Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1867

Chapter 1867: Lurking Enemies

Jian Chen sat in a room within the forbidden grounds of the Tian Yuan clan. He took out various materials from his Space Ring as he channelled the Chaotic Force in his dantian. He burnt it as Chaotic Flames to refine the materials successively.

The materials that Jian Chen had asked Xi Yu to collect were all for creating teleportation formations.

The divine king had said that there was no need to fear the Empyrean Demon Cult. Even if they en masse to deal with the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, the people from the empires would step forward to stop them.

However, Jian Chen did not know whether what he said was reliable. Moreover, even if the divine king was telling the truth, he could not place all his hopes on those distant empires. He needed to have a path of escape, so the Tian Yuan clan could avoid the devastating attacks of the Empyrean Demon Cult.

Right now, theres a perfect method of retreat presented before me, and thats teleportation formations. I need to cast down teleportation formations in the shortest time possible. If the Empyrean Demon Cult comes, everyone can leave through the teleportation formation, Jian Chen thought. Several materials hovered before him. Chaotic Flames burnt on his hands as he refined the materials for the teleportation formation with all his attention.

Fortunately, he did not have to cast a teleportation that could cross worlds, planes or regions. He only needed a teleportation formation that could take people across to another divine kingdom, so it did not have to be high quality. As a result, there was not a great requirement for his mastery over teleportation formations. With Jian Chens current grasp and familiarity over teleportation formations, he believe he would be able to cast down teleportation formations that could cross divine kingdoms without long.

Naturally, there was not a great requirement on the materials to cast down a teleportation formation like that either. As a result, he had hover a hundred sets of materials for teleportation formations.

Every set was enough to cast a single teleportation formation.

Three days later, Jian Chen refined all the sets of materials for the teleportation formations. He did not stop there. He immediately began to attempt to create teleportation formations in the room.

Boom! Boom! Boom

In the following period of time, Jian Chens room constantly rumbled. These were failed teleportation formations. The energy within the formation had lost control, hence causing an explosion.

Although the information in the memory pearl had allowed Jian Chens knowledge and grasp over teleportation formations to reach a whole new level, he was still a little off from creating it perfectly. Jian Chen needed to overcome this through learning from his mistakes.

I havent used enough Ceiling Stone

The crucial points of the formation have been placed down incorrectly

This time, the formations been activated too quickly, such that the teleportation energy became violent. It caused the entire formation to collapse

Jian Chen had already become disheveled inside the room. However, he persistently cast down teleportation formations without minding at all, ignoring any exhaustion. He was learning from his mistakes.

Every time he failed, Jian Chen would deepen his understanding of teleportation formations. Jian Chen would gain extremely valuable experience as well. Gradually, Jian Chens teleportation formations became closer to perfection and the number of times they exploded gradually lessened as well.

Half a month later, when Jian Chen cast down the teleportation formation with the last set of materials on him, the gloomy room suddenly began to shine brightly. A powerful energy for teleportation filled the room.

A formation with a radius of five meters appeared on the ground of the room. It was complicated and profound, giving off blinding light. It disturbed the space there, causing it to ripple with instability. Waves in space appeared.

Success! Jian Chens eyes shone with excitement. He had finally cast down a complete teleportation formation with the last set of materials.

This was unlike the teleportation formations he had cast down on the Tian Yuan Continent. They were only markers so he could find his way back, like a beacon of light in the darkness so he would not get lost.

However, the teleportation formation he had cast down right now could truly send people away. It could directly take them to another divine kingdom.

Of course, Jian Chen needed to cast down a similar teleportation formation on the other end.

However, he had now run out of materials. He needed to get more from Xi Yu if he wanted to cast down a second teleportation formation.

Jian Chen emerged from seclusion. When he made his way out, he discovered that Xi Yu was already waiting outside.

Aside from Xi Yu, there were also the people who had come up to the Saints World with Jian Chen.

Houston, the white tiger, Shangguan Muer, Xiao Jin, Xiao Ling, Rui Jin, Hei Yu, Hong Lian, Nubis and Xiong Zhong, Cheng Jingyun and the others from the World of Forsaken Saints were all gathered there.

Uncle Xiu, youve actually become a God!

Houston looked like he was in his seventies, but his face was ruddy and brimming with energy. His hair was no longer snowy white. His hair which he allowed to hang loose had already become scarlet red. Coupled with his blood red robes, he seemed to possess a demonic presence.

Jian Chen was not surprised by the demonic aura on Houston. This was because he had personally given the Empyrean Demon Orb to Houston. Houston practised the demonic arts from there, so he possessed a demonic presence.

However, what he felt extremely shocked about was that Houston progressed just too quickly. It could be described as extraordinary.

This was because Houston had not even reached Godhood when he had first come to the Saints World. In less than a hundred years, he had already become a God.

If the news made it out, it would be rather unbelievable.

Its all because of what you gave me. The reason why I can advance so quickly is all because of it, Houston sighed emotionally. Only he understood just how precious the Empyrean Demon Orb Jian Chen had given him was. It was basically a treasure that changed his life completely.

Whenever he cultivated, the Empyrean Demon Orb would invite the mysteries of the laws and personally pass it onto Houston. As a result, Houstons comprehension of laws progressed at an alarming rate.

Muer, youre actually a late God Jian Chen looked at the purple-dressed, beautiful Shangguan Muer and was surprised once again.

However, Jian Chen understood very soon. Shangguan Muer was the mother of someone who possessed the Innate Chaotic Body. She was blessed by the world, so her cultivation naturally would be extremely smooth. If she managed to survive, she would definitely become a great expert that was equivalent to Immortal Emperors.

Jian Chen studied every single one of them and discovered only the white tiger, Houston and Shangguan Muer managed to become Gods.

Everyone else from the Tian Yuan Continent had become Deities.

Only Xiong Zhong and Cheng Jingyun from the World of Forsaken Saints managed to reach early Godhood. The other people were still at Returnance.

Patriarch, this is all the materials weve managed to collect so far. At this moment, Xi Yu passed the Space Ring in her hand to Jian Chen. Her complexion was rather ugly.

Jian Chen accepted the Space Ring and immediately frowned, Why is there so less? Theres only a little more than thirty sets.

Patriarch, we originally purchased for more than that, but some accidents happened to the people that we sent to collect the materials. Over twenty people had been killed along the way and all the materials were stolen. Its quite a loss. If it were not for elder Houston and elder Sacredfeather who managed to get some materials back, we probably would have even less right now, said Xi Yu.

A brutal light shone through Jian Chens eyes when he heard that. Killing intent flickered and he growled, Do you know who did it?

Houston said, We still dont know who they are. We only know that theyve sent Deities or even Gods against us. Sacredfeather and I managed to capture two Gods and a few Deities before, but they were willing to self-destruct to avoid disclosing their identities.

Whos Sacredfeather? Jian Chen could not help but wonder when he heard Sacredfeather, as he had never heard of the name before.

Brother, Sacredfeathers me. The white tiger said, Originally, my mother gave me a name, but I dont like it, so I gave myself a name recently.

Jian Chen nodded with a smile. The white tiger was extraordinary. Its bloodline was very powerful. It could directly break through to the Origin realm even when the lower world was sealed up, so he probably possessed a great background. The word sacred was indeed suitable for him.

Moreover, he possessed a pair of feathered wings, so the feather part was extremely suitable as well.

However, Jian Chen did not know that the white tiger was not actually a Winged Tiger God. The Winged Tiger God was only a name created by people from the lower world. Its true identity was a Sacredfeathered Tiger Emperor which possessed an extremely powerful bloodline.

Clearly, the white tiger had adopted the first word of its species for its name.

Jian Chen said after some thought, As long as theyve reached Godhood, whether theyre Deities or Gods, theyll have some renown within the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. Have you found any leads?

Xi Yu said, We thought of that quite early on, so we already sent people to investigate. However, we still failed to find anything. Its as if people dont know about the existence of these Godhood experts. Maybe theyre not from the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian or any of the neighboring divine kingdoms.

Xi Yu paused. She hesitated slightly before adding, However, Nanyun Tong said that a few ancient Overgod clans possess some hidden forces. As a result, were guessing that the Gohood experts who attacked us are the hidden forces from a powerful clan.

Is it the Yang family? Or is it the Mo family of the Divine Kingdom of Qingyang? Jian Chen said softly as the light in his eyes flickered with uncertainty. The only Overgod clans he had fallen out with were the Wayner clan, Yang family and Mo family.

Jian Chen directly ignored the Wayner clan, because they just did not possess something like that.

Only the Mo family and Yang family were left. Of course, he had to consider the possibility of other organisations trying to create confusion.