Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1816

Chapter 1816: Repairing The Armor

The ancestor of the Mo family hesitated as he stared at the damaged armor. Uncertainty flickered through his eyes as he became extremely hesitant.

With a thought, a simple jade bottle appeared in his hand silently. He stared at the jade bottle and remained quiet for a very long time. This was because the bottle contained the droplets of miraculous liquid he had accidentally come across and obtained in outer space.

The liquid is extremely precious. Thats without a doubt. But do I use it on the god artifact or not? Can the liquid repair the armor? If it cant, wouldnt that just be wasting the treasured liquid? The ancestor of the Mo family was extremely conflicted as he held the damaged armor in one hand and the bottle of liquid in the other.

Moreover, theres something else important to consider. Wealth leads to ruin from others greed. A god artifact is immensely precious, and even many Infinite Primes dont possess something like that. I definitely wont be able to keep the god artifact after news makes it out with my mere strength. I might even end up dooming myself.

Of course, Primordial realm experts will not notice it if I keep the god artifact in its current shape. If I repair it, therell be more than a single Primordial realm expert who will come looking for me, but if I dont repair it, how do I kill Jian Chen and take revenge for my dear descendant?

The ancestor could not help but become enraged when he thought about how the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan had claimed the life of his beloved descendant. Killing intent surged within him.

Of course, the message the two elders brought back was the most important. It made the ancestor panic.

They had relayed the message that the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan, Jian Chen, would come personally to take back the armour before long.

In the long run, I cant repair the god artifact right now because I wont be able to keep it with my current strength. At the same time, I heard that you have to reach the Primordial realm to use the power of a god artifact. My current strength is nowhere close to that, the burning desire in the ancestors eyes gradually vanished, and he calmed down. He gave up on repairing the god artifact with the miraculous liquid.

This one greets the ancestor. I have important matters to report, a voice filled with reverence rang out from outside at this moment.

Speak, said the ancestor of the Mo family.

Ancestor, Ive just received the news that the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan from the Dongan province has broken through recently in Godking Duanmus dwelling, the person outside replied courteously.

The ancestor of the Mo family felt like a bolt had struck him from the blue when he heard that. His body shook violently, and his face sunk in that instance.

Is that true? He has broken through? The ancestor growled. This was the worst piece of news he could hear.

Ancestor, Ive checked over many sources, and there have been no contradictions. The patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan has indeed broken through in Godking Duanmus dwelling. However, his current level of cultivation is unknown, the person outside replied courteously.

The ancestor of the Mo family fell silent, and his face darkened. After quite a while, he waved his hand and said, I understand. You can go.

Descendant will be dismissing myself then.

The ancestor of the Mo family sat in the room. His sunken face quickly turned stern.

If Jian Chen had not broken through, the ancestor would only treat him as a powerful opponent and a great trouble for the future. Although he did pose some threat, the threat was not fatal. This was because in his eyes, there was nothing that he feared about Jian Chen apart from his Profound Sword Qi. He did not worry about Jian Chens cultivation level at all.

This was because he had already reached the peak of mid Overgod, while Jian Chen was only at early Overgod. Even if he comprehended the Laws of the Sword, Jian Chen would not be his opponent.

If Jian Chen did not possess the deterrent of the two strands of sword Qi, the ancestor would have directly made his way towards Jian Chen after the former killed his beloved descendant.

However, he learnt that Jian Chen had broken through. If he really did break through, would that not mean that Jian Chens cultivation level was the same as his own now?

If Jian Chen had really reached the same cultivation level as him, he knew he would not be Jian Chens opponent with Jian Chens battle prowess from the Laws of the Sword and the two strands of terrifying Profound Sword Qi.

Since Jian Chen has broken through, hell come looking for me in the Divine Kingdom of Qingyan before long. I cant give this god artifact back to him. Not only that, but I have to kill him to take revenge for my beloved descendant, the ancestor of the Mo family growled as cold killing intent appeared in his eyes.

Looks like Ill have to do it. The armor is my greatest trump card for killing Jian Chen, the ancestor of the Mo family made up his mind. Immediately, without any hesitation, he unscrewed the bottle and directly poured a droplet of the mysterious liquid onto the damaged armor.

The liquid was transparent, but the moment it appeared, there was an indescribably mysterious presence. When it came in contact with the damaged armor, it immediately fused into it.

The ancestor of the Mo family stared at the armor nervously. In reality, he had no idea whether the miraculous liquid could repair god artifacts.

Suddenly, the god artifact began to shine with a dense light under the ancestors close watch. It enveloped the entire god artifact in a single instance.

Through the dense light, the ancestor of the Mo family could clearly see that the damaged armor was being repaired at an extremely gradual rate.

Even though the rate of repair was slower than a snail, there was no doubt that the armor was slowly being repaired.

It actually can be repaired! It actually can! Fantastic, fantastic. This is utterly fantastic. With the protection of the god artifact, how will Jian Chen injure me as a mere Overgod? Even if I cant use the power of the god artifact with my current level of cultivation, the god artifact wont be something an Overgod can smash through, the ancestor of the Mo family was extremely overjoyed. His face had become flushed.

He could swear that he had never been so excited since he began cultivating.

Four hours later, the dense light around the armor gradually vanished, revealing the armor again.

The armor was still damaged, but compared to before, there were extremely evident changes. Some places had been repaired already, and it seemed like it had started to return to its previous state.

A god artifact really is a god artifact after all. A single drop of the liquid can only repair so much. Looks like Ill have to use up all of it to fully repair the god artifact, murmured the ancestor of the Mo family. Making up his mind, he poured all the liquid onto the god artifact in a single stroke.