Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1844

Chapter 1844: The Threat Of The Yang Family Two
Chapter 1844: The Threat of the Yang Family (Two)

The centennial auction held by the Imperial United Merchants Association ended. The people who had gathered for it all dispersed. It was especially quiet when the people left. From time to time, there would be people who would glance at the viewing boxes. Their gazes would be filled with curiosity, flicker with uncertainty, or be completely calm.

It simply had to be mentioned that quite a lot of impressive items had appeared in the auction this time. However, as with most auctions with treasures, there would be bloody conflict after it. It would never be peaceful.

This was very common in the Saints World, and it was nothing new.

People could die for wealth. In the Saints World, there would always be quite a lot of people who would be willing to risk their lives in an attempt to obtain their own fortune so that they could forge a brand new tomorrow through their personal hard work.

The people from the Overgod clans slowly made their way outside. All the organisations with Overgods had sent several Gods to partake in the auction this time.

Even though that was the case, a few people who had managed to purchase great treasures remained cautious. Even when they were protected by many elders from their clans, they still would not drop their guard.

All of them understood that even if they came from clans with Overgods and possessed a great background, there would still be many independent cultivators who would eye the items in their possession while paying no heed to the clan behind them.

At this moment, slight ripples of space appeared in a few viewing boxes. Some people had taken out teleportation discs and teleported away in the boxes.

Without a single exception, these people had all managed to purchase priceless treasures in the auction. They had left using teleportation formations to prevent others from robbing them. They were being extremely cautious.

As a high quality material, the Pyrogold was also valuable, and it was worth five hundred thousand high grade divine crystals at the very least. However, the people who carried it, Xi Yu and Mo Yan, showed no worry at all. They were especially relaxed, and they even seemed to be excited over the reward that they would receive.

Sister Xi Yu, lets go and find patriarch Jian Chen, Mo Yan said to Xi Yu. She smiled mischievously as she pulled Xi Yu out of the viewing box by her hand.

Xi Yu nodded. The Pyrogold was something that Jian Chen needed, so she wanted to hand it over to him as soon as possible, as it would only be truly safe with him.

Lets go and find that person who purchased the Soul-drawing Lotus. We have to get it no matter what, or the grand elder wont be able to last for another hundred years. The Lightning Brothers from the Thunder family of the Divine Kingdom of Aethercloud also stood up and directly made their way towards Jian Chens viewing box.

Jian Chen remained seated leisurely in his viewing box; he had not left yet. He had already expanded the senses of his soul, which enveloped a viewing box on the other side.

The viewing box in question belonged to the people from the Blood Blade sect of the Divine Kingdom of Scarlet Clouds; these people had purchased the Refinement Adamantine.

Every inch of the auction centre was covered with powerful formations, so Jian Chen was unable to send his senses into the viewing box without destroying the formations. As a result, he could only surround the viewing boxs exterior. He would discover them as soon as they came out.

At this moment, a slight ripple of space was emitted from the viewing box, which immediately caused Jian Chens expression to change slightly.

Oh no, theyre leaving through a teleportation formation disc, Jian Chen thought.

The people from the Blood Blade sect are only Gods at most, so the teleportation formation disc they possess cant be too powerful. Naturally, they wont be able to travel too far, Jian Chen thought. He leapt up and shot out of his viewing box as a blur, leaving the auction centre.

The Lightning Brothers just happened to see Jian Chen leave. They naturally took it as him fearing them, so he wanted to flee with the Soul-drawing Lotus. Without any hesitation, the Lightning Brothers pursued him as quickly as possible.

Before long, Xi Yu and Mo Yan arrived at Jian Chens viewing box. Just as they had expected, they failed to find Jian Chen.

On the streets of the royal capital, Jian Chen worked out the position of the Divine Kingdom of Scarlet Clouds before immediately rushing off. At the same time, he completely expanded the senses of his soul, hoping to find traces of the Blood Blade sect.

However, the royal capital was covered with formations, which restricted Jian Chens range. He was only able to cover several hundred kilometers.

I have to leave the vicinity of the royal capital to find the people from the Blood Blade sect. Jian Chen strode through the streets. The ground seemed to shrink below him, allowing him to traverse several thousand meters with each step. He moved faster and faster.

Behind him were the Lightning Brothers. Sparks flickered around them. They had already used a secret technique, and they currently pursued Jian Chen at full speed.

Of course, this was not their true full speed. It was just that they were in the royal capital, so whether it was the four brothers or Jian Chen, they all had to follow the rules of the royal capital, which forbid flying. Otherwise, they would have been able to move even faster.

This person sure is fast. We actually almost cant catch up to him. Looks like he has comprehended the Laws of Wind, or he knows a battle skill that increases his speed, the Lightning Brothers communicated with each other. Even though Jian Chen grew further and further away, they did not give up and continued to closely pursue him.

Were unable to use our full speed in the royal capital. Once we leave the royal capital, catching up to him with our speed wont be difficult, one of them growled.

Thats right. He cant escape once he leaves the royal capital.

Before long, Jian Chen left the royal capital. He sat on the ground and shut his eyes. The senses of his soul expanded out in all directions. In just a single instance, it covered a range of ten million kilometers, and the range constantly increased.

Theres no sign of the Blood Blade sect within ten million kilometers. Jian Chen continued to expand the senses of his soul.

None in twenty million kilometers!

None in thirty million kilometers!

None in forty million kilometers!

When Jian Chens senses of the soul expanded to fifty million kilometers, he finally found the whereabouts of the people from the Blood Blade sect.

At that moment, the four elders from the Blood Blade sect were not in a good situation. As a matter of fact, it was completely horrible. The four of them were trapped in a single killing formation together.

At the same time, four streaks of lightning flickered behind Jian Chen. The Lightning Brothers had caught up and surrounded Jian Chen.

Sir, the Soul-drawing Lotus is extremely important to us, so please hand it over. Otherwise, we can only cause you offence, one of the four brothers said emotionlessly with his fist clasped towards Jian Chen.

Jian Chen receded his senses and slowly opened his eyes. He looked at the four of them calmly and said, The Soul-drawing Lotus is extremely important to me as well, so I cannot give it up.

If thats the case, we can only cause you offence. The faces of the Lightning Brothers turned cold. Suddenly, a powerful presence erupted from them, and it swept towards Jian Chen. Sparks flickered on their bodies, and there seemed to be the vague sounds of thunder.

I dont have that much time to waste on you, but I have heard that the four of you know a combination attack that allows you to stand up to even Overgods when you use it. Ill give you the chance to use it, Jian Chen withstood their presences easily and said calmly.

If you sir wants to witness our combination attack, then well help you fulfill that wish, the Lightning Brothers said sternly.