Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1835

Chapter 1835: The Method To Save Kai Ya

On the crystal casket quietly lied a fist-sized beast. It seemed like a winged ant, and it shone with red, orange, and yellow. At the same time, its clever eyes stared at the nearby Xuan Dou, indicating much caution.

Hmm? This little beast has already become a God, yet it still cant assume a human form, Xuan Dou was surprised when he saw the Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast.

The Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast had no problems in understanding Xuan Dou. It immediately raised its head up high, showing much disdain towards Xuan Dou.

Youre actually looking down on me, Xuan Dou could not but smile. This was the first time in his life that he, the commander of the Royal Divine Army and a late Overgod, was actually looked down upon by a little beast that was only a God.

Jian Chen looked away from the Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast and looked towards Kai Ya, who laid in the crystal casket. He said, Commander Xuan, this is a friend of mine. She was heavily injured in the past and fell unconscious as a result. However, Ive healed all her physical injuries many years ago, and I even used heavenly resources that specialised in healing the soul on her. However, she has never even stirred. Do you know any way to make my friend recover?

Only after hearing that did Xuan Dou look away from the Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast. He stared at the crystal coffin where Kai Ya resided with much interest. Due to the huge disparity in strength, he was able to inspect Kai Yas body completely without even opening the casket. The situation immediately made him frown.

After a moment of silence, Xuan Dou said, Jian Chen, your friend is not injured at all. At the same time, her life force is plentiful, so that hasnt been touched at all. As a result, its possible to conclude that the reason for her unconsciousness has nothing to do with her body. There must be other reasons for it. Oh right, how long has your friend been unconscious for? Xuan Dou looked at Jian Chen.

Almost a hundred years, said Jian Chen.

A hundred years, Xuan Dou furrowed his brows deeply. He paced around the crystal casket with crossed arms as his eyes shone. He stared at the unconscious Kai Ya as he sank into his thoughts.

A while later, he said slowly, If she hasnt woken up after close to a hundred years and her physical condition is perfect, it must be due to her soul.

I guessed it had to do with the soul as well, but I was unable to find any problems with it at all. Ive used heavenly resources for her soul as well, but theyve failed to produce any effect at all, Jian Chen sighed gently. He felt helpless. He had concluded that Kai Yas problem laid in her soul long ago.

However, since it was a problem with her soul, a single droplet of sap from the Amethyst Spiritual Bamboo should have been more than enough for her to recover, provided her soul remained intact. He himself had used the sap in the past before, so he understood exactly just how potent it was. And since a single droplet did not work, he had tried multiple droplets as well, but it was still useless.

In his eyes, Kai Ya was a Saint Emperor. She was nowhere near the Origin realm. As such, let alone a droplet, but even half a droplet or less than that would have been almost enough to pull her back from the dead.

Of course, there was another possibility, which was that the sap from the Amethyst Spiritual Bamboo was nowhere near enough to awaken Kai Ya.

However, Jian Chen never considered this because Kai Ya was only a Saint Emperor.

Problems of the soul are the most difficult things to resolve, not to mention the fact that your friends a little too weak. She hasnt even reached Godhood, so she wont have any tolerance towards wounds of the soul at all. Brother Jian Chen, Id advise you to find some heavenly resources or pills of higher grades. Although youve used a heavenly resource like this on her in the past, you need to understand that there are many heavenly resources that have these properties. Maybe the one you used was not suitable for your friends condition, Xuan Dou recommended. He was helpless over injuries of the soul.

Jian Chen sighed gently. He put the crystal casket away again. There was also nothing he could do about Kai Yas current situation, which was why he had asked Xuan Dou.

Suddenly, Xuan Dous face changed. He said, In three days, the United Imperial Merchants Association just so happens to be holding their once every one-hundred-year auction. The United Imperial Merchants Association is the greatest merchants association in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. Not only do they have businesses across the entire divine kingdom, but theyve even dabbled in the surrounding divine kingdoms. They do have some valuable items among the things that they have collected. And in the auction this time, I think there just happens to be a heavenly resource that deals with problems of the soul, the Soul-drawing Lotus. Brother Jian Chen, maybe you could try acquiring it.

The Soul-drawing Lotus, Jian Chen murmured, and his eyes gradually lit up.

However, all heavenly resources that heal the soul, regardless of grade, will be at least several times or several dozen times more expensive than other heavenly resources of the same grade. It could even be more expensive by a greater factor than that. Brother Jian Chen, you have to be ready. Oh right, I just happen to have five blocks of high grade divine crystal here. Take them for now, said Xuan Dou as he immediately handed over five blocks of divine crystal.

Thank you for your kind intentions, commander Xuan, but I just happen to have a few divine crystals on me. Buying the heavenly resource shouldnt be too great of a problem, Jian Chen turned down Xuan Dou. Before long, he bid farewell to Xuan Dou and left the estate.

In another region of the royal capital, there were two veiled women in white dresses who moved through the bustling streets. Without any exhaustion at all, they moved from store to store with interest. Whenever they saw something that caught their eye, they would purchase it regardless of the price. Who knew just how many things they had already purchased along the way.

Their reckless way of buying things naturally caught the attention of some other people with ill intentions. However, as soon as they began to stalk the two women, one of the ladies would glance at them, and they would pale immediately. After that, they would flee for their lives, unwilling to stay put for any longer.

Sister Xi Yu, this piece of clothing is so pretty. If you wear it, youll have even more charm. When patriarch Jian Chen sees you, hell definitely become infatuated. One of the two veiled woman said to the other secretly in one store.

Mo Yan, what are you saying? You need to control your mouth.

Hehe. Sister Xi Yu, look at this piece of clothing. Do you think patriarch Jian Chen will seem even bolder if he wears it? Yep, thats it. Ive made up my mind. Im buying this to give to patriarch Jian Chen.

The two veiled women were Xi Yu and Mo Yan from the Tian Yuan clan. Like Jian Chen, they had also come to the royal capital of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian.