Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1928

Chapter 1928: Yaxi Lians Intentions

The curvy, beautiful young lady in a green dress was the commander of the seventh army from the Empyrean Demon Cult, Yaxi Lian.

According to the divine king, this woman was transformed from a nine-tailed fox.

The moment Jian Chen recognised her as Yaxi Lian, his mind temporarily blanked out. He sighed gently and slowly closed his eyes. His heart sank completely.

He had just killed a Godking elder from the Daoist Sect of Calm Clouds who wanted to claim his life, avoiding danger. However, he never thought someone even more terrifying would appear before he could even catch his breath.

If he faced an early Godking, he might be able to put up a fight, but Jian Chen had no chance at victory against the seventh commander of the armies from the Empyrean Demon Cult.

As a matter of fact, he could not even escape from Yaxi Lian.

Not only was Yaxi Lian a late Godking, but she was also a commander of one of the Empyrean Demon Cults armies. Every single commander had fought their way through the Hall of Protectors, defeating all the Godkings there to obtain their position.

Since she could become the commander of the seventh army, she was naturally extremely powerful even among late Godkings.

Even if Jian Chen was at his peak condition, he would not be able to fight off someone like that, let alone now.

Yaxi Lian made her way to Jian Chens side at a steady pace with gentle eyes. She studied Jian Chen closely with her enchanting eyes as a plain smile gradually appeared on her alluring face.

Her smile was like a hundred flowers blooming, filled with charm as if it was the most beautiful scene in the world. It was a fatal attraction towards men.

Little brother, you must be Jian Chen, the person rumored to be able to make it onto the Overgods Plaque, Yaxi Lian squatted down beside Jian Chen and said gently. Her voice seemed to be filled with charm. Her words were nothing special, but it just happened to be enough to trigger the lust of men.

Hehehe, I never thought you can even kill Godkings. Little brother, you sure have hidden your strength well. Tsktsk, you killed a Godking as an Overgod and one that was only a step away from mid Godking in particular. If this makes it out, itll shock the entire Saints World, Yaxi Lian continued as she giggled. She was charming.

When Jian Chen heard her voice, he almost dropped his guard seeing how the power of his soul was basically drained now. He was almost enchanted by the charm in her words.

Jian Chen suddenly bit the tip of his tongue, and the intense pain allowed him to become slightly more clear-headed. His eyes suddenly snapped open, and he stared at Yaxi Lian with a sharp, cold gaze. He said, I never thought that you, the commander of the seventh army, would appear right after Ive killed the elder from the Daoist Sect of Calm Clouds. Yaxi Lian, you must have come especially for me. I never thought that a mere Overgod like me would attract the attention of the commander of the seventh army.

Hehehehehe, Yaxi Lian giggled. Coupled with her natural charm, her giggle seemed to be the most beautiful thing in the world.

Jian Chen immediately closed his eyes, no longer looking at her face. Her smile was pretty, but it was a fatal poison.

Little brother, you underestimate yourself too much. Im not the only one who has been noticing you. There are also the other two commanders, Yan Wuming and Luo Duo. However, Im different from them. They want to finish you off as soon as possible, whereas I Yaxi Lian paused when she reached there. A demonic, red light suddenly flashed through her enchanting eyes, and her lips curled up into a bewitching smile, I naturally want to save you.

Save me? Jian Chen opened his eyes and stared at Yaxi Lian indifferently. He sneered, Do you think Im as easy to trick as a child?

Hehehe, I knew you wouldnt believe me, so let me show you so that you believe me. Ill take you away right now, Yaxi Lian smiled. With a wave of her hand, a powerful force surrounded Jian Chen and took him away in a single instance.

However, they did not head towards the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, nor did they head towards the headquarters of the Empyrean Demon Cult located behind the battlefield.

Jian Chen was completely immobilized now that the powerful force from a late Godking surrounded him. Yaxi Lian had even sealed up his cultivation, and he could not use his Profound Sword Qi either since the power of his soul was completely drained.

Right now, he was completely powerless in Yaxi Lians hands. He was at her mercy now.

Despair did not fill Jian Chens eyes. Naturally, he was unable to use the few Soul Recovery Pills he had left, so he just shut his eyes and tried to recover the power of his soul as quickly as possible.

Naturally, he did not believe Yaxi Lians words. She definitely had other plans in mind.

He could sense the shockwaves of energy from the various Godkings from outer space. However, at a time like this, the people on the divine kingdoms side struggled to even keep themselves safe. They devoted themselves to the battle, unwilling to become careless at all. Naturally, they would not spare the effort to observe the situation below.

In other words, even if they learned that Yaxi Lian was taking him away, none of them would come to save him.

This was because there was not a single Godking who was Yaxi Lians opponent alone, even if they were also late Godkings.

As a result, it was impossible for Jian Chen to receive any aid from the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian.

At this moment, Jian Chens face suddenly paled even more, and he almost fainted. The power of his soul he had just recuperated after so much difficulty was suddenly all drained, without a single drop left.

Jian Chen avoided falling unconscious through his great willpower. However, he was instead more relieved now, compared to how nervous he was when he first encountered Yaxi Lian.

Yaxi Lian moved extremely quickly. A while late, after traversing a great distance, she brought Jian Chen to a gloomy cave and gently placed him down on the cold, damp ground.

Little brother, look, arent I saving you? Dont worry, Ive chosen an extremely well-hidden place. No one can find here. There are only the two of us here. Yaxi Lian gently stretched her body. She stared at Jian Chen charmingly as if she wanted to enchant his soul.

Afterwards, she gently laid down on him. Over half of her dainty body rested on Jian Chen. She smiled faintly as she pressed her beautiful face with exquisite features before Jian Chen. Their faces were only an inch apart, almost stuck together.

Let alone smelling Yaxi Lians fragrance, Jian Chen could even sense her gentle breath at such proximity. As she breathed, warm air would rush across his face.

Yaxi Lian, youre already a late Godking, while Im just an Overgod. Even if you want to absorb my essence, you should find an expert on the same level as you and not me. With my current level of cultivation, I probably wont be able to provide you with anything at all, Jian Chen said coldly. He had already guessed Yaxi Lians intentions, so he was not surprised.

Yaxi Lian used her fingers to gently stroke down Jian Chens face, all the way to his chest. She twirled her finger on his bloodied chest as she smiled coquettishly, Little brother sure is smart, to know what I want to do.

However, dont blame sister. You have to know that even though Ive saved you, I havent saved you for nothing. I require compensation. Little brothers powers just happen to be very strange and very powerful. Although Ive never seen this power before, my instincts tell me that itll be extremely beneficial to me.

I need this power, so you can compensate me with that.