Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1893

Chapter 1893: Visiting The Royal Palace Again

Lets give Kai Ya some time to herself. Shes different from us. We came to the Saints World completely willingly, while Kai Ya had been brought here by you unknowingly. Shed naturally find it very difficult to become accustomed to a completely foreign world. She might not even accept it. However, everything will change with time. I believe in just a few months, Kai Ya will become completely used to the Saints World, said Shangguan Muer.

Even though she was not on any particularly good or bad terms with Kai Ya, they came from the same world after all. In the huge, foreign Saints World, they would find every single person who had come from the Tian Yuan Continent to be close.

I dont know whether bringing Kai Ya to the Saints World was right or wrong. But if I didnt do that, it would have been impossible to wake her up, Jian Chen murmured as he gazed in the direction that Kai Ya had disappeared off to. His feelings were rather mixed.

However, he calmed down very soon. He said to Shangguan Muer, The Empyrean Demon Cult is invading the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, and the divine king has summoned me to the royal capital for matters to discuss. Muer, I have to go to the royal capital immediately.

Do you need me to come with you? I can help you out now, Shangguan Muer looked at Jian Chen. In the past few years, when the Tian Yuan clan developed, it had been single-handedly supported by Jian Chen on the outside. The other people basically did nothing. Now that she had become an Overgod, she hoped to be able to share some of Jian Chens burden.

Jian Chen shook his head, At a time like this, its better if we dont reveal our true strength. It might be extremely effective in crucial times. Ill go to the royal capital by myself, while you stay and protect the clan, just in case.

Speaking up to there, Jian Chen took out the supreme quality saint artifact fairy Hao Yue had gifted to him from his Space Ring. He said, Muer, heres a defensive supreme quality saint artifact. Its extremely powerful. Now that war is basically looming over the horizon, refine it immediately.

The armor will be most useful when you wear you. You should keep it. You are the Tian Yuan clans pillar of support, Shangguan Muer responded softly and pushed the armor away.

Jian Chen smiled faintly and forcefully shoved the armor into Shangguan Muers arms. He said, You dont need to worry about me. My Chaotic Body is about to break through, so the armor wont be very useful to me. Muer, listen to me. Immediately refine the armor once I go, alright? I wont have to worry as much if youre protected by the armor. Ill be able to focus on dealing with my enemies.

Afterwards, Jian Chen left the Dongan province and directly made his way towards the royal capital of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian.

Kai Ya made her way through the provincial city of the Dongan province aimlessly, all by herself. She saw the people hurrying to and fro through the wide streets, saw the stores and stands that were filled with items on the two streets, and heard the hawkings and discussion that had mixed together. Confusion gradually filled her eyes.

From time to time, she would raise her head and stare at the sky. Looking at the sky that was only a deep blue, her gaze seemed to penetrate it and arrive at the depths of the cosmos.

The mixed hubbub in the streets and the people who moved through them made her feel a sense of great unfamiliarity.

However, when she raised her head to look at the sky, she just happened to experience the exact opposite, even though it was supposed to be unfamiliar as well. She felt that it was familiar.

This sense of familiarity originated from the very depths of her heart. It confused her; she was puzzled at why she felt this.

Suddenly, she slowly raised her white, slender hand towards the sky among so many passersby. She gently clenched her hands and pulled down.

She had performed the action completely subconsciously because, from the bottom of her heart, the space seemed very weak. It was like she could rip through it easily, and she could unleash destructive might by just raising her hand.

The outcome was very evident. Not only did she fail to rip through the sky, but she did not even create a ripple in space. Instead, her actions made her seemed weird, attracting strange gazes from countless people on the street.

Kai Ya did not seem to realise the things that were happening around her. She looked at her hand, and she became even more confused.

At this moment, a thought grew stronger and stronger within her. She felt like she had forgotten something and lost something, but no matter how hard she thought and recalled, she could not think of anything.

She even looked through her own life, beginning at the start and making it all the way to the present. She recalled all her memories and discovered that she had not forgotten anything. Aside from the hundred years she had spent unconscious, she could remember everything else she had gone through in her life.

Kai Ya leapt up. With her strength as a Saint Emperor, she leapt onto the roof of one of the nearby stores. She hugged her knees and sat down, raising her head and staring blankly at the sky.

The store belonged to the Tian Yuan clan. Many people naturally believed she was disrespecting the Tian Yuan clan since Kai Ya directly sat on its roof.

From the store, an old man with a white beard immediately hovered out. However, he did not dare to fly higher than the shop. He stared at Kai Ya, who sat on the roof, hugging her knees, and bellowed furiously, How dare you

Back off!

However, before the old man could finish his words, an extremely dignified voice boomed in his head.

A ruddy, sagely old man appeared in the sky on the other side. His long robes fluttered, and he possessed an otherworldly presence. He seemed like an otherworldly being.

The old man was one of the elders of the Tian Yuan clan, Ando Fu.

Jian Chen was worried that Kai Ya would find trouble all by herself in the city, so after giving her a medallion, he got Ando Fu to protect her secretly.

This was because Kai Ya was just far too weak right now. She had not even reached the Origin realm. She was a mere Saint Emperor.

It was naturally extremely dangerous for her to move around in the city with strength like that.

The old man who had emerged from the store only possessed strength at the peak of Reciprocity. After seeing Ando Fu, he immediately became courteous and did not dare to utter another word. He returned to where he came from.

Kai Ya did not realise what had happened at all. Her head remained raised as she stared at the sky blankly. It was as if there was nothing else besides the sky that made her experience a sliver of familiarity within the unfamiliar.

Jian Chen arrived in the royal capital of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. Under the lead of two female servants, he was directly taken to the central hall of the royal palace.

Jian Chen discovered that there were over a dozen people seated in there. They all sat on the seats with their legs crossed and their eyes closed as they rested.

When Jian Chen appeared, all of them opened their eyes and stared at him. Many of them nodded towards him with kind intentions.

He did not find these people to be unfamiliar. He had seen them before. They were the Overgods from the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian.

All the Overgods in the divine kingdom had gathered in the hall, aside from Ling Hougong of the Swordseeking province.

Jian Chen, you sure are great. You made us wait three days for you, at this moment, the seated Yang Kai shot a glance at Jian Chen and said coldly.