Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1876

Chapter 1876: Treasury

After Jian Chen put all the Gods of the Mo family into the spatial saint artifact, it basically announced the imminent destruction of the Mo family that had been dominant for so many years.

Now, the Mo family only possessed a few Origin realm cultivators and servants as well as a few Deities who did not flee. They were the ones who believed that death was liberation, and they wanted to die with their clan.

Jian Chen ignored these people. He hovered in the sky as he expanded the senses of his soul. He searched every inch of the Mo family. His senses had even extended deep underground as he searched for anyone he missed.

Indeed, he found two Gods deep underground after he began his close search. They were currently hiding in a secret room.


Jian Chen struck out once again. The Startling Rainbow sword shone brightly, illuminating the surroundings. It directly blasted the ground open; he used this extremely brutal method to dig deep and remove the earth. He used his brute strength as a late Overgod to excavate a tunnel into the ground.

The two Gods hidden within the ground seemed to sense that something was off. Without any hesitation, they immediately took out their teleportation formation discs. They wanted to flee at the moment.

However, a sword stabbed through the ceiling as a streak of light. It appeared with unbelievable speed, directly cutting off their arms as well as any hopes of escape.

Afterwards, the ceiling of the secret room collapsed. A large quantity of soil fell down. A tunnel a thousand meters in length plunged straight into the ground while the sunlight from the outside world gave the secret room some light.

No God of the Mo family can escape. Jian Chen appeared in the secret room. He heavily injured the two of them and sealed up their cultivation before throwing them both into the spatial saint artifact.

Jian Chen was about to leave the secret room after capturing the two people. However, his eyes narrowed at this moment. He gazed into the depths of the secret room.

The underground room was extremely large. There were a few jade pedestals that were the size of cushions. From the traces left on them, he could tell that they were used for cultivation.

However, behind the jade pedestals, he found a large door. A powerful formation at the level of Overgods protected it.

The light in Jian Chens eyes flickered. He slowly made his way before the door. After hesitating momentarily, he smashed through the formation.

Immediately, the underground room rumbled. The entire provincial city above shook violently as if a great earthquake had just happened. Thick cracks appeared on the ground, startling all the people in the city.

Before long, Jian Chen smashed through the formation and directly entered through the door.

At that moment, extremely turbulent origin energy surged out. The first thing that Jian Chen saw were two mountainous stacks of divine crystals. They shone with a blinding light, making them very eye-catching.

One of the piles were low grade divine crystals, while the other pile was mid grade divine crystals. It was extremely plentiful.

Besides the two stacks, the surroundings had various treasures. Not only were there cultivation methods and Truth Tier Battle Skills, but there were also even quite a few heavenly resources and pills.

This should be the treasury of the Mo family, Jian Chen murmured to himself. Many organisations possessed treasuries. After all, it was impossible for a single person to possess all the wealth of a whole clan.

This was because the treasury was crucial to supporting the everyday activities of a clan. It would be accessed frequently.

The ancestor of a clan would basically spend his or her entire time in secluded cultivation. Centuries could pass in the blink of an eye. They would be in no mood to manage these miscellaneous affairs.

As a result, basically everything that was required to maintain the clan would be store within the treasury. Powerful formations and the power of the entire clan would protect it.

There are probably over a hundred million low grade divine crystals and a few million mid grade divine crystals. Jian Chen walked around the two stacks before stowing them all away in his Space Ring.

Although there were many divine crystals in here, they were all low grade or mid grade. If they were converted to high grade divine crystals, there would only be four or five blocks.

When Jian Chen emerged from the treasury, it had been completely emptied out. He took everything in there, regardless of whether they would be useful or not.

Jian Chen returned to the surface again. He discovered that people had surrounded the entire Mo family. There were over twenty Gods of various ages standing quietly to one side with their presences hidden. All of them stared at the tunnel that plunged straight into the ground.

Greetings, senior. We are

Seeing Jian Chen emerge, the Gods all bowed towards him. They stated their own clans in an extremely polite manner.

Most of these people were the ancestors of powerful clans in the Blue River province. Seeing that the Mo family had lost most of their power, all these clans mobilised their people. They hunted down the remaining forces of the Mo family and did not let anyone go.

There were also a few Gods from foreign places among them. They did not have any grievances with the Mo family. Instead, they disliked how the Mo family had been doing things, so they also took part in the hunt.

Ill leave the people of the Mo family for you to deal with, but dont kill the innocent, Jian Chen said to the Gods.

As the senior wishes!

The Gods all responded very politely.

Jian Chen left the Blue River province. He returned to the Tian Yuan clan in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian through the formations he had cast down. Then, he immediately summoned all the members of the upper echelon of the clan.

Ive already prepared a path of retreat, so if the Empyrean Demon Cult comes and we cant repel them, immediately retreat through the teleportation formation. However, for the sake of safety, when you get transported away, I will leave people I trust to guard the teleportation formation. Unless we need to retreat, no one is to approach the teleportation formation, Jian Chen said sternly from his patriarchs seat. Of course, he was just speaking to the Gods that had come from the Saints World.

Many people secretly let out a breath of relief in the discussion hall when they heard that they now had a path of retreat.

After dispersing everyone, Jian Chen summoned the people from the lower world. He took out everything he had obtained from the Mo family and allowed them to take whatever they needed.

Naturally, the people from the World of Forsaken Saints did not miss out either. They also got to choose treasures for themselves.

Jian Chen, where did you get so many things? Did you discover another dwelling? Shangguan Muer blinked her eyes. All the items left her speechless.

Only Origin realm cultivators and Deities can use most of these items. There isnt a lot that Gods can use. As for the cultivation methods, theyre all rather demonic, so I think Jian Chen has probably emptied out the treasury of a clan that practises demonic arts, Houston smiled as he sat on the floor. Currently, he was wearing his blood-red robes. His red hair rested on his shoulders casually as he stared at the floor covered in things.

Uncle Xiu is right. I have indeed emptied out an Overgod clans treasury, Jian Chen smiled before taking out the items he had obtained from the ancestor of the Mo family. He said, These items come from the Overgod himself. Have a look if theres anything you need. Once youve chosen what you want, split the rest with the other people.

I dont need anything else. Just give me some more mid grade divine crystals. I just happen to be in need of them for a breakthrough, said Shangguan Muer. Her enchanting eyes shone brightly while her voice sounded divine.

You should use high grade divine crystals instead. The origin energy in high grade divine crystals is purer. Itll be several times more effective compared to mid grade divine crystals. I just happen to have quite a lot of it on me, Jian Chen stared at Shangguan Muer as a sliver of rare gentleness appeared in his eyes. Afterwards, he gave all his high grade divine crystals to Shangguan Muer.

These high grade divine crystals originated from the three Overgod from the Empyrean Demon Cult and the ancestor of the Mo family. Even though Shen Jian had taken away half of the high grade divine crystals from the three Overgods, there were still more than a dozen blocks if the Mo family ancestors wealth was included.

When I broke through to Overgod before, I travelled quite a distance with three blocks of high grade divine crystal to break them up into mid grade divine crystals. Look at you now. Youre directly giving your wife high grade divine crystals for cultivation, a heavy voice rang out. Shan Jian walked over in simple clothes. He seemed to be smiling.

Jian Chen, I think you once said that using high grade divine crystals to cultivate as a God is just too wasteful. I think youve said something like that before, Shen Jian sat down beside Jian Chen and made fun of him.