Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1926

Chapter 1926: The Ambusher

With a loud boom, a single strike from the masked Godking dispersed Jian Chens golden sword Qi. Space trembled as energy rampaged.

A light flickered around the masked Godking. He used the power of laws to protect himself, easily enduring the shockwave from the attack.

He immediately dealt out a second strike after the first. He charged at Jian Chen with lightning speed as terrifying energy condensed on his blade. He swung it as the power of laws revolved around it.

Jian Chens eyes shone, and his gaze became extremely sharp as if sword Qi shot out from them. It was shocking.

Chaotic Force permeated his surroundings. Not only did he experience no fear when faced against a Godking, but his battle intent surged instead. He roared out and directly charged up with the Startling Rainbow sword, engaging in a battle with the masked Godking.

Jian Chen was extremely powerful after breaking through to the eleventh layer. He was invincible amongst Overgods. Even when he faced this Godking, he was able to put up a fight despite being injured.

The two of them fought with great intensity, to the point where even the sun dimmed. The great shockwaves of energy rampaged through the formation space, causing it to shake.

The masked Godking became more shocked and filled with disbelief the more they fought. Jian Chens strength had completely exceeded anything he had expected. Not only did Jian Chen manage to continue fighting on equal terms after so long, but he even fought more and more viciously as time went on.

The blood on Jian Chen did not even seem like it came from him. He was clearly very heavily injured, but he did not seem like that at all. His presence did not weaken even in the slightest.

The reason why Jian Chen possesses such terrifying battle prowess is all because of that strange energy. What is that energy for it to be so powerful? Hes clearly not a Godking, yet he can hold his ground against one

What outstanding cultivation method do you need to be able to cultivate such great energy The masked Godking thought quickly. At that moment, he felt extremely curious about Jian Chens cultivation method.

I cant drag it out any longer. I must finish the battle fast, just in case something happens, the masked Godking began to panic slightly when he saw how he could not defeat Jian Chen after quite a while. He immediately made up his mind and used a battle skill.

Suddenly, the might of the world descended. The masked Godking raised his blade high over his head as endless energy condensed rapidly. Terrifying pressure filled the surroundings, causing space to thicken.

In just a short instance, the Godking had charged up his battle skill. He directly swung his blade that had extremely terrifying power at Jian Chen.

The surroundings seemed to dim when he struck out. The energy on the blade transformed into a mighty torrent that directly surged towards Jian Chen with devastating power.

The strike was extremely frightening. Wherever it passed by, space would distort and origin energy would disperse. Space seemed like it was about to rip at any time. A huge, bottomless chasm had even appeared on the ground.

Jian Chen became extremely serious. A Godking using a battle skill was so powerful that he experienced great danger.

Taiyi Sword Technique!

Jian Chen formed a seal with his hand, and he fused with his sword. He shot off as a huge, resplendent streak of sword Qi.

At the same time, a finger-sized strand of sword Qi suddenly appeared over his head.

As soon as the sword Qi appeared, it radiated with shocking sword intent, making it extremely frightening.

However, the battle skill the masked Godking used possessed the might of the world, so the sword Qi did not stand out much.


A Godkings battle skill was just too powerful. The two attacks collided, and Jian Chen was sent flying as blood spurted from his mouth. A white mark had appeared on the armor he was wearing.

Even though the armor no longer possessed the powers of a god artifact, it was still tough. As a result, even a battle skill from a Godking was unable to damage it at all.

However, all the force within the strike was transmitted into Jian Chens body. Just that worsened Jian Chens wounds.

However, at the moment the two attacks clashed, the tiny strand of sword Qi above Jian Chens head turned into a streak of white light that punched through the storm of energy at a speed even faster than lightning. It headed directly towards the Godkings forehead.

The sword Qi moved just too quickly. It used the might of the battle skill and the rampaging energy as a cover, so the masked Godking failed to notice it at first. As a result, it was too late when he noticed it.


The sword Qi directly shot into the masked Godkings forehead, leaving behind a bloody hole.


The masked Godking shrieked out in pain while the might of a Godking condensed around him dispersed at that moment. Even his blade fell to the ground. He clutched his head with both hands as he shrieked out in excruciating pain while his face became extremely pale.

The mask on his face shattered with a clink, revealing an old face.

He was an old man, and his face was covered in wrinkles. However, the muscles on his face were all distorted as the pain from his soul made his body tremble violently.

I never thought his soul would remain intact after taking on a strand of Profound Sword Qi. Godkings really are powerful. Jian Chen climbed to his feet in the distance with a pale face. He silently circulated his Chaotic Force as he made his way towards the Godking slowly.

Blood constantly dripped from his body, leaving behind a blood trail as he advanced.

Very soon, Jian Chen arrived before the shrieking Godking.

However, when he saw the Godkings appearance, he was stunned at first. Then, his face then became extremely cold.

Originally, he believed the Godking who had ambushed him was one of the elders from the Earth Spirit sect. After all, he had completely fallen out with the Earth Spirit sect after the woman with the fan launched a sneak attack against him.

As a result, it made sense if the elders of the Earth Spirit sect wanted to kill him.

However, he had never thought that the Godking who trapped him here first before trying to kill him would actually be this person.

I have no grievances with your Daoist Sect of Calm Clouds. Why do you want to kill me? Jian Chen stared at the old man coldly as he spoke with a very frigid voice.

The old man was one of the elders from the Daoist Sect of Calm Clouds.

Jian Chen had many guesses as to who the Godking was. He had considered the possibility that he was not from the Earth Spirit sect and from some other organisation instead. However, he had never thought it would be an elder of the Daoist Sect of Calm Clouds.

In the main hall before, the Daoist Sect of Calm Clouds were the only people who appeared amiable to him. They even stood on his side to discredit the elders of the Earth Spirit sect.