Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1839

Chapter 1839: The Soul Drawing Lotus Appears
Chapter 1839: The Soul-drawing Lotus Appears

For a moment, the auction centre fell dead silent. After the hostess announced the starting price, no one added to it.

Everyone stared at the embroidered box in Ou Dis hands. There were no exceptions, not even people from Overgod organisations. The light in their eyes flickered as they secretly pondered to themselves.

Ou Di stood on the stage quietly. She was not surprised by this at all. Instead, she smiled confidently.

This was the calm before the storm. The appearance of the Sword of Ways would definitely lead the auction to a new high.

This was because the Sword of Ways was far more valuable than any item auctioned earlier.

Since no one is bidding, allow me to start. Six hundred thousand. Everyone, if you want the Sword of Ways, you cant keep up the silence, or once she counts to three, the Way of Swords will be purchased by me for six hundred thousand high grade divine crystals.

The strange silence did not last for very long. It was disturbed by a confident, middle-aged man. His voice came from a viewing box, and it sounded like he was smiling when he said that.

You must be joking, brother. After all, a Sword of Ways is useless for Overgods, but it holds extremely great significance to us. You would be bringing disgrace to the Sword of Ways to purchase it with just six hundred thousand high grade divine crystals. It would also tarnish the name of the Overgod who created it. A voice rang out from another viewing box as soon as the middle-aged man finished speaking. The voice was rather feminine and was riddled with disdain.

Afterwards, the feminine voice stated his price coldly after a slight pause, The Zhan clan of the Divine Kingdom of Scarlet Clouds will pay a million high grade divine crystals.

Its the people from the Zhan clan. I never thought that in that viewing box sat the people of the Zhan clan

Not only does the Zhan clan have an Overgod, but theyre extremely powerful as well. In the Divine Kingdom of Scarlet Clouds, theyre equivalent to the Yang family in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian

Are they that only clan that possesses two Overgods in the Divine Kingdom of Scarlet Clouds?

After the Zhan clan stated their identity, a series of discussions immediately sprang up around the auction center. Many people showed surprise when they discussed the Zhan clan.

It was extremely rare for a clan to have two Overgods in the surrounding divine kingdoms. Even when looking at all the divine kingdoms in the entire region, it would be very difficult to find another clan with two Overgods.

The fame of the Zhan clan really was widespread.

However, fame was only fame. Ninety percent of all the people seated in the viewing boxes came from Overgod clans, so they naturally would not hold back in the face of such a treasure.

One million and two hundred thousand high grade divine crystals

One million and three hundred thousand high grade divine crystals

The bidding war for the Sword of Ways was extremely intense. Basically, most of the people from Overgod clans took part in the bidding war this time. After all, the Sword of Ways possessed the power to kill a God instantly, and even late Gods would not be able to avoid such a fate. Clans with Overgods would naturally value a treasure like that.

The price rapidly soared, surpassing two million high grade divine crystals very soon. A few Overgod clans gave up on the bidding war, but there were still many who did not back off, and they constantly added to the price.

As a matter of fact, there were even people who began to name their clans in hopes that the prestige of their clan could deter the other competitors. Unfortunately, the clans did not really fear each other, as they came from different divine kingdoms.

In the end, the Sword of Ways was purchased by an Overgod organisation from the Divine Kingdom of Nine Stars for four million high grade divine crystals.

Even Jian Chen was amazed by the price. He had learnt quite a lot about Swords of Ways from commander Xuan Dou. Creating one was nothing difficult for an Overgod. All they needed was some time. The true obstacle was finding a Stone of Ways that could carry the laws of the world.

If he possessed a Stone of Ways, would he not be able to make millions of high quality divine crystals in such an easy fashion?

Afterwards, a few more items were sold. Every single one of them was extraordinary. Even to the Overgod clans, these were exceptional treasures. Their final prices were shockingly high, reaching into hundreds of thousand high grade divine crystals at the very least.

After all, the Imperial United Merchants Association had scoured the lands for a century to collect all of these things. Anything they took out would definitely be valuable.

Everyone, the item next is extremely valuable. However, due to its special characteristics, it cannot be revealed to the outside world for long periods of time and must be stored away carefully to preserve its greatest efficacy. Everyone, please look closely, Ou Di held an ancient wooden box that was a foot in length and width. The box was sealed tightly, and as she spoke, she gradually opened it. Immediately, a wondrous fragrance was emitted.

The fragrance caused everyones souls to shake. At that moment, everyone felt their souls tremble uncontrollably. A feeling of either comfort or intoxication pervaded the depths of their heads.

Jian Chens eyes snapped open at this moment. A strange light filled his eyes as he stared at the wooden box.

Inside the wooden box laid a lotus. It was only the size of a fist, and it was black like ink. Its nine petals laid open and trembled gently. Every single petal possessed a strange pattern, which seemed to interweave with the laws of the world. They seemed to possess a mysterious power.

In just a split second, Ou Di closed the lid of the box again and reactivated the formation on it, completely covering up the Soul-drawing Lotus presence again. She smiled faintly, This is the Soul-drawing Lotus. Its extremely rare and is extremely effective for healing wounds of the soul. At the same time, it can consolidate and strengthen the soul. You all must know its value, so Ill cut to the chase. The starting price is five hundred thousand high grade divine crystals.

The Soul-drawing Lotus. It really is the Soul-drawing Lotus. Our grand elder is saved, a middle-aged man with eyebrows as straight as swords stared at the wooden box in Ou Dis hands as he spoke with a trembling voice within his viewing box.

The Soul-drawing Lotus plays a direct role in whether our grand elder lives or not. As a result, we have to buy it no matter what. There were three other men of the same age aside from the person who had spoken first. One of them spoke coldly, and confidence filled his eyes. He was eager to obtain it.