Of Sword Spirit Six
Chapter 1814: Partial Achievement of Sword Spirit (Six)

Naturally. Since Ive made a promise to you, I will definitely follow through with everything I have so that you can become an Overgod, given that your talent isnt too horrible, Jian Chen guaranteed. Although his current Laws of the Sword were only at the level of mid Overgod, he was confident that making Chi Qian an Overgod would not be too difficult.

Chi Qian was only a mid God right now. There would be some time before he reached peak God. By then, with Jian Chens rate of comprehension, he probably would have reached the major achievement of Sword Spirit, the great perfection of Sword Spirit, or maybe even Sword Immortal.

Even if something happened, and he remained at the partial achievement of Sword Spirit when Chi Qian reached peak God, he was still confident it would not be too much of a problem for Chi Qian to become an Overgod with his full assistance.

I should be leaving this place very soon. But before I do leave, I must increase the strength of the Tian Yuan clan some more. Its best if I can get an Overgod to protect the clan personally. Only then can I guarantee the safety of the clan. However, I have to deal with the matter regarding the Wayner clan as well. If I cant settle it peacefully, it wont be my fault. Otherwise, theyre a latent threat at all times, thought Jian Chen. Part of why he wanted to rope in Chi Qian this time was because he had a certain feeling that Chi Qians future accomplishments would definitely be quite impressive.

Jian Chen was uncertain why he felt this, but he believed it without any hesitation at all.

At the same time, there was something else important. He had already made up his mind about leaving the Tian Yuan clan. He was a person of the Immortals World after all. He had to return there someday.

He was not born in the Immortals World. As a matter of fact, he did not know anything about that world, but whether it was his cultivation method, his legacy, or the existence of the sword spirits, they all determined him to be a part of the Immortals World.

As a result, he had to strengthen the Tian Yuan clan before his departure. At the very least, he had to make it so that the Tian Yuan clan could exist stably for a very long time in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian.

Not only did the existence of the clan protect the people who had come up from the Tian Yuan Continent with him, but it would have a direct connection to any other people who came up in the future.

Although the tunnel to the Saints World would drop a person to any of the forty-nine great planes or the eighty-one great planets in the Saints World, Jian Chen believed that once he was powerful enough, he could change that. Alternatively, he could make it such that all the people who came up in the future from the Tian Yuan Continent could gather in the Tian Yuan clan.

Jian Chens promise left Chi Qian overjoyed. Although he was already a God now, he had no confidence in breaking through to Overgod. Across the thirty-six provinces of the divine kingdom, each provincial city possessed several dozen or even over a hundred Gods, but there were only a few that managed to become Overgods.

If he possessed the full assistance of the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan, he believed he would be able to become an Overgod.

However, Chi Qian showed some hesitance. He said to Jian Chen, But patriarch, I already possess a clan in the Kaiyang province. I belong to the Chi family.

Jian Chen waved his hand without minding it at all and smiled, Thats not a problem. Youre still a part of the Chi family once you join the Tian Yuan clan.

I am indebted to the patriarch. From today onwards, I will join the Tian Yuan clan, Chi Qian said politely. Many people would choose to join larger clans or sects for better cultivation methods or to break through to higher cultivation realms in the Saints World. Chi Qian was only making a similar decision today.

With my age and talent, the people from very powerful clans and sects may not necessarily want me. Even if I do make it in out of luck, I probably wouldnt receive much focus at all. Ill just end up running my course. Although the Tian Yuan clan cannot be compared to those clans and sects, its enough as long as the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan will assist me in becoming an Overgod. At the same time, joining the Tian Yuan clan benefits me in another way as well because I wont have to worry about the revenge from the Mo family.

The Mo family of the Divine Kingdom of Qingyang are known for their vengeful behaviour. Theyre also extremely unjust. I wonder if the two elders of the Mo family will remember what I said and did today, Chi Qian thought.

Chi Han greets the patriarch! At the same time, the great-granddaughter behind Chi Qian came forward and bowed politely towards Jian Chen.

Many people in the surroundings looked at Chi Qian with deep envy. After all, Chi Qian did not join the Tian Yuan clan like any other person today. The patriarch had personally invited him and guaranteed to help him break through to Overgod.

After revealing his identity, Jian Chens status in the space immediately became extremely special. Everyone no longer looked at him as casually and boldly as before. Instead, their gazes were filled with respect and reverence.

This was because he was an Overgod, as well as the person who held absolute power in the Dongan province.

Afterwards, Jian Chen gave Chi Qian an identification token that represented his position as an elder of the Tian Yuan clan before continuing his comprehension.

In the blink of an eye, Jian Chen had reached the end of his second decade. After spending twenty long years comprehending here, the sword Qi that permeated the space there became abnormally powerful all of a sudden, making all the cultivators present feel like they had sunken into a sea of swords. It was like a layer of invisible sword Qi surrounded them. The sword Qi permeated every corner of the space, and it was to the point where the origin energy in the surroundings seemed to be infected, causing it to sharpen in that instance as well.

Everyone stopped cultivating and used their powerful origin energy to protect themselves, isolating themselves from the invisible sword Qi the best they could.

Fortunately, the sword Qi there had appeared naturally and did not target them, so they did not become injured once they resisted with their full strength.

There was only one person who was an exception, and that was Jian Chen. He had become covered in dust again.

Jian Chen remained seated where he was like a statue and did not move at all.

However, very soon, the dust on Jian Chen dispersed by itself. Gradually, a sharp and powerful sword Qi began to shine from Jian Chen, growing in brightness and power. In the end, it formed a huge sword Qi that plunged into the sky. From a distance, it seemed like a huge pillar that shone with an extremely bright light, rooted in the ground and reaching towards the sky.