Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1860

Chapter 1860: The Ling Family In Danger Two
Chapter 1860: The Ling Family in Danger (Two)

All the people throughout the Swordseeking province began to panic from the sudden change.

At this moment, everyone within the Swordseeking province raised their heads and stared at the three figures in the sky. Their eyes were filled with deep dread and shock.

Overgods! Theyre Overgods! Oh my god, the three people in the sky are all Overgods

What powerful demonic aura. These people have come with ill intentions. The Swordseeking province is in trouble. Quick, leave the Swordseeking province

Theyre from the Empyrean Demon Cult! When the ninth army of the Empyrean Demon Cult attacked the Divine Kingdom of Three Cauldrons, they would leave the ground scarlet red wherever they passed. Blood even formed rivers. No one can keep their lives before the Empyrean Demon Cult. Run

Instantly, the Swordseeking Province fell into a panic. The Empyrean Demon Cults invasion of the Divine Kingdom of Three Cauldrons had lead to a hubbub of discussion. Even many people who had never heard of the Empyrean Demon Cult in the past were now completely familiar with the demonic cult.

As a result, many people immediately recognised the three Overgods who had come.

This was because the black clouds formed from their demonic aura had already explained their statuses as part of the demonic cult.

During this period of time, all the people began to charge out of the provincial citys gates frantically. They all wanted to leave.

In the sky, the three people looked down on everyone. Their gazes were cold, and they seemed like they stood on the black clouds.

The three people were the Overgods that the commander of the ninth army, Yan Wuming, had sent over.

One of them was a general within the ninth army. His name was Liu Shan, and he was a mid Overgod.

The other two were his deputies. They were also Overgods and only one minor cultivation realm weaker than Liu Shan. They were Overgods.

Liu Shan smiled coldly on the black clouds as he watched the cultivators below flee. Bloodthirstiness appeared in his eyes. He extended a hand, and a huge net woven from black threads suddenly expanded, falling onto the Swordseeking province below.

The black net expanded at an unbelievable rate as it fell. In just a short instance, it had extended beyond the horizon.

When it fell out of the sky, it actually managed to cover the entire Swordseeking province that was as large as a kingdom in a lower world.


Chilling wails rang out. A few of the people who were just about to leave the province came in contact with the net. A black, demonic flame immediately sprang up on their bodies. It could not be put out.

The demonic flames were extremely powerful. People below Godhood did not even manage to last for five seconds under the flames. Under the gazes of many, they were completely reduced to ashes.

Even Deities were unable to last for very long under the demonic flames. They were also reduced to ash.

There was even a God who came in contact with the black net. He had also been set on fire. He wailed out painfully and miserably under the flames. It was a horrific sight.

Countless people stopped. They stared at the net with pale faces. Currently, their faces had become extremely ugly. Some of them were even filled with despair.

Empyrean Demon Cult, this is the territory of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. Are you not afraid that youll enrage the divine king with your actions and make him come to kill you off?

At this moment, a furious yell rang out from the Ling family.

The Ling family had already activated their protective formation. It flickered with a metallic glint as countless swords revolved around its surroundings.

This was an Overgod level formation. Duke Ling had personally cast it down, and the formation could both attack and defend.

The patriarch of the Ling family, Ling Mojian, and all the elders within the Ling family currently hovered in the air. They stood within the area that the formation protected as they stared at the three Overgods in the sky furiously.

Hahahahaha Liu Shan began to chuckle loudly when he heard Ling Mojians threat. He said, Why would the mere divine king Pingtian possesses the audacity to stand up to the Empyrean Demon Cult?

Liu Shan looked at Ling Mojian who had threatened him. He sneered, You should be the patriarch of the Ling family, right? Patriarch Ling, youre not stupid. Do you think the divine king Pingtian will say anything if our Empyrean Demon Cult just wipes out your measly Swordseeking province?

Liu Shan spoke arrogantly. He was completely fearless, and he did not treat the divine king Pingtian with any importance at all.

Ling Mojians face became extremely ugly. He possessed a rough understanding of the Empyrean Demon Cults strength. Of their nine armies, any single one of them could wipe out the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian easily. If the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian wanted to stand up to them, there would indeed only be death.

Moreover, aside from the nine armies, the Empyrean Demon Cult possessed a few Godking protectors and three vice-leaders that were even more terrifying.

They were far more than what the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian could handle.

I am on a mission, so I have no interest in wasting time with you ants. Patriarch Ling, I dont care what you do, but get Ling Hougong to show his ass immediately. Otherwise, not only will your Ling family be massacred, but even all the people in the provincial city will suffer the same fate as you, Liu Shan said coldly. His voice rang through the entire provincial city.

D- dont kill me, Im innocent. I have no relationship with the Ling family at all

Patriarch Ling, save us. Patriarch Ling, all the lives of the people in the city lies in your hands. You cant just abandon us

Patriarch Ling, find senior Ling this instance. Once he returns, we wont have to die

The Swordseeking province had completely descended into a mess. The people in the city had no hopes to flee, so they all arrived around the Ling family to beg them desperately. Their eyes were filled with the hope of survival.

All the people in the Ling family fell silent.

Patriarch, what should we do? An elder of the Ling family asked Ling Mojian with an ugly complexion.

The other elders said nothing, but they all looked at Ling Mojian.

Patriarch, its best if you try to find a way to get the ancestor back. We cant just let so many people in the city die for nothing

No, we cant contact the ancestor, let alone let the ancestor know whats happening here.

Isnt there still the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan? He even managed to defeat Yang Kai, so hell definitely be able to save us. Patriarch, did the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan leave a method of communication with you when he left? Its best if you contact him immediately

You cant contact the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan. After all, theyre from the Empyrean Demon Cult. We cant drag the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan into this mess as well

A few elders in the Ling family also lost their composure in the face of this life-or-death situation. They argued loudly around Ling Mojian. Some of them were afraid of death, so they were trying to find a way to survive.

At the same time, there were some of them who did not fear death. Determination flooded their eyes.

Ling Mojian closed his eyes bitterly. Currently, he was faced with a tough choice. He was stuck in an intense internal struggle.

The ancestor has already vanished for many years. I dont know where the ancestor is. If you want to attack people, attack the Ling family. Leave the innocent people in the city out of this, okay? Ling Mojian said painfully.