Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1894

Chapter 1894: Three Armies

Yang Kai, the ancestor of the Yang family, had become a late Overgod many years ago. Not only was he famed within the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, but he was also well-renowned and influential in the neighbouring divine kingdoms as well.

At the same time, he was known as the most powerful expert below Overgod in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. Both his status and influence had surpassed the commander of the Royal Divine Army, who possessed similar strength to him, Xuan Dou.

Even though this was due to the fact that Xuan Dou always maintained a low profile and did not desire to excel over others, many people believed that Xuan Dou was not as great as Yang Kai, which was why he behaved like that.

As a result, Yang Kai was as dominant as the midday sun in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. Only the divine king and the Grand Imperial Protector were able to keep him at bay.

However, his great fame had brought endless benefits to his Yang family as well. It allowed his Yang family to become known as the greatest clan in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian long ago, allowing them to enjoy great honor. They were held in veneration and greatly respected by people.

However, this all changed after the battle between Yang Kai and the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan, Jian Chen.

In the battle, Yang Kai, who had been known as the most powerful below Godking in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, actually lost to Jian Chen, the patriarch of a clan that had only been founded a few dozen years ago. Not only did Yang Kai lose his title of being the greatest below Godking and his reputation, but even the Yang family was greatly affected. Their status was nowhere as great as the past.

To Yang Kai, this was a disgrace, a permanent stain to his name.

Although he was a late Overgod, having cultivated for several dozen millenia, in no way was he a generous man. The humiliation he experienced after the battle had gradually transformed into a sense of hatred. He was no longer able to treat Jian Chen like someone he could get along with now.

Jian Chens expression remained the same. He glanced past Yang Kai indifferently before smiling apologetically. He clasped his fist at the Overgods in the hall and said, There was quite a lot of distance to travel, so I spent some time on the road. Ive made you all wait. I deeply apologise.

Hahaha, the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan is far too polite. Isnt it just three days? Thats just a blink of an eye to us

Brother Jian Chen, youre cursing me if you put it like that. I only arrived a little earlier than you. If you say it like that, wouldnt it be me who made everyone wait

The Overgods on the seats all stood up after they heard Jian Chens words. They all clasped their fists at Jian Chen with a smile as they spoke extremely politely.

Clearly, Jian Chens prestige was far greater than Yang Kais in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian now. Aside from Yang Kai, all the Overgods showed him respect.

On the other hand, Yang Kais face instantly sank deeply when he saw so many people support Jian Chen.

Jian Chen ignored Yang Kai. After exchanging pleasantries with everyone, he directly made his way to his seat.

The seats were placed in two rows, one on the left and one on the right, with a walkway through the centre. Every single seat had a name engraved on it. Jian Chen just happened to be seated at the very front on the right side. The seat happened to be the closest to the kings throne.

Xuan Dou sat in the second seat, right next to Jian Chen.

As for Yang Kai, he sat on the first seat on the left row. Jian Chen just happened to sit in front of Yang Kai.

Yang Kai glanced at Jian Chen coldly before closing his eyes straightforwardly.

Jian Chen did not worry about Yang Kai. Yang Kai was not his opponent before, and now that he had become relatively stronger than before, Yang Kai was even less of an opponent now.

Jian Chen crossed his legs on the large, luxurious seat. He closed his eyes to rest, quietly waiting for the divine kings arrival.

Immediately, the hubbub Jian Chens arrival caused quietened again. It was completely silent now.

His majesty has arrived!

At this moment, a loud and vigorous voice broke the silence in the hall.

The eyes of all the Overgods present snapped open at the same time, and they stood up from their seats.

The divine king walked in with a dragons crown on his head and the kings dragon robes on his body. He did not walk quickly, but whenever he took a step, the heart beats of all the Overgods seemed to resonate with it. Each step seemed to land on the hearts of the Overgods, forming a tremendous, invisible pressure on them.

All the Overgods in the hall held their breaths at that moment. A sliver of respect appeared on their faces, and they could not help but lower their heads slightly.

Jian Chens eyes shone brightly, and he also lowered his head slightly. He mumbled to himself inside, The divine king is so powerful. Probably even the nine late Godkings I came across in the Yin Mountains of Sevens Despair isnt as great as him.

Jian Chen understood that even among late Godkings, there could be huge differences. Any person who could make it onto the Godkings Throne, regardless of whether they could make the rankings or not, would possess strength on par to late Godkings.

Making it into the rankings only required a cultivation level of late Godking as well, but the people who held the top ten rankings possessed strength equivalent to early Infinite Primes. They would be able to kill Infinite Primes directly as late Godkings, which was extraordinary.

I wonder if the divine king has made it onto the Godkings Throne, Jian Chen thought. He did not know the exact strength of the divine king, but he felt that the divine king was unfathomable.

Greetings to his majesty!

The Overgods below all bowed after the divine king had sat down on his throne.

Theres no need to be so polite. Please be seated, the divine king smiled faintly. He appeared amicable yet no less dignified.

I think you all understand why Ive summoned you all here today. Allow me to explain the exact strength of the three armies from the Empyrean Demon Cult, the divine king said plainly. Even when the divine king mentioned the three armies that were enough to cause the expressions of other divine kings to change, he remained composed and the same as before.

Looking at how unworried the divine king is, he seems very confident that we can repel the attacks from the Empyrean Demon Cult. Are those ancient empires going to take part? Jian Chen guessed inside, as he always paid attention to the divine kings expression.

The Empyrean Demon Cult has a total of nine armies. Apart from the first amy, the eight other armies basically possess the same power.

The commander of the ninth army if Yan Wuming. Hes a late Godking and is known as the Blood Godhand because he knows an extremely powerful God Tier Battle Skill. Once he uses it, the sky and earth are dyed scarlet red. He can condense a huge, red hand that possesses shocking power. Unless it is those who have made it onto the Godkings Throne, there are very few Godkings who can stop Yan Wuming.

The commander of the eighth army is Luo Duo. Hes also a late Godking and is known as the Bloodthirsty Butcher. Hes cold and merciless and also extremely bloodthirsty. He once charged into a divine kingdom all by himself and slaughtered billions of people. There was not a single person left alive wherever he passed by. The boundless baleful presence caused all the vegetation in the divine kingdom to wilt

The commander of the seventh army is Yaxi Lian. Shes also a late Godking and is female. However, shes a transformed nine-tailed fox. Although shes the weakest out of the nine army commanders, shes the most sly and the hardest to deal with. She possesses natural sexual charm and is skilled at charming her opponents. Those who have weak willpower fall for her charms extremely easily and lose all rationality.

Reaching this point, the divine king became stern. He stared at the Overgods below him before his eyes stopped on Jian Chen. He warned seriously, If you encounter the commander of the seventh army, Yaxi Lian, keep in mind that its best if you dont see her or listen to her voice. With your strength, its very easy for you to be led astray by her words and actions.

This is because even a few Godkings can fall for her tricks if they arent mentally strong.