Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1855

Chapter 1855: A Terrifying Sea Of Consciousness

There was a quiet garden that took up an extremely large area within the royal capital. Jian Chen, Xi Yu, and Mo Yan stayed there temporarily. There were a total of a hundred servants who served them in the courtyard.

An Overgod from the royal capital had eagerly given the courtyard to Jian Chen after he learnt that Jian Chen had no place to stay in the royal capital. He was extremely enthusiastic.

Originally, Jian Chen wanted to remain within an inn, but he found it difficult to turn down this Overgods kindness, so he could only settle down in there with Xi Yu and Mo Yan. However, he did not accept it as a gift from the Overgod. He only planned on staying here temporarily.

Jian Chen stood in the centre of one of the rooms. He had taken the crystal casket that held Kai Ya out from the Bright Moon Divine Hall, placing it onto the floor gently.

At the same time, an embroidered box covered with formations appeared in his hand. As he removed the layers of formations, a mysterious presence began to permeate the surroundings.

Sensing the presence, the eyes of the Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast that lied on the crystal casket immediately lit up. It fluttered its wings as it flew around Jian Chen. Its clever little eyes were filled with eagerness.

Jian Chen stared at Kai Ya, who laid in the casket. He murmured, Kai Ya, youve slept for so long. I hope I can wake you up this time so that you can open your eyes and have a look at the tremendous Saints World. Jian Chen slowly removed the lid of the box. An ink-black lotus laid in there quietly. It had a total of nine petals, and each petal possessed wondrous patterns that seemed to resonate with the world as if the laws of the world were woven into them.

The flower was the Soul-drawing Lotus that Jian Chen had managed to purchase from the Imperial United Merchants Association after paying a hefty price.

Jian Chen removed the lotus from the box carefully and slowly placed it into Kai Yas mouth. At the same time, he paid close attention to Kai Yas reaction.

Jian Chens senses of the soul clearly observed the pitch black lotus slowly melt in Kai Yas mouth. It turned into an inky liquid that Kai Ya absorbed, and all of it gathered at the location of her soul.

Ten minutes later, the lotus vanished from Kai Yas mouth. Kai Ya had completely absorbed the medicinal effects of the lotus.

Jian Chen stared at Kai Ya closely as he watched for any responses. The Soul-drawing Lotus was of quite a high grade among the heavenly resources that could deal with problems of the soul. As a matter of fact, it could be considered as high grade. If it was unable to awaken Kai Ya, he would really be out of options.

Five minutes

Ten minutes

Fifteen minutes

Time passed silently. However, Kai Yas lack of response worried Jian Chen. It was as if the Soul-drawing Lotus did nothing to her at all, and she was just like before.

Right now, in Kai Yas head, within the depths of her sea of consciousness that was impossible for Jian Chen to discover, there was a tremendous region. It seemed to be as large as the universe. This was Kai Yas sea of consciousness.

If Jian Chen could see her sea of consciousness, he would definitely be completely stunned. Kai Ya was clearly only a Saint Emperor, but her sea of consciousness had reached an unbelievable size. It could literally be described as boundless.

Let alone Godkings that had reached the peak of Godhood, but even Primordial realm experts would experience an overwhelming uproar if they learnt that she possessed such a large sea of consciousness.

Let alone Godkings, even those who had reached the Primordial realm would only possess a sea of consciousness one-tenth of Kai Yas size.

It was also at this moment that a speck of light suddenly appeared in the pitch-black, boundless sea of consciousness. It rapidly expanded, and a few seconds later, it turned into a small sun. It shone with all the colors of the spectrum radiantly, illuminating a small region of the sea of consciousness.

After the rainbow ball of light appeared, the sea of consciousness began to tremble gently. Strands of terrifyingly powerful traces of the laws of the world began to expand from the light, emanating in all directions. It seemed to be trying to fill up the entire sea of consciousness.

However, the sea of consciousness was simply too vast. The ball of rainbow light was unable to illuminate every corner, so the traces it gave off were naturally nowhere near enough to fill up the entire place.

Still not enough

Suddenly, there was a sigh in the silent sea of consciousness. It was extremely weak. As a matter of fact, it even struggled to string the three words together.

At the same time, Jian Chen became excited because he saw Kai Yas eyes tremble gently as if she was trying to open them.

Kai Ya, Kai Ya, wake up Jian Chen called out emotionally in hopes of waking up Kai Ya, who had already remained unconscious for over a hundred years.

At this moment, Kai Yas lips quivered gently. They moved slowly as if they were struggling to form a few words.

Still not enough

These three words were extremely quiet, just like a mosquito. Ordinary people would struggle to hear it even if they placed their ears right next to her mouth.

However, Jian Chen was no ordinary person. Rather, he was a mighty Overgod. Even though Kai Yas voice was quiet, he still heard all of her words clearly.

Still not enough? What do you mean? Jian Chen was surprised and confused.

After mouthing the three words, Kai Ya fell silent again, returning to her previous state.

Still not enough? Is a Soul-drawing Lotus not enough to wake up Kai Ya? Jian Chen pondered with furrowed eyebrows. However, his eyes widened soon afterwards, as he found the matter to be unbelievable.

How is that possible? Even in the Saints World, the Soul-drawing Lotus is quite an impressive heavenly resource. Its more than enough to heal even Godhood experts. Kai Ya is just a Saint Emperor, so how is it not enough to heal her? Jian Chen rejected his hypothesis, as it was just too unbelievable.

However, he began to hesitate soon afterwards. Uncertainty flooded his face. Finally, he gritted his teeth and removed one of the final stalks of Amethyst Spiritual Bamboo from his Space Ring despite his reluctance. He extracted the sap and dripped them between Kai Yas eyebrows.

If the Soul-drawing Lotus isnt enough, a droplet of this sap should be enough. The sap contains Xuanhuang Qi, so its worth no less than the Soul-drawing Lotus in value. It might even be worth more, Jian Chen thought.

After the sap seeped into Kai Yas head, the rainbow light within the depths of Kai Yas sea of consciousness immediately shone even brighter. At the same time, the traces of the laws of the world expanded some more.

The sap was not necessarily useless on Kai Ya. Jian Chen just needed to use far more of it if he wanted to wake Kai Ya up.

However, Jian Chen did not know about that. Seeing Kai Yas complete lack of response, he could not help but sigh and feel despair.

However, his eyes lit up soon afterwards, and he became reinvigorated. He said, Looks like the sap is useless, so I need a second Soul-drawing Lotus or other heavenly resources that can heal injuries to the soul. Only then will Kai Ya wake up. Jian Chen did not fear a shortage of Soul-drawing Lotus. If one was not enough, he could find a second, a third, or even a fourth. He feared that Kai Ya would not respond after absorbing a Soul-drawing Lotus, so he would have no idea about her condition. If that happened, he would have to choose some other method to try and save Kai Ya.

The Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast lied down on the crystal caskest again. It seemed dispirited because Jian Chen failed to wake Kai Ya.

I better go to the royal palace and ask the divine king. As a Godking, the divine king will know much more than any Overgod. Lets see if I can learn about any heavenly resources that can heal the soul from him. Jian Chen put the crystal casket away and strode out.