Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1930

Chapter 1930: The Northern Region

The woman called Tian Shuang could not help but grow curious when she saw how fairy Hao Yue had changed all of a sudden. She asked in confusion, Sister Hao Yue, what has happened that made you so frantic? Ive never seen you show such an expression before.

As she spoke, Tian Shuang also stood up and gently extended a slender finger towards the depths of the imperial palace.

With that, a streak of light immediately flew over from the forbidden grounds in the depths of the palace. It moved extremely quickly, arriving before Tian Shuang in a flash.

It was a white jade disc that was only thirty centimeters wide. Complicated and profound inscriptions flickered on it, along with a sliver of the might of the world, possessing the power of laws.

The Disc of Heavenly Ways was a god artifact. Even many Infinite Primes only used supreme quality saint artifacts in the Saints World, so a god artifacts value was evident.

Even though the Disc of Heavenly Ways was only an auxiliary god artifact, its value was still shocking. At certain times, it would even be far more useful than offensive and defensive god artifacts.

The greatest usage of a Disc of Heavenly Ways was that it could teleport people to extremely distant places. As long as someone possessed a Disc of Heavenly Ways, they would be able to reach any place on a plane. It even had the power to transport people across planes.

However, each teleportation across planes would cost a tremendous amount.

Even Godkings would not be able to endure a cost like that.

Sister Hao Yue, heres a three-colored divine crystal, Tian Shuang passed the Disc of Heavenly Ways to fairy Hao Yue. She also gave fairy Hao Yue a pinky-sized divine crystal that shone with three colors.

Fairy Hao Yue accepted the disc and placed the divine crystal in its centre. Immediately, a huge, illusionary map appeared from the disc.

The illusionary map completely covered the five regions of the Cloud Plane. Through the illusionary map, one could clearly see that a boundless ocean divided the five regions.

Teleportation energy appeared, and fairy Hao Yue vanished from the floating garden, having left the northern region through the disc.

The battle between the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian and the Empyrean Demon Cult continued in the southern region of the Cloud Plane. In an obscure cave far away from the battlefield, Jian Chen laid powerlessly on the cold, damp floor. The consumption of the power of his soul made him feel great dizziness, and he almost fainted several times.

However, he endured it all whilst gritting his teeth.

Yaxi Lian, your body is too weak. You dont possess what it takes to endure this energy, Jian Chen said through gritted teeth as he tried his best to waste time.

Yaxi Lian smiled as she looked at Jian Chen coquettishly, Little brother, you dont need to worry for sister. As a Nine-tailed Heavenly Fox, I naturally have my ways of dealing with this problem. Have you ever heard of the balancing of yin and yang?

But it doesnt matter if youve heard of it before. Ill show you the joys of the balancing of yin and yang very soon. I guarantee you that youll fall deeply in love with it.

Yaxi Lian laid on Jian Chen gently. She used a handkerchief to slowly wipe away the blood on Jian Chen. When her white, soft, and slender fingers came in contact with Jian Chens skin, he felt like it was an electric shock.

It was clearly just skin contact, yet when Yaxi Lian did it, it felt unbelievably pleasant.

My cultivation method is different. Even the balancing of yin and yang is useless. Can you balance all the energies in the world through that? Jian Chen continued his attempts to distract her.

Hehehe, how will we know if we dont try? If it doesnt work, Ill just give up on it then, Yaxi Lian blinked her eyes. All her actions were extremely effective against men. Even those with great willpower would struggle to resist it. She said seductively, Little brother, youre trying so hard to turn me down. Am I not pretty?

Yaxi Lian gently wriggled on Jian Chens body while her clothes slowly slid off her body, revealing her snow-white skin.

Jian Chen bit his tongue firmly. It had already been reduced to mincemeat. Under Yaxi Lians tempting and seduction, he was like a tiny boat in the raging seas that could sink at any moment.

Very soon, Yaxi Lian was completely naked. Her enchanting figure was completely exposed. She stood up and giggled flirtatiously, Little brother, am I pretty?

Jian Chen sighed. With how the situation had developed, it was already useless to try to stall for time. He knew that Yaxi Lian was about to move on him.

Just when Jian Chen sank into despair, his eyes suddenly narrowed. He stared behind Yaxi Lian.

A beautiful woman in a white dress had appeared there silently at some time.

The woman stood there quietly as she smiled faintly. She stood with her arms crossed as she supported her chin with her hand. She stared at the provocative scene with great interest.

The womans existence was completely like air. Even when she was so close to Yaxi Lian, Yaxi Lian still completely failed to sense her.

However, when Jian Chen saw the woman, he finally let out a breath of relief. He said powerlessly, Since youve come, why arent you doing anything? To think youd still be in the mood to watch. With that, Jian Chen seemed to lose all his power. His head tilted to one side, and he fainted.

What? Who has come? When Yaxi Lian, who was just about to absorb Jian Chens essence, heard his meaningless words, she could not help but become stunned. She subconsciously looked behind her.

With that, her face immediately paled as she became shocked.

W- who are you? Yaxi Lian cried out. She actually failed to sense that another woman was standing behind her.

Fairy Hao Yue smiled faintly. She shook her head with great pity, What a pity, what a pity indeed. I almost got to see an interesting show. Though, Jian Chen really makes me doubt whether hes an ordinary man seeing that he can last until now when something this great is presented before him.

Yaxi Lian became extremely stern. She immediately materialised a set of energy clothes, concealing her body. She wanted to flee immediately.

She was not stupid. Not a single Godking could appear behind her without her noticing it. This woman could only be an expert at the Primordial realm.

As soon as she thought that the woman before her was a Primordial realm expert, Yaxi Lian became shocked. She had never thought that there would be a Primordial realm expert behind Jian Chen.

You little whore. Dont you love showing off your body? Since you like doing that so much, Ill make you do it until youre sick of it, fairy Hao Yue smiled scornfully, except her smile seemed rather cold.

She extended her finger and shot out the power of laws into Yaxi Lians body, sealing up all of her cultivation. The clothes materialised from energy dispersed on the spot.

Afterwards, a streak of moonlight expanded from behind fairy Hao Yue, turning into a domain that bound Yaxi Lians body. It completely immobilised her. Afterwards, fairy Hao Yue disappeared through the Disc of Heavenly Ways with Jian Chen and Yaxi Lian.

From the start till the end, Yaxi Lian failed to put up any resistance at all. She was captured easily.

Before fairy Hao Yue, she did not even have the ability to flee.

The battles on the several dozen platforms continued with great intensity in the imperial capital of the Xuandao Empire. Countless people watched on.

At this moment, the space before the platforms suddenly twisted, and fairy Hao Yue appeared there.

At the same time, Yaxi Lian and the unconscious Jian Chen showed up there as well.

A gentle ball of moonlight surrounded Jian Chen. It completely covered his body. As a result, other people were unable to see him.

As for Yaxi Lian, fairy Hao Yue had only bound her body. Consequently, not only was she immobilized, but her cultivation had been sealed up as well. She was completely exposed before everyone.

Naturally, their appearance attracted the attention of everyone in the royal capital. When they raised their heads to the sky, their gazes all gathered on Yaxi Lians body. Many people revealed lustful expressions.

Yet, fairy Hao Yue, a Primordial realm expert, actually garnered almost no attention, which was very rare.

Yaxi Lian was both furious and embarrassed. She could clearly sense countless burning gazes sweep across her body fearlessly, causing her beautiful face to completely sink.

After all, showing off ones body to a single person was completely different to showing it off to a huge crowd.

Right now, she was completely naked, allowing millions of people to observe and admire her as they pleased.

Moreover, some of these people were even as insignificant as ants in her eyes.

Many of the competitions on the platforms had even been affected. The competitors stopped their intense battles and looked up, becoming stunned.

Fairy Hao Yue, what kind of show are you trying to put on? Tian Shuang stood up from her seat in the floating garden as she stared at fairy Hao Yue blankly.

She discovered that her sister had become somewhat unfamiliar. She had actually done such a strange thing.

Was this really her cold and proud sister Hao Yue?

This little whore likes to show off her body to men, so I brought her here along the way so that she can exhibit herself, fairy Hao Yue scoffed. She stepped out and brought Jian Chen, who was wrapped up in moonlight, to the floating garden.