Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1825

Chapter 1825: The Flying Sword Startling Rainbow

Bring me his tongue. I dont want him to be able to speak after today. Then break his limbs and take him back to the clan. I want him to understand the consequences of threatening me, Yang Tie ordered the guards.

Yes, young master!

The guards all responded. Cold light flickered through their eyes as they moved against Jian Chen in an attempt to capture them.

All of them were extremely well-trained. They worked together extremely cohesively. Clearly, they had done similar things countless times before.

However, just when their hands were about to touch Jian Chen, a stream of white light flickered.

The white light was extremely small. It was only the size of a finger, but it appeared at an unbelievable rate. With their strength at the peak of Reciprocity, they had failed to even sense its appearance before it vanished again.

In the next moment, all the guards felt a heart-wrenching pain from their arms. They could not help but cry out miserably.

Blood spurted out like fountains from where their shoulders were. The guards had all lost their arms, having been severed unknowingly.

The eyes of the people on the floor all narrowed before widening. They stared at the armless guards in disbelief. They were all filled with shock. At the same time, they also experienced some confusion and doubt.

None of them were powerful. Apart from the girl called Rourou who was an early Deity, everyone else was at Reciprocity. They were unable to sense the appearance of the light at all with their strength.

As a result, they had no idea just how the guards had lost their arms.

They only saw the guards reach out towards Jian Chen. However, just before their arms were fully extended, their arms tore free from their bodies without any prior signs at all. The limbs directly fell to the ground. It was extremely strange.

Only the girl called Rourou managed to sense the flash of white light with her strength as a Deity. Disbelief filled her eyes. She stared at Jian Chen without blinking at all as he remained standing there in his white clothes. He remained composed.

She also failed to see Jian Chen do anything. As a matter of fact, Jian Chen had not even moved a finger from what she could see. However, she clearly knew that the severed arms of the guards were directly related to Jian Chen.

The guards all paled and shrieked out in pain. Combined, their voices were deafening. Let alone the entire store, but even the people outside on the streets could hear their shrieks clearly.

Jian Chen frowned, If you want to shriek, go downstairs. Dont get in the way of me buying a sword. With that, Jian Chen kicked out a few times without any mercy at all, sending the guards out of the window as if they were unwanted. They landed on the street outside heavily.

His actions immediately caused the lady who served him to pale. She thought, Thats it, Im done for. This person has completely offended the Yang family. The Yang family will never just leave the matter like this. Although it has got nothing to do with me, I was the one who brought him upstairs after all. Even I probably wont be able to avoid the punishment of the Yang family.

Y- y- you actually injured my guards. D- do you know who I am? I am the young master of the Yang family, Yang Tie paled in anger as he pointed at Jian Chen. He was absolutely furious.

The Yang family? Jian Chens expression remained the same. He could not help but study the young man carefully. He asked, Is it Yang Kais clan?

Yang Ties face lit up when he heard that. He thought that Jian Chen was afraid now, so pride immediately filled his face. He said arrogantly, Thats right, Yang Kai is my great-grandfather. Looks like you havent exactly been living under a rock, seeing how you know about my great-grandfather. If youre clever, kneel immediately and lower your head nine times to the ground. I wont make things difficult for you today.

Yang Tie could only be blamed for failing to see the small details here. He failed to see how Jian Chen remained completely the same when he mentioned Yang Kais name. Jian Chens expression did not change at all. He did not reveal even a trace of fear. He even mentioned Yang Kais name directly without adding something like senior as other people would.

Your great-grandfather does indeed have some strength, but who knows just how many people are more powerful than your great-grandfather. There are some people that you cant afford to offend. Youll only end up slaughtered, Jian Chen said calmly. His voice was somewhat cold as he continued, Ill let you go this time because of your great-grandfather, but only this one time.

Thats right. There are many people far more powerful than my great-grandfather in the world, but youre not one of them. Moreover, you dont even have the right to talk to me with your lowly status. However, I will remember what you said today. I would like to see just how much longer you can continue to act so arrogantly, Yang Tie said angrily. He knew that he was not Jian Chens opponent, so he could only return and rally some other people.

Afterwards, he turned towards Rourou and said, Rourou, lets go!

Young master Yang, I still havent chosen my sword yet. You can go back first, the gentle Rourou said to Yang Tie.

Yang Ties face immediately became extremely ugly. Waving his sleeve, he turned around and left with a sunken face.

Yang Tie, wait for me! The arrogant woman bid farewell to Rourou in a hurry and immediately chased after Yang Tie with her own guards.

How much for this sword? Jian Chen looked at the sword that had caught his attention again and repeated the question to the lady serving him.

The lady stood by Jian Chens side. At this moment, she was tempted to break into tears. She no longer cared about whether Jian Chen had really come to buy a sword or not. Even though she would receive a significant reward if she really sold a high quality flying sword, she no longer cared about that now. She only wished for Jian Chen to leave sooner and draw away the Yang familys attention.

The True Sword Pavilion did not fear the Yang family with their background, but she was just an employee without any background at all. It was also her who brought Jian Chen upstairs. As such, if the Yang family decided to look into the matter, she would definitely be in trouble.

However, she just happened to not be bold enough to say all this. Her customer was a person who did not even fear the Yang family, so he definitely came from a large clan as well. She could not afford to offend someone like that either.

Young master, the flying sword is called Startling Rainbow. Its price is six million high grade divine crystals, the lady said uneasily.

What? Six million high grade divine crystals? Jian Chen was shocked when he heard the price. When he bought the Flying Snow Sword in the Dongan province, it was only a hundred thousand mid grade divine crystals.