Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1874

Chapter 1874: The Souls Of Mortals

Blood oozed out of the armors helmet. The ancestor of the Mo familys eyes no longer shone. A few cracks were even clearly visible on his eyeballs as they constantly bled.

The ancestor of the Mo family fell out of the sky powerlessly, striking the ground heavily. With a resounding thud, he created a huge crater on the ground, kicking dust into the air.

Jian Chen stowed the Startling Rainbow sword away while his turbulent presence was gradually dismissed as well.

He arrived before the crater created by the ancestor of the Mo family. The dust immediately cleared as soon as he stood there while the ancestors body slowly floated out of the pit under an invisible force. Blood constantly flowed from within the armor.

Jian Chen removed the armor from the corpse of the ancestor. Only then did Jian Chen see his head.

His entire head had already been reduced to pieces. Red and white matter mixed together. It was indescribably disgusting.

Apart from his head, even the top half of his body had been reduced to a bloody mess. He did not possess a body as powerful as Jian Chens, so even his body had almost been shaken apart.

Fortunately, the Space Ring on the Mo family ancestors finger was not destroyed. Only a series of densely-packed, web-like cracks had appeared on it.

Currently, the Space Ring was close to destruction.

This Space Ring might break at any time, so I have to remove everything from inside as soon as possible. Without any hesitation, Jian Chen immediately moved all the items in there into his own Space Ring.

However, to his surprise and joy, he discovered quite a lot of high grade divine crystals in the ancestors Space Ring. There were close to ten blocks.

Moreover, there were a few loose mid grade divine crystals. Mid grade divine crystals were not particularly effective for Overgods during cultivation, so there were only a few thousand of them in the ancestors Space Ring. Each one was only the size of a finger.

Jian Chen also discovered a few cultivation methods and battle skills within the Space Ring. However, they were all demonic and extremely evil, far more than the Empyrean Demon Arts that Houston practised. Jian Chen directly frowned when he saw them.

In the end, Jian Chen destroyed them all. They were simply too disgusting.

Jian Chen only looked over the materials and heavenly resources roughly as they were not of particularly high quality. After that, he put them all away in his Space Ring.

Although these items are basically useless to me, I can keep them for the Tian Yuan clan. Whether its heavenly resources or materials, the elders in the clan can never have enough, thought Jian Chen.

Hmm? Suddenly, Jian Chen produced an interjection of surprise. He discovered a black box in the Space Ring. It laid in an inconspicuous corner, protected by a layer of formations.

Jian Chen took out the black box. After examining it closely in his hands, he removed the formation.

Suddenly, a cold presence radiated from the black box. At that moment, Jian Chen seemed to hear the wails and screams of countless ghosts. It was an extremely chilling sound.

Jian Chen furrowed his eyebrows, and he became rather stern. He slowly opened the box. Immediately, a black mist surged out from there, engulfing Jian Chen.

Jian Chens eyes shone brightly. The thick, black mist was unable to obscure his vision. Through the mist, he could clearly see that a palm-sized banner laid within the black box.

When Jian Chen saw the banner, various mixed sounds rang out in his head. He heard the screams of ghosts, the pleadings of a woman, and wails filled with endless pain.

He even began to see things in his head. The images were brutal. They were either pitiful, or they were evil, hair-raising spirits. There were many of them, forming a great black mass that blocked out the sun. It seemed like a living hell.

Collect the souls of mortals and assist me in creating a demon artifact. I will gift you a fortune in exchange such that you will accomplish great things

It was also at this moment that an obscure sound rang out in Jian Chens head. It seemed to be filled with a mysterious charm, making it seem bewitching. Even Jian Chens eyes became confused as if he had become lost.

In Jian Chens sea of consciousness, the obscure voice seemed to become the voice of the world. It seemingly represented the will of the universe, making it irresistible. It boomed through Jian Chens sea of consciousness and affected his mind.

It seemed like the voice was forcibly planting its own will within Jian Chen so that it could affect his thoughts.

However, Jian Chens soul was nothing short of extraordinary. It was formed from a fusion between fighters and Radiant Saint Masters, so it had undergone a transformation, making it mutate. It greatly differed from the souls of other people and could use Martial Soul Force.

According to fairy Hao Yue, even with the entire Saints World in perspective, Martial Soul Force was basically mythical. The people who could use it truly could be counted with two hands.

The daze in Jian Chens eyes only lasted for a few seconds before it cleared up.

However, the demonic voice that had directly tried to plant itself in Jian Chen sensed nothing. It continued to speak like a robot, and it also informed Jian Chen of the method of collecting souls.

After hearing that, killing intent immediately boiled in Jian Chens heart. He said coldly, What a vicious method. They actually use women born in a moment of yin on a day of yin in a month of yin, and on another day of yin in a month of yin, theyll impregnate her using a man thats also born in a moment of yin on a day of yin in a month of yin. Before the child is born, theyll choose a moment of yin on a day of yin to kill both the mother and the child brutally, and then theyll use a vicious method to extract their souls. All of this just to forge a demon artifact.

Jian Chen looked at the black banner once again. He sensed the souls that had formed the thick, black cloud as he felt sorrow from the bottom of his heart.

The number of souls in there had reached several hundred thousand. Every single soul had been pregnant when they were still alive. They were mortal women who had not cultivated, killed before their children were born.

What a vicious demon. Just to forge a demon artifact, it wants to kill so many innocent people. Since the ancestor of the Mo family had this banner, quite a few of the souls must have come from him. Ancestor of the Mo family, you deserved to die, Jian Chen said coldly.

Mortals and cultivators were different. Once cultivators began cultivating, they would have to drench their hands in blood in pursuit of greater strength. Whether it was the Tian Yuan Continent or the Saints World, every single expert had basically navigated through mountains of corpses to get to where they were. The truth behind their success was endless murders.

This was why when cultivators died, they did not deserve sympathy.

However, mortals were different. They lived short lives and were supposed to enjoy their short lives.

The Mo family, Jian Chen gritted his teeth. Killing intent flashed in his eyes. He shut the box and resealed it with its formations before hurrying to the Blue River province with the corpse of the Mo family ancestor.