Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1897

Chapter 1897: Jian Chens Return

Kai Yas words astounded Master Chanlong slightly. His old eyes flickered as he stared at Kai Ya uneasily. His expression was rather strange. Afterwards, he furrowed his brows lightly and revealed his confusion.

At the moment he saw Kai Ya, he had experienced an unknown sense of familiarity.

It was unknown because he was certain that he had never seen this woman in his life before. Even when ignoring the fact that Chanlong had never possessed a true friend ever since he began cultivating, Kai Ya was so weak. She was only a mere Saint Emperor. Even if he did see her in the past, he definitely would not have remembered her. In his eyes, a person like her was an ant-like existence.

Naturally, it was impossible for him to experience a sense of familiarity from an ant.

That was exactly why it was strange. Not only did he feel an unknown sense of familiarity, but Kai Ya herself also seemed to feel the same indescribable feeling as him from her words.

Master Chanlong was unable to understand why no matter how hard he thought about it.

Moreover, the part that filled master Chanlong with disbelief was that even the soul trapped in his formation banners felt the same feeling towards Kai Ya. As a result, the matter had become far more complicated than it seemed.

Who are you? Master Chanlong responded with a question as he stared at Kai Ya.

At that moment, even he, a mighty late Overgod, became somewhat confused.

Im Kai Ya. Kai Ya stared at master Chanlong with a similar gaze, glancing at the Space Ring on his finger from time to time. Curiosity filled her eyes as she asked, Theres also something that gives me a sense of familiarity in your Space Ring. This feeling it seems to be the same as the feeling you give me.

Kai Yas words stunned Master Chanlong. His old eyes immediately widened as he stared at Kai Ya in shock and disbelief.

Naturally, he knew what Kai Ya felt a sense of familiarity with in his Space Ring. It was definitely the soul trapped in the formation banners that could tell the future.

How can this girl sense what is in my Space Ring? Let alone her, a puny Saint Emperor, even Godkings cant do that, master Chanlong struggled to remain calm as he secretly conversed with the trapped soul.

Old man Chanlong, dont ask me. I dont know what this is all about either. I actually cant see through this woman before me at all. Shes like a cloud of mist, said the trapped soul.

Master Chanlong remained silently for a while before gradually calming down. He stared at Kai Ya curiously with mixed feelings. The sense of familiarity with Kai Ya grew stronger and stronger within him, unconsciously affected him. It caused master Chanlongs opinion of Kai Ya to change silently.

Master Chanlong invited Kai Ya to sit down. He did not put on any airs as an Overgod and instead conversed with Kai Ya in an approachable manner. They were like old friends talking about the past.

Just who is this woman called Kai Ya? Who is she? I clearly havent seen her before, so why do I feel that shes familiar? The trapped constantly mumbled within the Space Ring as Chanlong and Kai Ya conversed. He scratched his head, but he was unable to think of any reason.

Kai Ya and master Chanlong became more and more friendly while the sense of familiarity grew stronger and stronger. They did not feel distant with each other at all. This made them both feel strange as if they were originally close friends or something.

Kai Ya, looks like you and I really are fated to meet. However, your cultivation is low right now, so its very easy for you to come across danger. Why dont you stick with me for now? Take these three protective formation discs. Each disc can block an attack from a late Overgod. Also, take this jade pendant with you at all times. I can come to save your life at crucial times. These high grade divine crystals can allow your strength to increase quickly, master Chanlong took out a great pile of things from his Space Ring and placed it before Kai Ya.

Even master Chanlong himself felt a sense of disbelief. He was actually gifting someone he had just met so many things. If it were in the past, he would have never believed he could be so generous.

High grade divine crystals were nothing to him, but the three formations discs that could block attacks from late Overgods were priceless. It was extremely difficult to create each one.

And the jade pendant was even more valuable. Not only was it a high quality saint artifact, but it was also a treasure that could defend automatically. Once attacked, the pendant would activate by itself and form an extremely powerful light screen. If all of its power was unleashed, it could even last for a while before ordinary late Overgods.

Without any exaggeration, master Chanlong had gifted away a quarter of his wealth.

Yet, master Chanlong just wanted to help Kai Ya with everything he had when he saw how weak she was right now.

This was like how Jian Chen treated his friends and family. Selflessly. He would always find a way to use all the resources on hand so that they could strengthen up.

Senior Chanlong, thank you for your kind intentions, but I cant just take so many of your things without any reason. Moreover, I dont lack such items. Jian Chen has given me quite a lot, Kai Ya thanked him before pushing all of master Chanlongs things back to him.

What? Jian Chen? The patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan, Jian Chen? The light in master Chanlongs eyes flickered as he became stern.

Thats right, hes the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan. Hes my friend, said Kai Ya.

Master Chanlong immediately became uneasy.

At the same time, a streak of light flew through the air outside the provincial city quickly. In just the blink of an eye, it had entered the city.

Jian Chen had already returned from the royal capital. He rode the Startling Rainbow sword and entered the city as a resplendent streak of light.

I wonder what Kai Yas condition is after these days. Has she accepted the Saints World? Jian Chen thought of Kai Ya as soon as he entered the provincial city. He flew towards the Tian Yuan clan on the Startling Rainbow sword and expanded the senses of his soul as well. He engulfed the entire city in search of Kai Yas whereabouts.

With his senses at the level of late Overgods, he found Kai Ya without any effort at all. However, his face suddenly changed and heavy killing intent instantly appeared in his eyes. He said coldly, Chanlong, youre looking to die!

Jian Chens direction of advance suddenly changed. His speed erupted at that moment. Sword Qi permeated his surroundings as the Startling Rainbow Sword shone brightly. He turned into a streak of light, shooting off in Kai Yas direction with unbelievable speed.

At the same time, master Chanlong discovered Jian Chens arrival. He instantly became stern and an azure disc appeared in his right hand. It shone with bright, azure light as countless profound inscriptions flashed about.

He held a set of formation banners in his left hand while the trapped soul became stern as well.