Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1923

Chapter 1923: Sheng Luos Identity

Jian Chen, dont get carried away. After the battle, I swear I will make the Earth Spirit sect give you an explanation for what they have done. The matter at hand, however, is to stop the Empyrean Demon Cult.

With the enemies right before us, we are in no shape to deal with troubles among ourselves. It will only create confusion, which will only be detrimental.

Just when Jian Chen was hesitating over whether to vent his anger on the other people from the Earth Spirit sect or not, he heard the divine kings voice.

Jian Chen looked back and stared at the divine king, who was playing chess against Huai An. He could clearly sense two devastating energies clashing on the chessboard.

Jian Chen sucked in a deep breath and slowly dismissed his killing intent. He tried his best to calm down his anger as he thought to himself, Your majesty, since youve already promised me that youll make the Earth Spirit sect provide me with a satisfying explanation, Id like to see how they do that. Ill let that woman live a few days longer for now.

In the end, Jian Chen did not end up turning on his allies. However, he firmly remembered the grievance he experienced today.

On the battlefield below, the war was extremely intense. Many Overgods had died, so there were even more casualties among the ordinary soldiers.

The ground had become scarlet red as far as the eye could see while corpses were littered across the ground. Blood formed streams as the smell of iron filled the air. Severed limbs covered the land, which formed an extremely horrific sight.

The three armies of the Empyrean Demon Cult relied on their formations, constructing each one from ten thousand people.

Thirty of these huge formations faced off against the huge armies of soldiers from the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian in an intense battle.

With over a hundred million soldiers, the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian possessed an absolute numerical advantage when faced against just three hundred thousand troops.

However, when the battle actually happened, it was one-sided.

It was not the huge armies of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian that possessed the advantage but the armies of the Empyrean Demon Cult that only numbered three hundred thousand.

The three armies rampaged through the soldiers of the divine kingdom, encountering little resistance. Bodies were blown to pieces wherever they went as miserable cries constantly rang out, leaving behind a ground full of corpses.

Even though the armies of the divine kingdom also fell into formations, the ten-thousand-man formations of the Empyrean Demon Cult were on a completely different level.

Not to mention that just the individual strengths of the soldiers were on a completely different level.

Countless soldiers poured large quantities of divine crystals into the formations on the walls of the fortress, activating them all. They shot out beams of white light that crisscrossed with each other, constantly attacking the armies of the Empyrean Demon Cult.

Even though quite a few people had died to the formations of the fortress, the three armies of the Empyrean Demon Cult were still able to maintain their tremendous formations without them. Even though they became weaker, they were still invincible like before.

Sacredfeather, Houston, Rui Jin, Hong Lian, Hei Yu, as well as the Gods who came from the powerful clans of the provincial city gathered together. They looked after each other as they worked with many other Gods to stop a single ten-thousand-man formation.

Gods died at every moment. Even two Gods from the Dongan province had passed away, while a few more were injured.

Sacredfeather and Houston displayed extraordinary strength. As late Gods, the battle prowess they displayed was no less than regular Overgods.

They played a crucial and decisive role in stopping a ten-thousand-man formation.

Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu all wore armor as they wielded saint artifacts, attacking as hard as they could. They displayed their strength without holding back at all, transforming into their original forms. A dragon and a phoenix worked together with an alligator.

However, even with that being the case, the three of them were heavily injured and covered in blood. They were covered in vicious wounds.

Even though Sacredfeather and Houston possessed extraordinary strength, they were unable to remain unscathed during such a large battle. They had also become heavily injured.

Suddenly, all the people in the ten-thousand-man formation poured their power together, creating a huge black spear. It radiated with a terrifying might as it shot towards Sacredfeather, who stood out the most.

Originally, the attacks from the ten-thousand-men formations were rather scattered. They would attack many targets at the same time, so the people on the divine kingdoms side were just enough to fend them off.

However, now that the formation had suddenly gathered all its strength in one location and attacked a single person, its might was extremely terrifying. It had reached the peak of Overgod.

The black spear was enough to kill Overgods easily. Even a prodigy like Luo Yunfei would try to avoid being hit directly.

Be careful! Houston called out. The strike was just too terrifying. Sacredfeather was basically doomed if it struck him.

Sacredfeather also became extremely stern. He experienced a great sense of danger.

The attack had already locked onto his presence, so he was unable to avoid it at all.


At this moment, a cold voice rang out. Jian Chen, still bloodied, descended from the sky and stood before Sacredfeather. He directly threw his Startling Rainbow sword at the attack.


The Startling Rainbow sword collided viciously against the black spear with devastating Chaotic Force while being covered by the Laws of the Sword.

With a boom, the black spear was reduced to pieces by the Startling Rainbow sword.

With a hand gesture, the Startling Rainbow sword flew back to Jian Chens hand as a streak of light. He wielded the sword as he radiated with terrifying battle intent as he directly charged at the ten-thousand-man formation.

I have to destroy their formations, or therell be countless casualties on our side, thought Jian Chen. The ten-thousand-man formations were just too powerful. Even prodigies like Luo Yunfei needed to work together to destroy them.

However, right now, all the Overgods on both sides were busy engaging in an intense battle. There was no one who could break free from their battle on the divine kingdoms side.

Even if they could break free, the Overgods from the Empyrean Demon Cult would stop them.

Seeing how there was an Overgod who wanted to destroy the formations, some of the Overgods from the Empyrean Demon Cult wanted to stop him. However, when they saw it was Jian Chen, they immediately became timid, and they did not dare to charge up.

Even a few late Overgods were unwilling to try to stop Jian Chen. They just watched him attack the formation.

Sheng Luo stood towards the back of the battlefield. Across the great crowd of people, he stared at Jian Chen as he felt uneasy.

I never thought Id actually meet such a great prodigy on the Cloud Plane. He endured an attack equivalent to a Godkings strike, yet hes actually still so powerful, Sheng Luo was secretly surprised. He was a supreme Overgod who had made it onto the Overgods Plaque, with his name clearly engraved on it, yet he discovered there was actually still quite a large difference between him and Jian Chen.

This Jian Chen is still hiding some strength. You are nowhere close to being his opponent right now. Lets go. This is the end of your training on the Cloud Plane. Lets go check out some other planes. The other branches of our cult also have wars on other planes.

Its said that a supreme Overgod has appeared on the He Plane as well, and hes five rankings higher than you on the Overgods Plaque. Fighting him should produce even more evident results in your training.

Silently, a middle-aged man in black clothes appeared beside Sheng Luo. He seemed quite dignified, but his appearance was extremely ordinary. He said these words to Sheng Luo indifferently.

Are you saying that Jian Chen is not using his full strength right now? Sheng Luo asked in surprise.

The middle-aged man nodded, I only sensed his strength when he fended off the talisman earlier. Thats right, Jian Chen is extremely powerful. At the very least, hes someone who can claim to be invincible among Overgods. Theres probably no one who can beat him as long as Godkings dont appear. Theres quite a great difference between you and him. The middle-aged man paused there before continuing, However, dont become depressed. You cant forget that youre the grand elders disciple. With his nurturing and the resources of the Empyrean Demon Cult, your future is limitless.

Moreover, the cultivation method you practise directly comes from the great elder. If you can reach the ninth layer on that, youll be able to match the current Jian Chen.

With that, Sheng Luo stared at Jian Chen as his eyes became filled with powerful battle intent. He said, Jian Chen, I will remember you. I will fight against you again in the future.