Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1851

Chapter 1851: Complete Disrespec

Yang Kai snorted coldly, Jian Chen, the Pyrogold was clearly Xi Yus. I only bought it from her, so since when did it become yours?

Jian Chen sneered. He said icily, The Pyrogold was one of the items I ordered the elders in the clan to collect. From the moment Xi Yu purchased the Pyrogold, it had become mine. Even if you wanted to buy it from Xi Yu, you need my permission. And most importantly, did Xi Yu ever agree to selling it to you?

Patriarch, I said that the Pyrogold belonged to you before, but senior Yang just refused to listen. Instead, he forcefully took it from me. Is that any different from stealing? Xi Yu gnashed her teeth from behind Jian Chen.

Yang Kais face immediately sank when Xi Yu compared him to a thief. He glared at Xi Yu, and a cold light flickered through his eyes. He said, You bought the Pyrogold for one hundred thousand high grade divine crystals, while I bought it from you for two hundred thousand. Xi Yu, did you accept the two hundred thousand divine crystals or not? If you did take it, how can you say I took it forcefully?

Yang Kai stared at Jian Chen again, and he said furiously, Jian Chen, considering the fact that were both Overgods of the same divine kingdom, I dont want to become enemies with you, but do pay attention to what you say. If you want to spew lies, dont blame me for being impolite.

For being impolite? Jian Chen sniggered. Killing intent shone in his eyes as he said coldly, Yang Kai, I should be the one who says that. If you dont give me a satisfactory explanation, dont blame me for being impolite towards you lot.

The argument between the two of them grew more and more intense. It seemed like they were about to start fighting.

Xi Yu and Mo Yan became nervous. They were afraid that Jian Chen would not be Yang Kais opponent when they began to fight.

On the other hand, the people from the Yang family watched on eagerly. They wished to see the two Overgods fight, as they had great confidence in their ancestor.

After all, one of them was a late Overgod who had made a name for himself many years ago. Although the other person grasped the Laws of the Sword, which possessed great offensive powers, he was only someone that had appeared recently.

Brother Jian Chen, brother Yang Kai, please calm down. With your statuses, its just not worth it to get so angry over a mere piece of material! At this moment, Xuan Dou arrived. He stood between the two of them. He had come to calm both of them down.

Although he was not on any particular terms with the Yang family, both Jian Chen and Yang Kai were peak experts of the divine kingdom. They were both extremely important, where the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian would suffer if anything happened to either one of them. As a result, he simply had to come and break up the fight when considering the greater good.

However, both of them had been angered. Xuan Dous actions were clearly useless.

Jian Chen accepted the Space Ring with the two hundred thousand high grade divine crystals from Xi Yu. He tossed it at Yang Kai coldly and said, Elder Xi Yu has said it already. She never agreed to the deal. You forcefully took the Pyrogold away with your superior strength. Yang Kai, here are your two hundred thousand high grade divine crystals. Hand over the Pyrogold, Jian Chen spoke extremely forcefully, leaving no room for negotiation. He had revealed his determination to obtain the Pyrogold.

The Space Ring with the divine crystals crossed through the air in a perfectly parabolic curve towards Yang Kai.

A gleam of light flashed through Yang Kais eyes. He forcefully stopped the Space Ring before him, leaving it in the air with an invisible force. He took a step forwards, and his presence surged. He called out coldly, The deal has been completed. It doesnt matter what you say. You cant just reverse it because you want to.

Brother Yang Kai, brother Jian Chen, wouldnt it become a complete joke if the two of you began fighting over a piece of Pyrogold that isnt worth that much with your statuses? Why dont you both just take a step back? Do it for me, said Xuan Dou. Although he had no good impression of Yang Kai, he had to stop the two of them from fighting for the divine kingdoms sake.

Since commander Xuan has put it like that, Ill do it for him and take a step back, said Jian Chen.

Yang Kais complexion recovered when he heard that. He understood that Jian Chen was ready to come to terms when he heard those words. He could not help but become secretly complacent. It looked like the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan really was not bold enough to take him on in the end.

However, Jian Chens next words caused Yang Kais face to freeze.

First, I can give you the Pyrogold, but you must buy it for twenty blocks of high grade divine crystal, Jian Chen said nonchalantly.

What! Twenty blocks of high grade divine crystal? Arent you too greedy? You actually want us to pay twenty blocks of high grade divine crystal for a piece of Pyrogold you bought for a hundred thousand high grade divine crystals? Before Yang Kai could say anything, Yang Aoran had already cried out. He was furious.

A piece of divine crystal was the size of a thumb, a centimeter in width, length, and depth. A block of divine crystal, on the other hand, was a meter in width, length, and depth, so it was equivalent to one million divine crystals.

Twenty blocks of high grade divine crystal was equivalent to twenty million high grade divine crystals.

The eyes of everyone from the Yang family widened. He wanted to sell the Pyrogold he had purchased for a hundred thousand high grade divine crystals for twenty million. They all found it to be unbelievable. They doubted what they had just heard.

Xuan Dou was surprised as well. He smiled bitterly, as he felt very helpless about the situation.

Yang Kai began to laugh from his anger, Twenty blocks of high grade divine crystal? Jian Chen, are you dreaming? And seeing that you said first, there must be something else. Why dont you tell us?

Jian Chen looked at Mo Yan, who stood behind him. Finally, a sliver of gentleness appeared in his cold eyes. However, his voice remained cold, and he said, I have always treated Mo Yan as my younger sister, but she has been hurt by someone now. I will point my sword at whoever laid their hands on her. Towards the end, Jian Chens gaze became extremely shocking. His eyes were murderous.

However, he also felt extremely strange inside when he said that he treated Mo Yan as his younger sister, as Mo Yan was probably several hundred years, or even several thousand years older than him.

Mo Yan also looked at Jian Chen. She stared at his back at a loss. Clearly, she was still struggling to accept that.

And I had thought I was patriarch Jian Chens savior. Since when did I become his younger sister? Mo Yan wondered inside. However, she felt her heart warm up. Her patriarch, Jian Chen, was actually standing up to a late Overgod because of her. Even many direct descendents from Overgod clans would not be able to enjoy such treatment.

Yang Kai laughed at the sky. He laughed wildly as his presence flooded the surroundings. His clothes fluttered despite the absence of wind. He was extremely furious.

Youll point your sword at whoever harms your sister? Jian Chen, do you really think I fear you? I was the one who hurt your sister. Id like to see what youll do to me, Yang Kai laughed aloud as battle intent surged from him.

Let alone twenty blocks of high grade divine crystal, you wont even be getting a single block from here. As for you so-called sister, so what if Ive harmed her? If it werent for the Godking who saved you from Godking Duanmus dwelling, do you really think Id treat you with even the slightest bit of importance? Yang Kai glared at Jian Chen arrogantly. He really did not treat Jian Chen as someone important.

Jian Chen did not argue back. He looked at Xuan Dou and said, Commander Xuan, please look after Mo Yan and Xi Yu for me.

Xuan Dou sighed gently. Now that the situation had developed to this point, he knew that it was impossible to avoid a battle between Jian Chen and Yang Kai. He said, Brother Jian Chen, brother Yang Kai, dont go too far. Xuan Dou arrived before Mo Yan and Xi Yu to protect the two of them.