Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1837

Chapter 1837: The United Imperial Auction

Jian Chen emerged from Xuan Dous estate. He did not return to the Perched Phoenix Inn immediately. Instead, he strolled through the streets of the royal capital by himself. He did not even miss the free markets in the royal capital that sold a few items for independent cultivators.

The royal capital was extremely large. Just the city itself was several times larger than the Gesun Kingdom. However, with Jian Chens current strength, he only needed two days to go through all the stores.

However, his actions in the past two days were rather strange. He moved quickly, traversing hundreds or even thousands of meters with each step. He basically made his way down every street and alleyway. He visited areas with a dense population of shops or free markets on purpose. It seemed like he wanted to buy something, but he did not even enter a single store during the two days. His actions were rather confusing.

Sigh. Ive basically searched through the entire royal capital, but I havent even found a single material for the twin swords. Jian Chen returned to the Perched Phoenix Inn. He stood in the same room as before as he gazed outside the window and mumbled to himself.

He had always been searching for the materials for the twin swords in the past two days. Although he had never entered a single store, he had been looking secretly. He would sense it as soon as he discovered any of the necessary materials.

Theres still another day before the centennial auction held by the United Imperial Merchants Association. The Soul-drawing Lotus holds the hopes of waking up Kai Ya. Even though the chances arent significant, I have to obtain it, Jian Chen murmured softly as his gaze became extremely determined.

Afterwards, he tidied through all the divine crystals on him. After spending six blocks for the Startling Rainbow sword, he only had four blocks of high grade divine crystals remaining from the ten he had received from the divine king.

Additionally, he still had a few of the supreme grade divine crystals from Godking Duanmus Space Ring. Although there was not a lot of them, there was roughly a block of high grade divine crystal if he broke it down.

Five blocks. Even many clans with Gods cant take out a sum like that. Only clans with Overgods would have that much. It should be more than enough to get the Soul-drawing Lotus, Jian Chen felt certain.

In the blink of an eye, the day of the centennial auction held by the Imperial United Merchants Association arrived. Clearly, the city was especially bustling on this day. There were discussions about the auction everywhere on the streets. Many people discussed in great interest just what valuable items would appear on the auction this time, or they would be sighing in pity that they did not have the power to take part in the auction this time.

The area around the Imperial United Merchants Association was already packed. Many people stood in line with their seating tickets. They all slowly entered the huge, majestic building where the auction would be held.

On the other side for the VIP entrance, a red carpet had already been rolled out on the floor that was covered with fragrant petals. Beautiful female servants stood in a row with smiles on their faces as they constantly welcomed the esteemed guests.

Any person who could enter the auction through the VIP entrance possessed great statuses. Most of them came from organisations with Overgods. Not only did this include organisations native to the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, but it also included clans and organisations from neighboring divine kingdoms as well.

The Imperial United Merchants Association was just too famous. They had held countless auctions across the years, and almost every single one of them would have treasures that were enough to interest clans with Overgods.

Thats the carriage of the Guhun clan. The people of the Guhun clan have come

Do you see that white carriage with a snowflake imprint? Thats the people of the Yubing clan from the Frigid Snow province

The people from the commanders estate have come as well. That lady seems to be their first young lady, Xuan Rourou

The carriage of the Yang family has come as well. Hmm, that young man seems to be their young master, Yang Tie. Wasnt his arm cut off a few days ago? He has actually completely recovered now

Do you see that flag with the stars? Thats the royal family of the Divine Kingdom of Nine Stars

As the extremely luxurious carriages arrived and people from Overgod organisations arrived one by one, the VIP entrance immediately became busy. Countless people gazed over, and the area became the centre of attention.

Woah, sister Xi Yu, there are so many people here. Its so busy. At this moment, Mo Yan and Xi Yu arrived. Their faces remained veiled. They did not arrive in luxurious carriages. Instead, they made their way over from afar, trudging over the carpet towards the entrance.

Who are those two women? Dont they seem quite sorry arriving like this

Other people have come in luxurious carriages, while theyve come on foot. Clearly, the organisation behind the two women is just too weak

Thats because they come from a clan with Gods. They dont have the confidence of an Overgod clan

Many people stared at Mo Yan and Xi Yu as they secretly judged them. They did not look at them with the fear and envy that they showed towards Overgod clans.

Mo Yan and Xi Yu did not mind it at all. They giggled as they walked, making their way into the auction elegantly.

Afterwards, guests from various organisations arrived one after another. Most of them were famed Overgod clans from neighboring divine kingdoms. They either came on powerful, rare beasts, or rode luxurious carriages. They all paraded their wealth.

Of course, there were also a few guests from clans with Gods. Naturally, they did not parade their wealth as much, but they still made arrangements, so they would receive the respect that they deserved. Very few entered with such a low profile like Xi Yu and Mo Yan.

As everyone poured into the auction centre, fewer and fewer people remained outside. Just as the doors were about to close, the white-robed Jian Chen arrived in the distance steadily. He also entered through the VIP entrance as the last person to go in.

The auction centre was extremely large, and it was enough to seat several tens of thousand people.

Currently, Jian Chen sat in his private viewing box with his eyes closed, resting and waiting quietly for the auction to start.

Around five minutes later, the auction finally started. The hostess for the auction was a mature, well-endowed and beautiful woman. Her level of cultivation was extraordinary as well, as she was a God.

I am Ou Di, the hostess for this centennial auction held by the Imperial United Merchants Association. Greetings to all The hostess smiled gently as she stood on the stage. After introducing herself, she directly got to the point and began auctioning the first item.

The first treasure is a flying sword. Even though its only a medium quality saint artifact, it has reached the peak of the medium quality. As a result, even when compared to inferior high quality saint artifacts, it is almost the same in power. Its an extraordinary and rare piece of work. Everyone, you must understand just what a high quality saint artifact is worth; this flying sword is almost on the same level, so I presume I dont need to explain any further the value of this flying sword. The starting price is ten thousand high grade divine crystals, Ou Di held a long, embroidered box as she introduced the item to everyone. To no surprise, a sword lay within the box, and it shone with a cold and threatening light.