Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1924

Chapter 1924: Unstoppable

Sacredfeather, Houston, Rui Jin, Hong Lian, Hei Yu, and the other Gods from the Dongan province all stood behind Jian Chen.

Jian Chen stood with his sword, standing before them all with his rather slender body. No matter how great the ripples of energy were, they were unable to move him at all.

At that moment, he seemed extraordinarily stalwart. Even though he was covered in blood, it was not enough to hide his invincible, fearless might.

He turned into a streak of light and directly blocked a ten-thousand-man formation from the Empyrean Demon Cult with his monstrous power.

Demonic aura immediately surged from the formation when they saw Jian Chen charge over all by himself. The vitality of the soldiers fused into one as they all poured their energy into the formation. After the formation amplified and converted it, the energy turned into an extremely thick beam of black light.


The sword Qi on the Startling Rainbow sword seemed to explode, colliding with the black beam of light. Jian Chens strike dispersed the beam of energy, turning into terrifying energy that wreaked havoc in the surroundings.

Jian Chen remained as still as a mountain within the storm of energy. His presence rose once again after dealing out that strike.

Right now, he was like an injured beast, making him extraordinarily scary. The more he fought, the braver he became.

In reality, he was just slowly releasing his strength.

The huge formation before him shook violently. Not only did they come to a halt, but they even staggered back as the powerful shockwaves rammed into the formation heavily.

Jian Chen strode through the air, moving against the violent streams of energy. He directly stabbed out, making his sword shine brilliantly and radiate with sword Qi. The sword directly cut through the energy, striking the formation without weakening at all.

The strikes might was extremely great, enough to cause countless Overgods to pale. Vaguely, it seemed to have exceeded Overgod and reached a higher level.

Immediately, the ten-thousand-man formation shook violently after enduring Jian Chens strike. The formation scroll they collectively controlled even began to flicker.

Over half of the people in the formation vomited blood, becoming heavily injured.

Jian Chen had directly heavily injured several thousand people with that strike. It was so powerful that many of the Overgods in the battle could not help but feel secretly surprised.

How is the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan so terrifying? This has completely exceeded Luo Yunfeis strength.

He endured the attack from a Godking level talisman earlier. Look at him, covered in blood. He must be extremely heavily injured. B- but why is he still so powerful?

Is the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan an Overgod or a Godking?

At this moment, the Overgods in the sky began to observe Jian Chen, regardless of which side they stood for.

The Overgods that belonged to the Empyrean Demon Cult secretly panicked. Before the battle, their commanders had warned them specifically to protect the formations. Once Overgods from the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian tried to attack the formations, they had to stop them.

This was because once the formation was broken, the might of the army would plummet. In the end, it would lead to a large number of deaths.

However, when they saw how powerful Jian Chen was, they all shivered in fear. None of them were bold enough to try to stop Jian Chen.

Sending one or two prodigies that were on par to Luo Yunfei would just be sending them to their deaths, and they were unable to immediately free up more people than that.


Jian Chen struck the ten-thousand-man formation again. Immediately, the formation trembled violently. All the soldiers in the formation constantly vomited blood and more than half of them had become haggard.

Jian Chen was just too powerful. The ten thousand soldiers were Deities at the very least, with a few of them being Gods, yet they actually struggled to endure Jian Chens attacks.

Oh no, the sixth squadron is in danger. We need to support them immediately!

Sensing the danger, a few of the nearby formations gathered towards the region. Demonic aura churned as they charged over aggressively.

Jian Chen did not give them the time to catch their breath, let alone an opportunity to save them. The Startling Rainbow sword shone brightly and conjured three three-hundred meter long beams of light that all struck the formation.

The three attacks followed each other almost perfectly.

The first strike directly caused the formation to sink into the ground. The formation shook violently, almost approaching the limit of what it could withstand.

The second strike directly made the formation show signs of shattering. It became riddled with cracks while the powerful, residual sword Qi passed through. It cut through the air like rain, claiming over a thousand lives.

The third strike finally destroyed the formation, causing it to shatter loudly. Over half of the soldiers who were part of the formation died to Jian Chens attack, leaving only two or three thousand of them alive now. They were all heavily injured, without any exception at all.

In the sky, all the Overgods became stunned. Jian Chen had managed to break through a formation in just a few moves with lightning speed, and he even killed off over half of the people there. His battle prowess was so great that it deeply shocked them all.

After the formation broke, the formation scroll in the centre actually rose up by itself before transforming into a blur and flying off into the distance with unbelievable speed. It vanished in a split second.

Jian Chen became stunned because he was just about to collect the formation scroll. He stared in the direction where it had flown off as he became speechless.

It was just too surprising. He had never thought that the formation scroll would actually escape by itself and at such speed.

This should be a protective measure the Empyrean Demon Cult cast down on the formation scrolls, Jian Chen thought. The light in his eyes flickered. Then, he charged towards a second formation.

Now, the three armies of the Empyrean Demon Cult had understood Jian Chens power. They did not dare to face off against him alone. Immediately, three formations worked together, surrounding Jian Chen in a triangular formation. They used all the power in the formation to attack Jian Chen.

However, Jian Chens power had already reached a whole new level. Even when he did not use his full strength, three formations could not deal with him.

As a matter of fact, even just keeping him busy for a while was difficult.

In a few moves, there was a boom, and Jian Chen destroyed a second formation. Thousands of Deities died to him, while the formation scroll shot off by itself as well.

However, Jian Chen was prepared this time. As soon as the formation scroll wanted to fly off, he formed a seal with his hand and used the Linear Lightning Release. He turned into a bolt of lightning and pursued it.

The formations were extraordinary. They could actually unleash the might of a peak Overgod when Deities poured their strength together, and they could both defend and attack.

If he could get one of these formation scrolls, it would hold great significance to the Tian Yuan clan. It could become a clan treasure.