Chaotic Sword God Chapter 187

Chapter 187: Wind Attribute Great Saint Master
Chapter 187: Wind Attribute Great Saint Master

Seeing Jian Chen get further and further away, the city lord of Phoenix City let out a breath of air, Hes as good as gone. If he were to stay around and toss these people about, I dont know what our Phoenix City would end up looking like.

The other men by the lords side silently nodded their heads. Although Phoenix City was a Class 2 City under their control, they could only control a few hundred thousand soldiers. This group here wasnt just a single clan, it was a temporary alliance of a few dozen powerful clans that could easily be provoked. If they were to band together, then even an army of a hundred thousand would feel a headache when dealing with them.

I didnt think this Wu Yun would have a battle skill, what a shock this is. Even the various Earth Saint Masters on the Tian Yuan Continent dont have such a battle skill. An elder spoke with an envious admiration.

This Wu Yun has a great amount of luck. Not only did he have 2 Class 5 Magical Beast bodies, but he also had a battle skill, who knows what else he may have.

This Wu Yun is also very complicated. I hope that he has no major power backing him, otherwise the clans chasing him will suffer miserably.

Ai, every man is innocent, but envying anothers treasure is a crime. The city lord let out another breath as he spoke out another command, Let every guardsmen know, this group is not to be obstructed


Jian Chen quickly ran through the streets toward the city gates. Phoenix City occupied a large area with many hidden places, even the number of spies was great. To stay behind in Phoenix City would not be a wise decision, and so the only remaining solution was to escape from the city and run into the countryside. Therefore Jian Chen would need to continue to run for a little longer.

The various wounds on Jian Chens body continued to bleed and stained his clothes red. At that moment he didnt have time to deal with his injuries, he just needed to hurry up and escape from the city.

Jian Chen dashed through the streets violently without stopping for a single moment. With each leap he flew from the ground to the buildings in rapid succession. Already his speed had far surpassed that of a low leveled magical beast and the other low leveled magical beasts meant for transporting people on the streets.

Although he was already traveling at a fast pace, the group of Great Saint Masters werent any slower than Jian Chen. They werent fully aware of how Jian Chen could move so fast, but they could make up for it with their superior Saint Force.

Wu Yun, you cannot escape! If you dont wish to die, then stop and wait for us obediently!

A Great Saint Master called out from behind with a loud shout. Although there were a few others shouting, this one man had been even louder. His voice could easily shatter the eardrums of anyone with sensitive hearing that was in close proximity to him.

The 30 Great Saint Masters relentlessly chased Jian Chen through various streets, their shouts attracting the curiosity of many people. Each person began to reach a grinding halt as they turned to look in the direction of the commotion.

That would be the group of 30 Great Saint Masters.

A single middle aged man stared at the fleeing figure of Jian Chen before muttering, This Wu Yun is incredibly fast. If the situation continues on like this, then our chances of catching up to him in a short moment will be nearly impossible. After that, he turned his head to look at the man next to him, Third eldest, among our group, Im afraid only you are able to catch up to Wu Yun. We cant allow him to run away, so it would be best if you went to obstruct him.

The one called third eldest was wearing a red-colored robe and looked neither fat or skinny. Although he was in his middle ages, his outward appearance made him look rather young. In fact, the one called third eldest was rather handsome and very confident.

Hearing that, third eldest concentrated on the retreating figure ahead of them before recalling the memories of when Jian Chen had killed a few Great Saint Masters with a small amount of hesitation in his eyes.

Second brother, while this Wu Yun has the strength of a Peak Saint Master, he has a battle skill. Did you not see how he had just killed a few Great Saint Masters? I am but one person, and that will not be enough to fight him. Just thinking about how Jian Chen had slaughtered those Great Saint Masters made the third eldests heart beat wildly.

Third eldest, although you only have the strength of a Primary Great Saint Master, dont forget that you have the wind Saint Force. You have the superiority in speed. Even though Wu Yun outranks the rest of us with speed so that we have to proceed with caution, you are the antithesis to him. The middle aged man said.

Second brother, although I have the wind Saint Force, my familiarity with the winds is rather low. If Jian Chens speed were to be compared to mine, then he would undoubtedly be faster than me. The third eldest said unconfidently.

The middle aged man let out a sigh, his third eldest was extremely afraid of dying, so he spoke unhappily, Third eldest, can you not see how so many of us are chasing this Wu Yun? All you need to do is to distract him for some time, if Wu Yun gets trapped by us once more, then he will find it difficult to escape. Then, after we finish, you will be the first one to take Wu Yuns Space Belt and then you will make your escape. With your speed combined with your total strength, no one here will be able to catch up to you.

Even with those words, the third eldest still hesitated for some time before replying, Fine then. Second brother, I will go block Wu Yun, but you all must immediately come to help me.

Dont worry, third eldest. With this many people, well be able to take that battle skill, so we will have to rely on you for everything else. The middle aged man slapped the third eldest on the shoulder with some excitement. In his mind, if this plan were to succeed, then the battle skill and the two Class 5 Monster Cores would end up in his hands.

Jian Chen had already been running through the streets using all his strength making his speed comparable to a horse beast.. In a short moment, he had already traveled 40 kilometers of road, making the gates to the city loom ever so closely.

At that moment from the front of the group of Great Saint Masters, a cyan colored light suddenly shone everywhere as the figure of a man was suddenly enveloped by it. His speed abruptly intensified as he instantly flew far beyond the group toward Jian Chen.

The strange event that had happened behind him was not lost on Jian Chen. Turning his head back to look, his face suddenly changed, How unfortunate, there was a man with wind attributed Saint Force within their group, how troublesome this will be.