Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1834

Chapter 1834: The Commanders Estate

Young miss, youre right. This is the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan, said commander Peng. As soon as he thought about how their young lady had spoken to Jian Chen so eagerly without even knowing his identity, ten-thousand-man commander Peng could only smile bitterly inside.

Their young lady was normally rather clever, but why had she suddenly lost her touch? Did she not realise from the response and actions of the Royal Divine Army that they had not come to arrest someone?

Xuan Rourou immediately became stunned after confirming Jian Chens identity. She stared in disbelief at Jian Chens young face that was filled with a sense of righteousness.

She had already considered that Jian Chen possessed an extraordinary background, where it was extremely likely that he came from an organisation with an Overgod. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for him to possess so many high grade divine crystals to take out for a high quality saint artifact.

However, she had never considered that the person who had said that they wanted to buy a supreme quality saint artifact and had even been mistaken by people as someone who was just trying to attract her attention would be the famous, almost legendary patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan, Jian Chen!

For a moment, even Xuan Rourou found it rather unbelievable for such a great change in status to occur.

The jaws of the guards around Xuan Rouruo dropped at that moment as well. Disbelief was plastered across their faces.

Compared to Xuan Rourou and everyone elses shock, the captain of the guards felt like he had just entered hell. Not only did his entire body tremble violently, but even his legs shook.

Im done for. Im done for. How is this person the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan? Yang Tie, of all the people you could provoke, you just had to provoke the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan. Youve doomed me, the captain sobbed inside. At the same time, he had already become pale.

He was the captain of a group of guards in the royal capital, but the royal capital was so big. There were naturally many guards as a result, as well as countless captains like him in the city. Although he worked for the government, his status was nothing special. No one would be able to save him once he offended an Overgod.

Even if an organisation with an Overgod stood behind him, very few Overgods would step forwards to speak for him.

After all, purposefully offending an Overgod was completely different from suffering unwanted harassment from an Overgod.

Suddenly, the captain of the guards dropped to his knees and constantly lowered his head towards Jian Chen. As his forehead smacked against the floor, there was a constant banging sound. He did not use origin energy to protect himself. As such, after just a few times, his forehead had become all bloodied.

Patriarch, this one has been ignorant. This one did not know that the patriarch had come to the royal capital personally, the captains attitude changed drastically. He constantly bowed his head as he asked for forgiveness in guilt.

Even with the entire Divine Kingdom of Pingtian in perspective, there were only a little over a dozen Overgods. Every single one of them possessed a significant status in the divine kingdom. He understood exactly what offending an expert like that entailed.

Although he had a connection to the Yang family because he had married one of Yang Ties female cousins, his wife also possessed no status in the Yang family. The Yang family would never step forwards to speak for him.

Commander Peng stared at the captain coldly. There was no sympathy in his eyes at all. He turned towards Jian Chen and asked, Patriarch, how do you want to deal with this person?

Jian Chen shrugged. He looked at the captain who had a bloodied forehead and sighed gently, You can go. However, as the captain of a squadron of guards, I hope that you can carry out your duties seriously. Do not get your personal interests involved.

Spared, the captain left the place as if he was fleeing for his life after thanking Jian Chen.

Patriarch, the commander, commander Xuan, has invited you to visit his estate. I was wondering if the patriarch would be willing, ten-thousand-man commander Peng said with clasped hands.

I just happened to be wanting to visit commander Xuan. However, itll just attract too much attention if I go with your soldiers. You can go back first. Ill visit the commanders estate afterwards by myself, said Jian Chen.

Yes, sir! Ten-thousand-man commander Peng clasped his hands at Jian Chen before leaving with his two thousand-man commanders.

Xuan Rourou naturally did not stay behind after commander Peng departed. She immediately bid farewell to Jian Chen extremely politely.

In the blink of an eye, the room where Jian Chen stayed was emptied out once again. There were only bloody marks left on the ground as evidence for everything that had just happened.

Jian Chen glanced at the bloody patches on the ground and sighed gently, I never thought all of this would happen. Looks like the royal capital isnt as perfect as I believed it to be. The rules of the royal capital affect ordinary cultivators, but it does not affect people from those powerful organisations and clans.

After sighing, Jian Chen leapt out the window. He turned into a faint blur as he shot off into the distance. He moved like the wind, where the cultivators on the streets below failed to notice him at all.

There were a total of five commanders estates in the royal capital. They were located in the north, south, east, west, and centre. The commanders estates that lay in the four cardinal directions belonged to commanders who guarded the territory of the divine kingdom. They remained near the edge of the kingdom most of the time and rarely returned to the royal capital.

The central estate belonged to commander Xuan Dou.

Not only was Xuan Dou a late Overgod, but he was also the commander of the Royal Divine Army. He was the person in control of the strongest army in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. In terms of status, he was one that was only surpassed by few.

However, Xuan Dou always kept a low profile and rarely showed off. As a result, his prestige within the divine kingdom was below the Yang familys.

After leaving the inn, Jian Chen directly made his way towards the central commanders estate. Even though the royal capital was extremely large, he only used a short while to arrive before the main entrance with his speed.

Hahaha, brother Jian Chen, youve finally come. Looks like my estate is just a little too small. Ive waited several decades for you, and youve finally come. At this moment, Xuan Dou emerged from within and laughed aloud. At the moment, he was wearing simple clothes.

I wanted to visit commander Xuan much earlier, but Ive always remained in cultivation. Ive only emerged recently, Jian Chen clasped his hands towards Xuan Dou before being invited into the estate warmly.

Jian Chen and Xuan Dou conversed easily in a guest room of the estate. They went from talking about personal experiences in cultivation and comprehension to various affairs that were happening in the Saints World. They spoke for around thirty hours straight before they showed some signs of stopping.

Oh right. Commander Xuan Dou, I have something Id like to ask you about. Suddenly, Jian Chen stopped smiling.

What is it, brother Jian Chen? Go on ahead, theres no need to be so polite, Xuan Dou said happily.

Jian Chen stood up. With a wave of his hand, he removed a crystal casket from the Bright Moon Divine Hall and placed it onto the ground gently.