Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1864

Chapter 1864: Slaying Three Overgods With The Sword Two
Chapter 1864: Slaying Three Overgods with the Sword (Two)

Ling Mojian, it looks like youve chosen to abandon the God again, Liu Shan stood on the black cloud and said coldly. Soon afterwards, he sighed gently and shook his head in regret, As an elder of the Ling family, even if you havent made any meritorious contributions to the clan, youve worked hard. But in the end, the Ling family mercilessly abandons you. They could clearly help you and save you, but they just choose not to.

Looks like the Gods of the Ling family are not worth a single dime to the patriarch. What a pity, what a pity indeed.

As he said that, Liu Shan gradually tightened his hand. The black thread around the God immediately began to tighten gradually along with Liu Shans movement.

Like a knife, the threads gradually sliced into the Gods flesh. Blood immediately poured out, dyeing him red.

In the blink of an eye, he had become covered in blood. It was a horrific sight.

Clearly, Liu Shan could cut the God to pieces with his control over the black threads.

However, he had never planned to deal with the God instantly. He purposefully created this heart-wrenching scene for the Ling family to see, attacking them psychologically.

Ling Mojian, Ill give you another half a minute. If you contact Ling Hougong, or if Ling Hougong appears, Ill spare this person. Otherwise, hell definitely be reduced to an incomplete corpse, Liu Shan said coldly. However, he felt rather worried and annoyed inside.

So many days had passed already, but he still had not completed the mission he received from commander Yan Wuming. If he wasted too much time, he was afraid he would displease the commander.

If you want to kill me, then kill me. Im not afraid of dying. Patriarch, never contact the ancestor. The ancestor cant come back. He cant appear here. As long as the ancestor is alive, he can rebuild the clan even if the clan ceases to exist, the God who had been wrapped up in the black thread called out furiously. He felt no fear for death at all.

Do you want to die?! Liu Shans face sank. The killing intent in his gaze towards the God increased.

Argh! The God produced a chilling wail. The black threads had already cut deep into his flesh, reaching his bone. He could even feel all his bones break. Even his skull had shattered.

All the people from the Ling family shut their eyes. They were unwilling to witness this scene. Sorrow filled all their faces and even some of the elders began to shed tears of sorrow.


Suddenly, a voice rang out from the distance. In the beginning, it was very soft, just like a mosquito. However, it grew louder at an unbelievable speed. Towards the end, it was thunderous, creating an echo through the surroundings.

The terrifying sound wave even seemed to form visible ripples, expanding and actually causing the entire city to shake slightly.

Before the countless people in the city could react, a resplendent streak of light suddenly appeared in the distance. It shone with great radiance, illuminating the world like the scorching sun.

The light was simply too bright. The black clouds formed from the demonic aura that had swallowed up the entire Swordseeking province even paled before it.

The streak of light moved extremely quickly, jetting over from the distance. In just a flash, it crossed an extremely great distance and arrived above the Swordseeking province. It did not slow down at all, directly ramming into the black net that had covered the entire province.


With a deafening sound, the black net that Liu Shan had cast down directly tore open, forming a huge hole that was three hundred meters across from the streak of light.

The streak of light was unstoppable, directly falling towards the provincial city.

The black net was a medium quality saint artifact. Liu Shan had refined it, so it was bound to his life. As a result, when the black net was damaged, Liu Shan suffered as well. His face paled in a single instance, and he produced an extremely deep grunt. His body also quivered.

Liu Shan was injured while the God from the Ling family bound by the black threads had avoided a calamity. He directly fell out of the sky and was caught by another God.

The light vanished in the provincial city and revealed a young man in white robes. He only seemed to be in his twenties.

The young man was the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan, Jian Chen!

Jian Chen had dispersed the light around him, so he seemed like an ordinary person. He stood in the air and stared at the three Overgods from the Empyrean Demon Cult in the distance. His eyes were cold.

All the Gods of the Ling family were stunned when they saw Jian Chen in the sky. Their emotions became mixed. There was surprise and joy as well as sighs.

The sighing elders were naturally the people who did not wish for Jian Chen to come, as the Tian Yuan clan would offend the Empyrean Demon Cult if he did.

Its An elder could not help but cry out. However, right after he let out just a single word, Ling Mojian firmly shut his mouth.

Were a part of the ninth army of the Empyrean Demon Cult. We directly answer to commander Yan Wuming. Who are you, sir? Do you plan on becoming enemies with our Empyrean Demon Cult by interfering? One of Liu Shans deputies said coldly as he glared at Jian Chen.

Youve gone too far, Empyrean Demon Cult. Youre killing a bunch of people who are only Gods at most despite being Overgods. Since you like killing the weak so much, Ill show you how it feels today, Jian Chen said coldly. His face was completely sunken, and he was filled with killing intent.

The senses of his soul had already surrounded the entire Swordseeking province. He discovered that aside from the Ling family, over a thousand people had died to Liu Shans hands as well. Every single death was extremely horrific, with the deceased having been carved to countless pieces.

With a thought, the high quality saint artifact, the Startling Rainbow sword, appeared in Jian Chens hands.

Although he could kill the three Overgods without even using the sword given his current strength, he wanted to finish the battle fast.

The face of the early Overgod who had spoken before sank. Just when he wanted to say something else, Jian Chen moved like lightning.

Jian Chen suddenly appeared before the early Overgod, and the Startling Lightning sword stabbed towards his forehead.

As Jian Chen struck out, his entire presence underwent a drastic change. His presence surged as his entire body seemed to fuse with the sword. He controlled the Laws of the Sword just like a god of the sword.

The early Overgods face changed drastically. He could feel Jian Chens strike lock onto his presence. Every inch of space around him seemed to be filled with invisible sword Qi, which actually made him feel like he could not dodge.

In this moment of life and death, the early Overgod made a rapid response. He used his demonic arts, and the demonic aura around him surged. He held a giant, two-handed sword and suddenly cleaved it as it was wrapped up in black flames.

However, how was he Jian Chens opponent? When the two weapons collided, he experienced a terrifying power that he could not resist, and it directly knocked his huge sword out of his hands.

The deputy vomited blood. His face was pale, and he felt extremely shocked inside. He had become heavily injured from that single attack.

L- late Overgod The deputy cried out. He also knew that this person was far beyond a regular late Overgod.

However, he was only able to cry out that. When he finished speaking, Jian Chens second strike flew over with lightning speed.

The simple stab seemed to be filled with the unpredictable mysteries of laws such that his attack seemed to possess a sliver of the might of heaven.

Spurt! The early Overgod was unable to avoid the second strike. The Startling Rainbow sword pierced his head and wiped out his soul.