Chaotic Sword God Chapter 190

Chapter 190: Hundred Mile Tracing Powder
Chapter 190: Hundred Mile Tracing Powder

Ive heard there was a fight right outside the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House. Who would ever be so outrageous to do this, I do not know, but they must be impatient to die. If they were to be caught by the guardsmen, then the penalty would be severe.

Thats right, Ive heard that as well. It seems like there was a group of people attacking a single person.

What do you guys know? I was actually there when it happened, let me tell you. Each one of those fighters were all experts with backgrounds so strong that even the city guards didnt dare obstruct them. While fighting, not a single guard came to stop the fight.

Yes yes, Ive heard that all of them were Great Saint Masters against a single person. That man must be amazing to go against an entire group of Great Saint Masters while killing a few and ultimately running away.

For a man so amazing as him to escape an encirclement of Great Saint Masters, could he be an Earth Saint Master?

Perhaps it was because the fight between Jian Chen and the Great Saint Masters had been so spectacular that the news had traveled so fast. Jian Chen heard multiple people chatting about it.

Jian Chen continued to walk toward the city gates while listening to the people talk, but not too long afterward, a large amount of energy suddenly flew out from behind.

Feeling this strong wave of energy, Jian Chen stopped momentarily before turning his head to look back only to see a large group of people standing on the rooftops of the buildings next to him. Leaping down onto the ground in his direction, Jian Chen saw the familiar faces of some of the Great Saint Masters who had tried to capture him earlier.

Jian Chens face shook slightly as he suddenly felt a chill go up his spine.

Whats going on, could they have found me? Are they just passing through? Judging from their pace, theyre not hurrying anywhere, could they have really found me? No, thats not possible, my appearance isnt similar at all to Wu Yun, theres no way for them to find out its me.

There was a suspicious feeling within Jian Chens heart. Right now, he and Wu Yun were two separate people with different faces. His body didnt have any visible wounds and he didnt look like Wu Yun at all. Even the more visible wounds were hidden by his new clothes on which no tears or holes could be seen.

Perhaps theyre not coming in my direction and have a different matter to take care of. Despite this situation, as long as I dont look frantic or suddenly start to run, I wont be found out. Jian Chen thought to himself. Trying to force himself into a calm state, he slowly began to walk toward the city gates once more, but his pace was just marginally faster than when he was originally walking.

It was with great difficulty that he had escaped from the Great Saint Masters, so he didnt wish to be caught again. In this brief moment, Jian Chen didnt waver for a single step and continued forward with a confident face; he wasnt Wu Yun anymore, he was Jian Chen.

Quickly, the Great Saint Masters vaulted over the buildings in the direction of Jian Chen without slowing down in the slightest.

At this, Jian Chens heart leapt to his throat, but these men fortunately didnt see his visible reaction.

Suddenly, the moment an elder passed by Jian Chen, his face changed expressions abruptly as he turned his head to look at Jian Chen from within the crowd. Ive found him, hes over here, surround him quickly! Before he could even finish talking, another group of men suddenly fell down around Jian Chen within 5 meters in tight vigilance.

Even though their opponent was merely a Peak Saint Master, this Great Saint Master elder didnt dare to belittle him after personally witnessing how Jian Chen had killed many Great Saint Masters.

The other Great Saint Masters ahead of the elder immediately turned around and ran toward him to get into position, quickly surrounding Jian Chen.

This sudden development stunned Jian Chen. His face darkened as he slowly cupped together his hands with a faint smile, Fellow brothers, this one asks what meaning this is Jian Chens heart didnt think that his identity would have been found out so quickly as he was extremely confident in his ability to disguise himself. His new appearance was no longer the 40 year old man and was completely different from the one he had used for Wu Yun. Even his hair had been meticulously trimmed so that it wasnt similar at all to Wu Yun.

The 20 Great Saint Masters looked at the clearly 20 year old Jian Chens appearance with some doubt.

Elder He Mu, isnt this the wrong person? A white robed middle aged man said.

Thats right, Elder He Mu, you must have found the wrong person, how is this Wu Yun? Another white robed man spoke. His voice was muffled as he was filled with doubt.

The one called Elder He Mu stared at Jian Chen firmly with some doubt in his own eye. Secretly, he thought to himself, Could I have found the wrong person? As this thought flashed through his head, a small slender looking snake suddenly came out from the elders robes. With its head held high it began to spit out venom toward Jian Chen.

At this, Elder He Mu looked surprised as he cried out at disbelief from seeing the reaction of his snake to a 20 year old youth, You are Wu Yun!

Upon this shout, the other Great Saint Masters each had a look of shock and disbelief as they tried to make the connection between Jian Chen and Wu Yun.

Elder He Mu, are you sure you didnt find the wrong person? A red robed elder tried to confirm.

Elder He Mu didnt bother to answer the other elder and instead looked at Jian Chen with a sneer, Wu Yun, this change in your appearance is truly massive. To a point that not a single one of us could recognize you, but no matter how much you change your appearance, you cannot escape my Spirit Snakes sense of smell.

Jian Chens face grew serious as he listened to the elder. The opposing side clearly had some secret method to identify him, so he wasnt able to avoid suspicion now.

Hearing the confident Elder He Mu, the 20 Great Saint Masters all felt extremely astonished, but they didnt delay any longer and took out their Saint Weapons while waiting for Jian Chen to make a move.

Jian Chen looked around himself before asking elder He Mu, What did you use to find me?

Elder He Mu looked proud as he spoke, Theres no harm in telling you. When you first fought with us at the restaurant, I sprayed you with a special type of medicinal powder. With this Spirit Snake, it can easily detect that smell within a thousand meters so tracking you was easy.

Jian Chen then realized his mistake, Even after dropping into the water, I was unable to wash off this powder?

Hmph, you belittle my special Hundred Mile Tracing Powder. My special Hundred Mile Tracing Powder isnt something a little amount of water could easily wash away. If one does not use the special drug to bathe in beforehand, then itll take a week for the powder to lose effect. Elder He Mu bragged.