Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1848

Chapter 1848: A Deal

The sect has clear rules that we must not attack or kill other members of the sect. If this happens, the offending person will have their cultivation crippled before being sent into the Bloodflame Blade Formation as a sacrifice. Hua Yongyuan, do you not know the rules of the sect? An elder trapped in the killing formation yelled out.

The elder from the Blood Blade sect known as Hua Yongyuan sneered, Over half of the people from the discipline hall stand on our side. And after killing you lot, the position of sect master that will be determined again in a few months time will definitely end up on our side. By then, whether its the discipline hall or the sect master, they will all be from our side. Who will still be daring enough to stand forward and carry out the punishment at that time? As for the ancestor, he only cares about his secluded cultivation. These insignificant matters of the clan wont be enough to alert him.

And most importantly, no one else is present apart from us, so even if we kill you here, no one will be here to witness it. Naturally, the sect will not learn about this, Hua Yongyuan smiled sinisterly. As long as he killed the four people before him, the balance between the two factions of the sect would be broken, and the position of sect master would definitely fall to his side.

Youre despicable, Hua Yongyuan. Despicable I say! Youd actually go as far as killing members of the same sect just for the position of sect master, the elder trapped in the killing formation yelled out furiously.

Hua Yongyuan laughed aloud and said to the three people beside him, Elders, lets do it. Push the killing formation to maximum capacity. The sooner we finish them off, the less we have to worry about accidents.

The people by Hua Yongyuans side were also elders of the Blood Blade sect. They all nodded in response. Soon afterwards, they arrived at the four corners of the killing formation. They used their own cultivation to control the killing formation, pushing the formation to its full power.

Even though the formation had not reached the level of Overgods, it was still able to erupt with terrifying power under the control of the four elders.

Instantly, the killing formation began to glow brightly; it was as dazzling as a star. Terrifying pulses of energy churned within as killing intent surged towards the sky.

The four elders trapped within endured with great difficulty. They unleashed all their power and used various secret techniques, battle skills, and defensive treasures to fend off the formation.

However, they only managed to last for less than an hour before they became riddled with wounds and bloodied. They were all extremely heavily injured, and over a dozen defensive formation discs had been destroyed.

Are the four of us really going to die here today? Were going to die at the hands of someone as despicable as Hua Yongyuan while the sect wont even know about it. I refuse

But what can we do? Our power is nowhere near enough to smash through the killing formation. We dont even know how much longer we can last

Its all my fault. I didnt properly check the teleportation formation disc we were given. I never thought that the formation disc would have been tampered with when I got it from the sect

The four elders trapped in the formation gritted their teeth. They were furious as they spoke. They were reluctant to die here.

The four elders outside the formation all began to smile because they could see that Zeng Fei and the others in the formation could not last for much longer.

However, the expressions of Hua Yongyuan and the three others changed at this moment. All four of them turned their heads towards the direction of the royal capital, and one of them growled, Oh no, someone is coming. Quick, everyone, use your full strength. We have to kill them as soon as possible, or once someone sees this and reports it to the sect, itll be quite troublesome.

The four elders nodded sternly. They could sense a powerful presence rapidly approaching the area in the distance.

Due to the unsightly nature of the matter, it was best if the person in the distance did not see it at all, even if they were just passing by.

However, they had completely underestimated the persons speed. When they had sensed the presence at first, it originated from an extremely distant point. However, in the time they took to talk, which was less than five seconds, the owner of the presence had already appeared in view.

All four of them saw an almost indistinguishable black speck on the horizon at the same time. It moved towards them at a shocking speed.

Moreover, as the person drew nearer, his presence became more and more terrifying. It was like a tremendous ocean, crushing down on the surroundings.

What speed! Oh no, that person is not a God. Hes an Overgod. The expressions of Hua Yongyuan and the others changed drastically. The Overgod was actually heading in their direction, which made them panic.

However, now that they had reached a crucial time to kill Zeng Fei and the others, they could not stop.

To no surprise, the Overgod who had shot over was Jian Chen.

Jian Chen had been using the Linear Lightning Release along the way, pushing his speed to the absolute maximum. Finally, he had crossed the fifty million kilometers and caught up with the elders of the Blood Blade sect.

Jian Chen paced through the air and arrived before the formation under the nervous gazes of Hua Yongyuan and the others. His eyes were like swords that were able to penetrate the formation and see what was going on inside.

Elder Hua Yongyuan of the Blood Blade sect from the Divine Kingdom of Scarlet Clouds greets senior. Senior, the four of us are currently eliminating traitors of the sect, so we are unable to greet you. Once we kill the traitors, we will receive you accordingly. I hope that senior does not take offence, Hua Yongyuan said uneasily. He mentioned his identity as an elder of the Blood Blade sect as soon as possible, as he hoped that his sects prestige could strike some fear into the Overgod.

This was because he felt extremely uneasy about how the Overgod had just glanced at the formation as soon as he arrived.

Youre from the Blood Blade sect? Jian Chen was quite surprised as he stared at Hua Yongyuan.

Hua Yongyuans face lit up. He said, I am indeed from the Blood Blade sect. Senior, do you happen to have connections with our sect?

Jian Chen ignored Hua Yongyuan and others. He looked at the killing formation and said directly, Is the Scarlet Gold Ore from the Imperial United Merchants Association with you?

Jian Chens voice directly penetrated the formation and Zeng Fei and the others clearly heard his words.

The Scarlet Gold Ore is indeed with us. May I ask who you are, senior? An elder inside the killing formation asked. His voice was weak. Clearly, he had become powerless.

Give me the Scarlet Gold Ore, and Ill smash through this formation for you. Are you willing to accept this deal? Jian Chen asked. He did not try to communicate discretely through any communication technique. As a result, Hua Yongyuan and the others heard his words clearly.

The expression of all the people in Hua Yongyuans group changed. They began to panic, Senior, this is a matter of our Blood Blade sect. I hope that senior wont interfere. If you need the Scarlet Gold Ore, well offer it up to you gladly once weve killed them.