Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1823

Chapter 1823: True Sword Pavilion

The other arrogant woman could not help but become slightly annoyed when she saw how the young man treated her sister so lovingly, while ignoring her. Her face darkened slightly.

Welcome, young master. How may I be of service? At this moment, a gentle voice rang out from behind. A graceful female employee who seemed to be in her twenties went up to receive Jian Chen. She smiled slightly and behaved extremely politely.

Jian Chen glanced past the collection of flying swords casually. He showed some disappointment and asked the lady, Do you have any better swords? Such as high quality, or even better, supreme quality?

Jian Chens Flying Snow sword had been destroyed long ago. In the past few years, he never had a sword that suited him. One reason was because it was impossible to find a better flying sword in the place like the Dongan province, and also because medium quality saint artifacts were no longer of any use to him with his current strength. Even high quality saint artifacts would not be able to last him for very long. Only supreme quality saint artifacts would suit him.

However, even a high quality saint artifact had never appeared in the provincial city of the Dongan province, so let alone a supreme quality saint artifact.

What? Youre looking for a supreme quality flying sword? The lady who received Jian Chen immediately changed in expression when she heard him and cried out in disbelief.

Her cry immediately drew over the attention of the other customers in the store. Immediately, they all turned their heads over and stared at Jian Chen in surprise.

Even the two beautiful women and the young man who seemed to be a wastrel looked at Jian Chen.

Hmm? Did I really just hear that? Really? Someone actually wanted to buy a supreme quality saint artifact? Surely Ive heard wrong. Theres actually someone who wants to buy a supreme quality saint artifact. Where has this country bumpkin come from, wanting to buy a supreme quality saint artifact as soon as they enter the store? Im laughing my ass off. What does he think a supreme quality saint artifact is? Does he think its any old item you can find off the street? Or does he really not know just how valuable a supreme quality saint artifact is? The young man could not help but burst into laughter. His voice was filled with mockery and recklessness.

Pfft, this is just hilarious. Hahahaha, Im really laughing my head off As the young man laughed, the arrogant woman could not help but laugh aloud as well. She stared at Jian Chen like she was looking at an idiot.

Even the beautiful, quiet lady could not help but smiled slightly as she studied Jian Chen closely.

However, when the young man saw her smile, his face immediately sunk heavily. A sliver of coldness appeared in his eyes and he swore inside, God dammit. Rourous actually smiled. Shes actually smiled. Ive pursued her for so long but shes never smiled at me before, yet just a single sentence from this country bumpkin who can from who-knows-where has made her smile. God dammit! At this moment, the young mans gaze towards Jian Chen became laced with some ill intentions. The flames of envy burned within his gaze.

Bastard! Not only can this country bumpkin make Rourou smile, he just happens to be handsome as well. Dammit! Screw him! The young man became furious as his gaze gradually turned into a glare.

Jian Chen frowned. He glanced past the young man and woman who laughed at him. At the same time, he realised inside that he had probably underestimated the value of supreme quality saint artifacts.

Dont you have any supreme quality saint artifacts for sale here at all? Jian Chen asked the lady.

The lady looked at Jian Chen strangely. Even though she had already labelled Jian Chen as a person who definitely did not come to buy swords, she still replied politely, Young master, I must disappoint you. There are indeed no supreme quality saint artifacts here. Let alone our True Sword Pavilion, probably even the entire kingdom doesnt have any place that sells it. This is because probably only the divine king his majesty possesses a supreme quality saint artifact.

Supreme quality saint artifacts are actually that valuable? Jian Chen murmured. His breath had been taken away secretly. The value of supreme quality saint artifacts far exceeded what he anticipated.

The lady who received Jian Chen rolled her eyes when she heard what he had said. She felt extremely miserable inside. He actually did not even know the value of a supreme quality saint artifact and still wanted to buy it. Was he not the standard country bumpkin?

Haha, he doesnt have any idea just how valuable a supreme quality saint artifact is. He has no idea about them and probably hasnt even seen one in his life before, yet he dares to speak so boldly that he wants to buy one? Im laughing my head off. This is the first time Ive seen someone so queer in my entire life. He probably doesnt even have the power to use a supreme quality saint artifact if he really did get his hands on one. The arrogant woman giggled as disdain filled her eyes.

Jian Chen frowned. Even with his current level of cultivation, he had no interest in fussing over things with a mere Deity. However, after being made fun of time and time again, no one could remain in a good mood. He immediately stared at the woman coldly and said nonchalantly, Lady, whether Ive seen a supreme quality saint artifact or not doesnt seem to have anything to do with you. Even if I really cant use one, what has it got to do with you?

The arrogant woman glanced at Jian Chen with deep disdain. She did not reply to him, as if Jian Chen had no right to hold a conversation with her. She turned towards the soft-spoken woman beside her and said, Sister Rourou, lets go. Lets ignore this country bumpkin. No matter how handsome he appears to be, he cant hide the truth of being a country bumpkin.

The arrogant woman paused there and glanced at Jian Chen again with disdain. She continued, Even if its all acting, itll explain that he has other intentions for everything hes done. Without a doubt, that intention would be to attract sister Rourous attention, or even try steal sister Rourous heart slowly.

But hes underestimated sister Rourou far too much. Does he think that his petty tricks can get past us? Instead, hes only worsening his impression.

The arrogant young man nodded constantly. He said, Thats right, thats right. Xiao Xues very correct. Rourou, weve seen all the swords on the ground floor. Theyre not suitable for you. Lets go to a higher floor instead. Maybe we can find a suitable sword for you there. The young man did not want to remain on the same floor as Jian Chen any longer. As soon as he thought of how the country bumpkin had made Rourou smile, he felt greatly threatened, regardless of why Rourou had smiled.