Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1931

Chapter 1931: The Imperial Palace Of The Xuandao Empire

Little whore? Sister Hao Yue, are you just Tian Shuang was speechless when she heard fairy Hao Yues words. She stared at fairy Hao Yue in a daze while her gaze seemed like she had just discovered something new. It was filled with amazement and a sliver of disbelief.

Even if this person was a little whore that liked to show herself to men, what had it got to do with her? There were countless people like that in the Saints World.

Moreover, this person was only a mere Godking. With fairy Hao Yues status, since when did she become bored enough to play along with a mere Godking?

At this moment, Tian Shuang actually felt like she could not understand her sister Hao Yues thoughts.

Sister Tian Shuang, let me borrow a Ninerefined Lifegiving Pill, fairy Hao Yue said to Tian Shuang.

Tian Shuang immediately became surprised when she heard that. She stared at Jian Chen, who was surrounded by moonlight as he hovered behind fairy Hao Yue, and said, Sister Hao Yue, the Ninerefined Lifegiving Pill is a God Tier pill. Are you going to use a God Tier pill to heal this person? Isnt that a little too wasteful?

With Tian Shuangs level of cultivation, she was naturally able to see Jian Chen despite the surrounding moonlight.

Sister Hao Yue, who is this? Is he your disciple? You sure treat him well, even going as far as using a Ninerefined Lifegiving Pill on him, Tian Shuang asked out of curiosity. With a flip of her hand, a jade bottle appeared, and she tossed it towards fairy Hao Yue with some reluctance.

Fairy Hao Yue, here. Thats the Ninerefined Lifegiving Pill. I dont have many of them on me.

Dont worry, sister Tian Shuang. Ill give you a healing pill of a higher grade in return in the future, fairy Hao Yue smiled gently. She took out the round pill from the bottle with great familiarity and fed it into Jian Chens mouth.

You cant say that, sister. Otherwise, itll just make me seem stingy. I just feel that its wasteful to use such a precious pill on an Overgod. Supreme quality Saint Tier pills should be enough for his wounds, said Tian Shuang.

After consuming the Ninerefined Lifegiving Pill, Jian Chens wounds immediately recovered at an unbelievable rate. He healed so quickly that it had even surpassed the regeneration of his Chaotic Body.

As a God Tier pill, it was just too easy for the Ninerefined Lifegiving Pill to heal all the wounds on Jian Chen, even though it was only of the first grade. In just a few seconds, Jian Chen made a complete recovery. He had even replenished quite a lot of the power of his soul.

Jian Chen opened his eyes. Through the gentle moonlight, he saw fairy Hao Yue, who stood beside him, in a single glance. Just when he wanted to say something, fairy Hao Yue waved her sleeve and said, Go tidy yourself up first.

Immediately, Jian Chen tore through the air with the gentle moonlight still surrounding him. He had been carried off into the imperial palace of the Xuandao Empire just like that, unable to put up any resistance at all.

The emperor and Tian Shuangs disciple, Man Ye, both watched everything unfold as they stood there quietly. They were curious about Jian Chens identity since fairy Hao Yue had even used a precious God Tier pill to save him.

Sister Hao Yue, how do you plan on dealing with this person? You cant leave her there forever. Its disruptive to the social graces, said Tian Shuang as she pointed at Yaxi Lian, who was immobilized in the air.

Fairy Hao Yue glanced at Yaxi Lian indifferently before sitting down. She said, This woman likes to show off her body to men anyway, so lets just leave her be for now. Well deal with her once he comes back. As she said that, fairy Hao Yue glanced at Jian Chen, who she had tossed into the imperial palace. A sliver of an evil smile appeared on her face, which made her seem slightly mischievous.

In the depths of the imperial palace, there was a steamy, open-air hot spring. Pleasant giggles rang out from there as two beautiful women played around happily in the water.

Surrounded in moonlight, Jian Chen directly fell out of the air powerlessly, directly landing in the hot spring. He just happened to land between the two women.

Immediately, there was a huge splash in the hot spring, causing all the water there to churn.

The hot spring was a heavily-guarded place in the palace. Clearly, the two women who played around had never expected someone to fall out of the sky and directly into the hot spring. They could not help but become stunned as if they had not realised what had happened.

Fairy Hao Yue had thrown Jian Chen into the water right after he woke up. He had not even managed to understand what was happening around him. He saw a beautiful woman standing naked in front of him with a single glance before he could even gain his bearings, which stunned him as well. He did not realise what had happened either.


However, the two womens reactions were far faster than Jian Chen who had just woken up without completely replenishing the power of his soul. Two screams immediately rang through the entire imperial palace almost simultaneously. The two women both materialised clothes out of energy to protect themselves as fury burned in their eyes. They gripped their swords in embarrassment and humiliation before charging towards Jian Chen from behind and in front.

At that moment, the two of them were even ready to die. Not only had a man seen their naked bodies, but the man was naked as well and also in the hot spring.

This was something they could never accept.

Its a misunderstanding! A misunderstanding! Please calm down, ladies! Jian Chen dodged the attacks from the two women frantically. Without even trying to clean the blood off himself, he took out a set of clothes in a hurry and ran off as a blur.

Right now, he had no idea that fairy Hao Yue was messing with him, purposefully throwing him in there.

Where did this pervert come from? Dont you dare run away! Ill never stop until I kill you

Pervert! This princess will skin you alive and remove all your tendons and chop you to pieces

The two beautiful women chased behind Jian Chen furiously with killing intent. Quite a powerful pulse of energy covered their entire bodies, completely obscuring their appearances.

However, the two of them were only Gods, so how could they catch up to Jian Chen? In the blink of an eye, they had lost track of him.

Quick, capture that pervert. We cant let him escape, one of the women screamed out. Her voice rang through the entire imperial palace.

Immediately, the entire imperial palace was mobilised. Squadrons of powerful guards rushed over with lightning speed. There were quite a few Overgods among them.

Why are there so many experts in the surroundings? Where has fairy Hao Yue brought me to? Jian Chen immediately felt pained when he sensed the powerful presences in the surroundings. Right now, he felt like he had just woken up from a dream, and he was still confused and dazed. He had no idea what was going on around him.

He wanted to study the surroundings with the senses of his soul, but it was just too heavily suppressed here. With the power of his soul still depleted, the senses of his soul were basically useless.

Sir, please state your identity!

At this moment, four middle-aged men appeared around Jian Chen. They stared at him emotionlessly. Their powerful presences had already locked onto Jian Chen.

Jian Chens face changed slightly. The four middle-aged men were actually all Godkings!

Fairy Hao Yue, Tian Shuang, and the emperor who observed the competition below with great interest naturally noticed the situation within the imperial palace.

The face of the emperor twitched unnaturally. After bowing to Tian Shuang and fairy Hao Yue, he hurried off.

Hehehe. Sister Hao Yue, I never thought you would actually have a knack for something like this. Looking at how horrible his condition is, you sure have given this little Overgod a hard time. Sister Hao Yue, Im becoming more and more puzzled about the relationship you have with this Overgod, Tian Shuang giggled.

Fairy Hao Yue also smiled faintly. She seemed to take great pleasure when she saw how helpless Jian Chen was. She said, Dont you look down on him. Making him suffer really is quite a difficult thing to achieve. Sister Tian Shuang, lets go over as well. Otherwise, he would be in quite some trouble.