Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1877

Chapter 1877: Within The Space

Its different. Thats because we happened to lack divine crystals back then, so we needed to use each divine crystal to its greatest capacity. Naturally, we needed to break them down and use them sparingly. But its different now. We dont lack divine crystals, so theres naturally no need to save them like before, Jian Chen smiled. He glanced at Shangguan Muer and continued, Most importantly, my wife is going to use the high grade divine crystals. Even if its wasteful, I dont feel it at all.

Shen Jian stared at Jian Chen in surprise. He acted like he had just met Jian Chen and said, Jian Chen, I could never tell over so many years that youre actually someone who takes his women as the priority over friends. You sure have hidden that well.

Everyone burst out laughing when they heard that. Shangguan Muer showed a rare sliver of embarrassment, but there was also a hint of warmth in her eyes.

I wonder how Xiao Bao is right now and if hes doing well on the Tian Yuan Continent. However, with his strength, theres probably no one in the lower world who can abuse him, Shangguan Muer could not help but think of the Shangguan Aojian, who was still on the Tian Yuan Continent. An obvious sliver of reminiscence appeared in her eyes.

Jian Chen could tell the thoughts currently on Shangguan Muers mind. Jian Chen arrived beside her and held her white, slender hand. He said softly, Muer, I can now cast down teleportation formations that can cross divine kingdoms. I believe that before long, Ill be able to cast teleportation formations that can cross worlds. Itll only be a matter of time before we can go back.

Shangguan Muer also held Jian Chens hand gently and nodded slightly. She anticipated the day when she could return home.

Not only was her son, Shangguan Aojian, on the Tian Yuan Continent, but her father, Hao Wu, was also there.

I hope my father can last until the day I return. However, now that origin energy is gradually returning to the Tian Yuan Continent and the world is now connected to the World of Forsaken Saints, reaching the Origin realm shouldnt be a problem with my fathers talent, Shangguan Muer thought to herself. Her prejudice towards her father had already vanished gradually.

Jian Chen only took a few items that were useful to him from the ancestor of the Mo familys Space Ring among everything he had obtained from the Mo family. He either split the rest or stored it away in the treasury of the Tian Yuan clan.

After splitting everything, Jian Chen gathered with the people from the lower world again before entering his own, personal secret room.

The secret room had been dug deep underground. Fist-sized luminous pearls covered the surrounding walls and ceiling, and they gave off a warm light at all times.

Jian Chen sat in the secret room. He took out the spatial saint artifact he obtained from the ancestor of the Mo family.

In the next moment, Jian Chen vanished from the secret room. Only a fist-sized spatial saint artifact that was like a divine hall hovered outside.

Jian Chen appeared in the artifact space silently. Before him sat over twenty Gods from the Mo family. They all used their full strength in an attempt to break through the seals Jian Chen had cast down. They were all bloodied and pale-faced while their faces were haggard. They were all extremely weak.

A few empty jade bottles used to store pills were cast beside them messily.

Stop wasting your energy. I carry the spatial artifact with me, so even if you break through the seals, it wont change anything. Thats because Ill sense it when you break through the seals on you, Jian Chen said plainly as he stood with his arms crossed.

Clearly, the Gods did not sense Jian Chens arrival. Their bodies all jolted when Jian Chen spoke out, and their eyes snapped open.

However, all of them looked at Jian Chen furiously and with deep resentment.

Patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan, even if youve fallen out with the ancestor, youve already killed him. We elders of the Mo family have never provoked you or offended any person from the Tian Yuan clan. Why must you kill us all? A God from the Mo family said with a shrill voice. He stared at Jian Chen closely. He had never felt so much hatred for one person.

Many of you probably can already guess the reason, but you just refuse to believe it. Thats right, I am killing you all to avenge those mortal women. Removing your Mo family can save the lives of many mortal women, Jian Chen said coldly. His gaze was cold, without any sympathy or pity for the Gods of the Mo family at all.

Hahaha, mortals are only ants. Youre actually going to kill so many Gods because of a few ants? Patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan, I dont know whether to describe your actions as heroic or ignorant. If I were you instead, Id try to subdue all the elders so that they follow you and strengthen your clan, an old man laughed as he stared at Jian Chen in great interest.

Jian Chens expression remained the same. He shook his head gently and said, I dont need people who massacre the innocent. As he said that, a golden thread appeared in his hand silently. With a thought, the golden thread tied up all the Gods and dragged them towards another place.

On the other side of the interior of the spatial saint artifact, there was a small village. All the mortal women the Mo family captured lived there, subsisting off the land.

All the people living there were stunned when Jian Chen arrived at the small village with over twenty Gods tied up by the Primordial Godsilk. Many of the pregnant women emerged from the buildings with their large bellies. They stared at Jian Chen and the others with curiosity.

All of these women had been born at a moment of yin on a day of yin in a month of yin. None of them were particularly old. There were even girls who seemed younger than ten. Clearly, they were the people who had been brought in most recently.

As for the men, they only amounted to twenty percent of the people here. Their purposes were evident.

Who are you? At this moment, a burly man stood forward. He stared at Jian Chen and the others cautiously.

Jian Chen talked, explaining the situation to all the people trapped here.

When the women learnt that only death awaited them after being forced in here, all of them fell silent. Sorrow filled their eyes.

A few of them were sent in here after they reached adulthood, so they knew about the outside world.

There were also some people who had been brought in here as infants. They had only heard about the outside world, and they had never seen it with their own eyes.

I thought once I gave birth to my child, I would be able to leave here and go home. I never thought the reality would be so brutal A woman sobbed sorrowfully.

Dont worry. Ive already destroyed the Mo family. These people are all elders of the Mo family. If you want revenge, heres your opportunity. Jian Chen took out the Startling Rainbow sword and threw it over. It directly stabbed into the earth before the women.

The Startling Rainbow sword completely hid its glow, making it seem like an ordinary, treasured sword.