Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1900

Chapter 1900: Single Stroke Beheading

The two strands of sword Qi shone brightly, illuminating the surroundings. It really did possess a presence that it could startle the heavens. They were extremely swift, and when they shot out, it was coupled with a crisp thrum of the sword that the great vibrations from the swords in the hands of the two early Overgods created.

The two strands of sword Qi locked onto Jian Chens presence tightly. They crossed over to him instantly in an unstoppable manner. The powerful origin energy that belonged to an early Overgod and the laws of the world mingled together, falling down onto Jian Chen like a huge net to seal off any path of escape.

Jian Chens eyes narrowed slightly. The two of them really did come from a large sect after all. As soon as they attacked him, the strength they displayed probably could not be matched up to by any other early Overgod. In particular, the battle skills they used seemed to possess the might of mid Overgods.

Impressive battle skill, but its a pity that the people using it are a little too weak, just like two ants. Its like even if they can lift up things that are far heavier than themselves, theyre still puny. How would they be able to threaten a huge beast, Jian Chen said scornfully. Heavy killing intent flashed through his eyes.

Suddenly, the Startling Rainbow sword exploded with light. A powerful sword intent radiated from Jian Chen. The sword had turned into a blur the moment he stabbed out.

His strike seemed to be able to tear through the laws. It seemed to have condensed the truths of the world and followed a natural trajectory. The simple strike was devastating.

The expressions of the two early Overgods from the Earth Spirit sect changed. They stared at Jian Chen in shock. They thought that they had understood Jian Chens strength, but they had never expected he would be so powerful. Just that strike alone made them feel the danger of death. At the same time, it also made them feel like they had ended up in hell.

The two protectors were shocked and filled with disbelief. They knew that Jian Chen was not weak. After all, even their junior Wayner Yan had been defeated by him. However, with their strength combined, they could even last a while against a late Overgod, even if they could not win.

However, let alone last a while, they could not even take a single strike from Jian Chen.

Oh no! The expressions of the two late Overgods from the Earth Spirit sect changed. Jian Chens attack was so powerful that even they felt a great threat. It was impossible for their early Overgod juniors to block the attack.

The two late Overgods immediately stepped in, charging towards Jian Chen as quickly as possible. They wanted to block Jian Chens attack for their juniors.

However, it was impossible for Jian Chen to let them do they wished. The protectors of the Earth Spirit sect had arrived with great hostility, and they had even made rude remarks about him. They had demanded him to receive them on his knees. Jian Chen could never just let them go like that.

Not to mention that he would probably end up fighting the protectors of the Earth Spirit sect today anyways. Since that was going to happen, it was better for him to take advantage of the situation and heavily injure them so that their power was reduced.


The two strands of sword Qi from the early Overgods collided with Jian Chens attack. The strands of sword Qi were as fragile as paper, directly exploding in the air. With a great boom, a huge, visible sound wave appeared, causing the great walls of the provincial city to tremble slightly. Formations appeared.

Meanwhile, Jian Chens Startling Rainbow sword continued onwards at the same speed. It shone with dazzling white light and directly cleaved through the shockwaves from the two strands of sword Qi. It landed on the necks of the two protectors mercilessly.

The strike was extremely fast. It came and went in a split second. The two late Overgods from the Earth Spirit sect wanted to support the early Overgods, but they were too late.

Stop, Jian Chen. If you dare to touch junior Tu and junior Lei, well definitely show you what will happen today. Well remove your Tian Yuan clan from the Dongan province, a late Overgod threatened loudly.

Patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan, if you even touch a hair on juniors Tu and Lei, your Tian Yuan clan will meet its maker today. No one will be spared, the other late Overgod added aggressively.

Although Jian Chen had displayed extraordinary strength, they still looked down on him.

After all, they came from the Earth Spirit sect of the Heavenly Moon Empire. Originating from a large sect, they possessed a natural sense of superiority. After coming to the countryside like the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, they naturally believed that they were far greater than the people here as if they ruled over them.

However, Jian Chen did not stop at all when he heard their threats. Instead, a vicious light flashed through his eyes and killing intent surged.

He only wanted to teach them a slight lesson in the beginning by incapacitating them. However, he decided that he needed to teach them a painful, unforgettable lesson now.

The Startling Rainbow sword turned into a streak of white light. It slashed out like a fan, directly sweeping through their necks without any obstruction at all.

Immediately, blood spurted from their necks like fountains. The early Overgods had been beheaded. The blood propelled the two heads high up into the sky, and then the heads spun as they fell. Their eyes were filled with shock and fear.

In just a single stroke, Jian Chen had forcefully beheaded the two early Overgods in a dominating manner.

Not only did the five protectors become completely dumbfounded by the sight of this, all the people in the Dongan province became more shocked than they had ever been before. They all fell into a daze.

Do you see that young man in white robes? Hes the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan, Jian Chen. Heavens, the patriarch really is just too powerful. He beheaded two early Overgods without any effort at all

The patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan is actually so powerful, where even early Overgods are no different from ants before him. Just what is his strength? Has he already broken through to Godking

The patriarch is so powerful that he can probably make it onto the Three Thousand Overgods Plaque

The Dongan province fell silent for a while before suddenly erupting with an enthusiastic hubbub. Jian Chen had beheaded two Overgods with lightning speed, and all the people in the provincial city had witnessed this. They became extremely excited.

Ever since the Tian Yuan clan was founded, they had always dealt with troublemakers and assisted the weak. The people in the clan did not take women forcefully either, so the Tian Yuan clan had earned the favor and support of many people in the provincial city. They were completely different from the Mo family of the Divine Kingdom of Qingyang.

As a result, many people immediately cheered when they saw the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan gain the upper hand against powerful enemies.