Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1826

Chapter 1826: Greedy

The Flying Snow Sword was a medium quality saint artifact, while the Startling Rainbow sword was only a high quality saint artifact. They were only a single tier apart, but the price was several hundred times more.

This shocked Jian Chen very much.

Jian Chen stared at the sword that was surrounded by dazzling light and sword Qi. He fell silent in that moment as the light in his eyes flickered. He was hesitating.

Clearly, the price of the sword had far exceeded Jian Chens expectations. It actually required a terrifying amount of six million high grade divine crystals. They were high grade, nothing like mid or low grade divine crystals.

He still possessed the ten blocks of high grade divine crystal, which was more than enough to purchase the sword.

However, he originally planned to break up the divine crystals into mid and low grade ones so that Shangguan Muer and the others could use them to cultivate. He had not planned to spend so many here.

Six million high grade divine crystals were equivalent to six hundred million mid grade divine crystals. Such an amount was enough for everyone to cultivate until they were Gods.

Of course, that was given that their comprehension of laws could keep up with their cultivation.

Young master, the Startling Rainbow sword is actually relatively cheap among the high quality saint artifacts. Many better high grade saint artifacts are worth billions. May I ask if the young master is still interested in purchasing this high quality saint artifact? The lady asked. Although she spoke very politely, there was a sense of urgency in her voice that anyone could tell. Her inquiry at the end even slightly sounded like she was chasing Jian Chen away. It was like she was asking him to hurry up and buy the saint artifact or get lost.

This was because Jian Chen had offended the Yang family. If Jian Chen remained, she would be pulled into the matter as well, so she naturally hoped for Jian Chen to leave sooner so that the Yang family would direct their attention elsewhere.

Jian Chen also seemed to notice the underlying message in the ladys voice. He glanced at her and said nonchalantly, Medium quality saint artifacts are only around a hundred thousand mid grade divine crystals. Why are high quality saint artifacts so pricy?

Looks like you dont understand the value of high quality saint artifacts. At this moment, a gently voice rang over. It was a very natural and pleasant voice.

The girl called Rourou looked over. The light in her limpid eyes shone as she stared at Jian Chen very calmly. She said, The reason why theres such a great disparity in price between medium and high quality saint artifacts is because high quality saint artifacts are very difficult to forge, and the materials required are extremely difficult to find.

In the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, there are many people who can forge medium quality saint artifacts. Theyre present in basically all provincial cities. As a matter of fact, there are even some provincial cities with several such artifacts. However, people who can forge high quality saint artifacts are almost mythical existences. Even including the neighbouring kingdoms, there are only four or five of them.

On the other hand, there is not a single person like that in our Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. All the high quality saint artifacts basically come from other divine kingdoms, which is why theyre so valuable.

The girl called Rourou stared at Jian Chen deeply after saying that. She continued, The supreme quality saint artifacts that you wanted earlier are even more valuable. Not only are they hundreds of times more valuable that the Startling Rainbow sword, but they might even a thousand times more valuable; theres basically no supply.

Thank you for informing me, Jian Chen clasped his fist towards Rourou. He had finally gained some understanding towards high and supreme quality saint artifacts from Rourous explanation.

Theres no need to be so polite, young master. Its just that youve offended the Yang family earlier. With how the Yang family normally acts, theyll never let this matter go. Its best if you leave this place sooner. Even if you possess some background and do not fear the Yang family, Yang Tie probably wont let the lady who brought you here off so lightly, Rourou said to Jian Chen nonchalantly.

Jian Chen frowned when he heard that.

The lady that received Jian Chen indeed paled in fright at that moment. Blood drained from her face, and even her body trembled gently. She was filled with fear.

Im buying the sword, Jian Chen said to the lady. With a wave of his hand, six blocks of high grade divine crystal directly fell to the ground, producing a deep thud.

The lady immediately became stunned. She stared at the six blocks of divine crystal in a daze as her breathing became rather ragged. At the same time, she was greatly taken aback. She had never expected Jian Chen to actually purchase the high quality saint artifact.

Moreover, Jian Chen had not even raised an eyebrow when he took out six million high grade divine crystals.

Even the girl called Rourou became slightly surprised. She did not think Jian Chen would possess so many divine crystals either.

Even to a few Overgods, six blocks of high grade divine crystal was a tremendous sum.

Please wait, young master. Ill call the manager over this instant, the lady hurried off. Excitement and joy filled her face.

She had just successfully sold a high quality saint artifact. Not only would her commission be an astronomical figure, but it was also enough for her to receive a promotion. Once she possessed a certain level of status in the True Sword Pavilion, there would be no need for her to worry about any problems from Yang Tie.

Very soon, the manager hurried over and successfully completed the transaction with Jian Chen.

Before long, Jian Chen took the Startling Rainbow sword he had just purchased out of the store. He found a large, luxurious inn and directly reserved their best room. He closed the door and hung the sign secluded cultivation on the door. After doing so, he began to refine the Startling Rainbow sword without pausing during the entire process at all.

With this high quality saint artifact, my strength will increase by quite a lot. Its just a pity that I cant find any supreme quality saint artifacts, Jian Chen thought. He found it to be rather regretful. After thinking this, he activated the defensive formations in the room.

As Jian Chen refined the Startling Rainbow sword, Yang Tie also hurried back to the True Sword Pavilion with his group of people from the Yang family. Not only were there several Deities in the group, but there was even a God elder.

The True Sword Pavilion did not dare to give the furious people of the Yang family the cold shoulder. The manager himself appeared and received Yang Tie with a smile, Young master Yang, unfortunately, youve come a little late. The person youre looking for has already left. Theyre not in our True Sword Pavilion.

Hmph, I will obviously search the entire city for that person. But there was a lady in your True Sword Pavilion who worked with him. I have to take her away, Yang Tie said coldly. He did not dare to barge in with the manager standing at the door.

Apologies, young master Yang. She just sold a high quality saint artifact, making a great contribution to our business. As a result, she has been promoted to assistant manager. You cant take her away, the manager of the True Sword Pavilion replied politely.

What? She sold a high quality saint artifact? Did that person really buy a high quality saint artifact? Yang Tie was surprised inside, but he revealed a huge grin on his face soon after.

Young master, since that person can purchase a high quality saint artifact, he must have quite an impressive background. He might even be from a clan with an Overgod. You cant act recklessly in regards to this matter. You cant offend such a powerful clan over something as petty as this, the elder of the Yang family said from beside Yang Tie.

No. This matter relates to the pride and dignity of our Yang family. How can we just let the matter end like this? I have to find this person, Yang Tie said coldly. Joy filled his eyes as he sniggered, Though, if hes willing to hand over the high quality saint artifact, Ill forget this ever happened.