Chaotic Sword God Chapter 184

Chapter 184: Battle Skill?
Chapter 184: Battle Skill?

At this moment, many Great Saint Masters had become very lively. The blood within their bodies was boiling with excitement at the mere mention of a battle skill. Many of them were anxious to just charge at Jian Chen in order to rob him of this battle skill.

Even though every single person had that urging thought, no one had decided to make a move. No one there was an idiot, seeing Jian Chen fight with 3 Great Saint Masters on even footing, they all knew that Jian Chens strength was not as easy as they previously thought. Right now, everyone was waiting for the Great Saint Masters from the Youlan clan to use up Jian Chens Saint Force.

The Saint Force was the energy one needed to have to fight. In the case that the amount of Saint Force consumed was too much, then it would impact ones fighting strength. By that point, everyone could easily rob Jian Chen.

Jian Chen and the 3 Great Saint Masters continued to fight for the time it took to boil a cup of tea. With each second, Jian Chen met blow for blow against his opponents without dodging a single attack from them.

While on the other side, the 3 Great Saint Masters from the Youlan clan grew more and more fearful. They had already been shocked beyond belief at first, but they hadnt thought that a Peak Saint Master would be able to go against 3 Great Saint Masters at the same time with no change in expression. What was most frightening was that this Peak Saint Master was able to go blow for blow against them without any drawbacks.

As the four continued to fight, Jian Chen had already determined his own strength against the three as they continued to try to coordinate themselves against him. His body would constantly dodge the Saint Weapons and with a step forward, he would stab his Light Wind Sword which let out an ear piercing sound as it flew at the Great Saint Masters.

This sword stroke had caused those Great Saint Masters to feel extremely shocked. From the eyes of these 3 Great Saint Masters, this one sword stroke was the fastest one yet. In a flash, the tip of the Light Wind Sword had already approached the throat of one of them.

The elder who the Light Wind Sword was about to pierce grew serious. In this short of a distance, the chances of him being able to dodge the attack were very low.

In this moment between life and death, the elder wasnt frantic. With an explosive shout, a large amount of Saint Force burst out from his body and wrapped around him. Another wave of Saint Force rippled and obstructed the Light Wind Sword for only the smallest of moments, but it was enough for the elder to give him the chance to twist his upper body to the side.

The explosive strength of a Great Saint Master could not be belittled at all. The moment the ripple of energy made contact with the Light Wind Sword, the tip of its sword slowly managed to break through it before continuing on toward the elders throat. However because of that wave of energy, the speed of the sword was much slower than before.

The Light Wind Sword approached the elders neck once more. Even as the elder turned his body, the incredibly sharp Sword Qi had left a small line of blood on his neck.

Elder Ling, move quickly!

At the same time, the two other Great Saint Masters by his side cried out angrily as they slashed at Jian Chen with their Saint Weapons in order to divert Jian Chens attention away from the other elder.

Jian Chen snorted. After confirming his newly refined strength, he was no longer playing around with these elders. Deciding that he needed to resolve this issue quickly, he began to try with all of his efforts to accomplish this. Dodging the two blades coming at him, he stabbed out once more with a speed that wasnt inferior at all to the previous strike.

The next elder from the Youlan clan dodged Jian Chens strike with a desperate maneuver, but before he could regain his footing, Jian Chen struck out like a python once more.


The Light Wind Sword flashed with a silver glow as the tip of the sword had easily pierced into the elders throat. With his throat pierced straight through, the Light Wind Sword was stained with the elders dark red blood that slowly dripped down to the handle of the sword.

The second strike wasnt anticipated at all, so before the elder could react, he had his throat stabbed. The sword was moving far too fast and the distance between the two was tiny, so after dodging the first strike, the second strike had warmly greeted him in the throat.

Elder Ling!
Ling Badong!

Seeing the sword pierce into the elders throat, the other two Great Saint Masters from the Youlan clan cried out in horror and disbelief.

Neither of the two had thought that a Peak Saint Master would be able to handle 3 Great Saint Masters with ease and then kill one of them.

Wu Yun, Ill kill you!

Dont think about leaving this place alive, Wu Yun!

The two people gnashed their teeth with fury as they glared at Jian Chen. Almost as if they were dripping blood from their eyes, they wished that their gazes would be enough to chop Jian Chen up into a thousand pieces. Clenching their Saint Weapons, they charged at Jian Chen.

The surrounding people looked on with shocked etched into their faces. Not only was Jian Chen facing against 3 Great Saint Masters with no disadvantage, Jian Chen had even killed one of them. This show of strength was absolutely unbelievable, causing many people to think that they had somehow entered some sort of dream and not the real world.

Battle skill, this is definitely a battle skill!

A battle skill like this was somehow able to let a Peak Saint Master to kill a Great Saint Master!

There is absolutely no way for this to not be a strong battle skill!

No matter what price we have to pay, we must obtain this battle skill!


Within the crowd, a loud shout came calling out. Everyone began to attribute Jian Chens kill to the use of a battle skill. By now, the emotions of each persons eye couldnt be concealed as even their bodies began to shake in excitement. In the case that the battle skill became theirs, then if they were to perfect it, how strong would they become?


A metallic sound broke through the air as the Light Wind Sword transformed into another ray of light that enshrouded the remaining Youlan clan members with its Sword Qi.

Ding ding ding ding

A symphony of sounds could be heard as the Light Wind Sword and the two other Saint Weapons clashed against each other at rapid speeds. Unlike the previous exchanges, Jian Chens sword was much faster than before and was filled with a killing intent. So after five or six successful blocks, both Great Saint Masters were utterly flustered.

The sword coming at them was far too fast, and the frequency too much to handle. One strike came after another in an endless torrent that linked into one another seamlessly as if the heavens had decreed it so.