Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1824

Chapter 1824: A Member Of The Yang Family

He would not have minded it too much if that country bumpkin was nothing too special in terms of appearance, but he just happened to be even more handsome than himself. He felt even more unhappy when he sensed the great confidence that the country bumpkin exuded.

The girl called Rourou nodded gently. She seemed gentle and quiet such that all her actions made her seem like the daughter of a large family. She did not give off any sense of arrogance. After staring at Jian Chen again to study him, she went upstairs with the other two.

The young man just happened to see Rourous actions, so his face immediately became even uglier. He glared at Jian Chen angrily before going up.

Jian Chen completely ignored all of this. With his increase in strength, his mental state had changed gradually as well. The wastrel from a large family who was only a Deity at most just seemed like an immature child in his eyes. Was an adult supposed to get into an argument with a child after being insulted? That would just be petty.

Moreover, he knew that he really had been a little too abrupt in asking for a supreme quality saint artifacts as soon as he made it through the door.

Then do you have any high quality flying swords? Jian Chen asked again. He could only change his request seeing how supreme quality flying swords were unavailable.

The lady who received Jian Chen glanced at the few people who had already gone upstairs. All of their backgrounds were terrifying. Clearly, she had become slightly impatient towards Jian Chens question, but she did not show it at at all, as she had gained a rough idea that Jian Chen had probably mentioned supreme quality saint artifacts to attract the attention of the girl called Rourou.

Now that he asked about high quality saint artifacts, it was probably an excuse so that he could go upstairs as well.

Young master, our store just happens to have a few high quality saint artifacts, but theyre all upstairs, the lady maintained her business smile and did not show a trace of what she was thinking.

Take me there, Jian Chen said without any hesitation at all. He truly lacked a suitable weapon right now.

Yes, young master. Please follow me, the lady was filled with contempt inside, but she still led Jian Chen to the next floor extremely politely.

Jian Chen found the three people with just a single glance as soon as he arrived on the next floor. They were currently choosing a flying sword with great attentiveness under the protection of their guards.

The three people clearly discovered Jian Chen as well. The young mans face immediately sank, and he roared out furiously, Brat, you really know how to stick around. Youre following us wherever we go. If youre clever, piss off, or dont blame me for being impolite! The young man believed that everything that had happened with Jian Chen was a coincidence back on the first floor. However, after listening to the arrogant womans words, he partially believed that Jian Chen had only come to the True Sword Pavilion to draw Rourous attention. In fact, he had hurriedly proceeded to the next floor with Rourou so that Jian Chen would not be able to capture her attention too much.

However, he never thought that Jian Chen would actually follow them up as soon as they went to the next floor. It only consolidated his thoughts; he believed that Jian Chen had come for Rourou.

Rourou was his beloved goddess. How could he let someone that was just as handsome as him garner her attention?

As a result, he made up his mind to not let Jian Chen stay no matter what.

The arrogant woman also showed some impatience when she saw Jian Chen come up as well. However, she then seemed to think of something. A gleam of light flickered through her eyes, The person that Yang Tie truly likes is Rourou. As long as Rourou remains unwed, Yang Tie will never give up. That person seems competent after all. If he can really steal Rourous heart, itll be fantastic for me. At the very least, Yang Tie can give up on Rourou.

As soon as she thought of that, not only did the arrogant woman stop feeling annoyed by Jian Chens presence, but she even became slightly eager, eager for Jian Chen to steal Rourous heart.

Yang Tie clearly wants to move against him now. With Yang Ties background, that person is in big trouble. I have to help him, thought the woman. Just when she wanted to assist Jian Chen to break free from the situation, she heard Jian Chens voice ring out.

Dont you think too highly of yourself? Ive come here to buy a sword, and its a complete coincidence that were up here together. How can you say that Im following you? Moreover, Id suggest you watch your mouth, or youll be making trouble, Jian Chen said calmly and slightly coldly.

As the saying went, even the kindest of people could become displeased. Even though Jian Chen despised falling to the same level as people like him, he could only do something about it and teach them a lesson if they crossed his bottom line.

Jian Chens somewhat threatening words stunned all the people on the floor. They all glanced over and stared at him in disbelief.

The lady who had brought Jian Chen to the floor paled slightly. She knew exactly what background the young man possessed. It was one of the greatest clans in the royal capital. Few people were willing to offend them.

Isnt that person just too reckless and fearless? Doesnt he know who hes threatening? Its the young master of the Yang family, the lady thought to herself. She was at a loss about whether bringing Jian Chen up was a mistake or not. The outcome of offending the Yang family was never good.

For a moment, even the young man was dumbstruck. He stared at Jian Chen in a daze and still seemed to be at a loss. This was the first time someone had threatened him.

Jian Chen ignored everyones surprise. He arrived before a few high quality swords by himself and began studying them carefully.

He could tell with a single glance that there were only four high quality flying swords on the floor. Although there were quite a few other swords, they were all medium quality.

At the same time, two of the four high quality swords possessed an attribute. They respectively shone with a dazzling, fire-red light and an earthen-yellow light.

A powerful white glow surrounded the other two swords. From outside, they only seemed to be balls of dazzling white light, making it very difficult to see the swords themselves.

Jian Chens eyes shone. He studied the two swords without blinking at all. He was able to see through the light emitted and observe the swords hidden inside extremely clearly.

How much for this sword? Jian Chen pointed at one of the high quality swords and asked the lady serving him.

It was also at this moment that Yang Tie finally returned to his senses. His face sank, and he became furious. He pointed at Jian Chen and bellowed out, How dare you threaten me! Do you know who I am? As Yang Tie called out, the guards he had brought with him began to move as well. They all surrounded Jian Chen and glared at him viciously.

Although they were only at the peak of Reciprocity, even a few Deities or Gods would not dare to touch them in the royal capital.

This was because touching them would be offending the Yang family.

And the Yang family was a clan that was particularly prideful.