Chaotic Sword God Chapter 189

Chapter 189: Escaping From a Critical Situation
Chapter 189: Escaping From a Critical Situation

Just as Jian Chen reached the entrance, a white colored glow of light suddenly burst from the second story towards Jian Chen.

Jian Chens sword arm stabbed into the white object. The item suddenly exploded upon contact and captured Jian Chen within its shroud.

Jian Chen wasnt worried at all and allowed the white powder to fall upon him. With his Thousand Immunity despite its incomplete state, he wasnt afraid of any toxin or poison.

Jian Chen raised an arm above the stone slab before slamming down onto it with a bang. The slab broke into multiple pieces, revealing the entrance beneath it. With no hesitation, Jian chen immediately jumped into it.

Within the courtyard of the restaurant, more men began to arrive from every direction as they gathered at one spot, totaling 27 men.

From the 30 Great Saint Masters, only 27 of them were left.

What a cunning person, now that he has jumped in there, weve no way to reach him. Staring at the opening, an elder spoke out with an ugly expression.

All of the wells within Phoenix City are interconnected. Every single one of these wells all lead to an underground cavern which stores water where he could escape into any direction he wanted to. Spoke a dark skinned man. He was a part of the Heiming clan, which was one of the Phoenix City clans so this was a topic that he was rather familiar with.

Then what do we do now, should we follow him down the well? An elder spoke with a hesitant voice.

I would think not. Wu Yun is a Peak Saint Master with a strength that youve personally witnessed. Weve had 3 Great Saint Masters fight together and that still wasnt enough to defeat him. If we were to go down this well, then our ability to fight as a group would be greatly hindered as well as our line of sight being deeply affected. So entering this well would not only make it impossible for us to grab him, but we would lose many men that way. A middle aged man said. He wore expensive looking clothes with a golden outline, signifying him as a noble.

A sharp nosed man let out a long sigh as he spoke out reluctantly, Then are we just going to let him go? He has a battle skill, a high leveled one at that. That battle skill was enough to let a single Peak Saint Master fight the entirety of our group without us being able to capture him.

Right, to meet a weak person with a strong battle skill, this is a rare one in a thousand event. We will never come across such an easy target again. In any case, we would be able to understand the secrets behind this battle skill for our clans benefits after we take it along with his two Class 5 Monster Cores. Although a monster core is precious, compared to a battle skill, the difference between the two is too high. Such a profound battle skill is something even the wealthy cannot buy. A white robed middle aged man said, it was the representative from the Mutian clan.

Thats correct, this battle skill is something we shouldnt let go so easily, but Wu Yun has already escaped from us and could be anywhere within Phoenix City. With how large this city is, were searching within an endless ocean of people, making this matter extremely complicated. In my eyes, we should take advantage of the fact that he hasnt gone far yet and chase after him.

The terrain below the well isnt clear, and the visibility is near non existent. We wont even know where Wu Yun might be waiting to ambush us, so if we take the bait, itll be us taking the danger

The group quickly descended into a storm of chattering. This battle skill was something everyone coveted and desperately wanted. Although everyone knew that while they were greedy for it, they were also afraid of dying. They were afraid of what they might encounter down in the well, after all; none of them were idiots. Despite the rarity, if they threw away their lives to attain it, then they wouldnt be able to use this profound skill in death.

Seeing everyone talk among each other, a plain robed elder let out a faint smile as he raised his left hand to reveal a finger wide serpent coiled around the arms within his robe. The elder caressed the snake gently on the head and said confidently, No need to worry, Wu Yun will not escape from us.

The reservoir underneath Phoenix City was a natural one that supplied water for each and every well within the city.

At this moment within this very reservoir, a man was swimming through the water streams with the grace of a fish in water. This man was the Jian Chen who was relieved to have escaped from the restaurant.

Now that he was underground, the entire area was pitch black, adding onto the water that blocked his line of sight, Jian Chen was nearly blind.

According to the mental map in his head, Jian Chen was quickly moving in a certain direction in the pitch dark which he estimated to be around a few meters away.

During the days he was in Phoenix City, Jian Chen had studied the environment of the city. His plan to escape had long since been thought out in case he needed to escape from a situation like the one he was just in. Taking use of this plan, he was able to escape into any direction by using the connected paths from the wells so that he could reappear within different parts of the city.

With the fact that Jian Chen was a Peak Saint Master now, the duration in which he could hold his breath was now longer and even more simple than eating dinner. Therefore, holding his breath within the water was not a problem for him.

Jian Chen remained within the reservoir for nearly 6 hours before reaching an area 20 kilometers away from where he had started. Facing another direction, he began to swim toward a broad passageway and continued up toward the surface.

With his hair still wet with water, Jian Chen took in another breath of air. After spending 6 hours of constant swimming, he was a bit tired. After catching his breath, Jian Chen slapped both palms onto the surface of the water and shot out of the pool like a bullet.

Flying in midair, Jian Chen landed down onto the side of the stream as he tried to shake himself loose of any remaining water droplets. Immediately he began to look around himself carefully.

The area he had surfaced in looked to be a small courtyard with clothes scattered about on poles everywhere. No matter where he looked, not a single person could be found.

No ones here. Seems like this is the home of a small family. Jian Chen shook his hair dry. After cutting his hair with his sword, only a few inches remained.

Ive no idea what the situation is like now, but Im afraid that the native powers here have already hired a few groups to search for me. The distance between here and the restaurant isnt that far, so I should leave immediately. Jian Chens previous appearance had already been completely washed away in the reservoir below, returning his appearances to his original one. His wet hair had emphasized his already handsome face, adding onto his charm.

Without hesitating, Jian Chen began to use his Saint Force to heat up his body and evaporate the water on it before changing clothes into a new set in his Space Belt. There was no time to clean his wounds other than to wrap them in some bandages. This was the home of someone else after all, there was no telling when the lord of the house would come back. If that lord were to discover a stranger in the back of his home, it would certainly bring a lot of trouble to him.

To avoid such a situation, it would be best to leave immediately.

After all the preparations were made and making sure no one was around, Jian Chen left the area and entered a small alleyway. From there, he entered a crowded street and figured out where he was geographically before heading toward the city gates.

His current appearance wasnt that of Wu Yun, so Jian Chen wasnt worried at all that he would be caught.