Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1935

Chapter 1935: The Xi Emperor Two
Chapter 1935: The Xi Emperor (Two)

Then why is the Xi Emperor moving against his own people, even going as far as fighting the ancestral emperor? Moreover, hes killing Infinite Primes. Can he really go as far as killing them? Isnt he worried that the Xi Empire will become greatly weakened? Fairy Hao Yue asked out of curiosity.

Tian Shuang sighed gently, Its not just greatly weakening. The Xi Emperor has already fractured the current Xi Empire. He has killed many of the Infinite Primes in the imperial family. Theyll probably struggle to recover without a few hundred thousand years.

But the Xi Emperor sure is vicious. Not only are there people who had joined the Xi Empire among the Infinite Primes he killed, but there are also older family members and his own brothers and sisters. Without a single exception, all of them are dead.

However, this Xi Emperor is extremely impressive. Soon after he became emperor, he became a Chaotic Prime. As a result, even though the empire has lost many Infinite Primes, the Xi Empires overall strength hasnt decreased at all with the Xi Emperors breakthrough.

Tian Shuang hesitated after reaching there before continuing, I think the reason why the Xi Emperor is acting like a madman, turning on his own Primordial realm experts, is because of what happened over two thousand years ago when the previous Xi Emperor abdicated. He was still a prince of the empire back then.

Oh? Lets hear about it? Fairy Hao Yue stared at the battle in outer space closely as she felt very much curious.

Jian Chen also listened carefully. He also felt extremely curious about the reason why the Xi Emperor acted like a madman and killed so many of his own Infinite Primes, even going as far as fighting his father.

Infinite Primes were revered basically wherever they went. Even in ancient empires, they were existences akin to ancestors. The Xi Emperor was actually even willing to kill people like that.

Even the trapped Yaxi Lian seemed to forget the fact that she had been reduced to a prisoner. The battle in outer space had also garnered her attention while she had eavesdropped on everything that Tian Shuang had revealed.

After a moment of silence, Tian Shuang said, In the past, when the current Xi Emperor was still a prince, he possessed extraordinary talent. He shone the brightest among all the princes of the Xi Empire, overshadowing them all. Even the old emperor paid special attention to him. Naturally, the Xi Emperor was the person who was the most likely to succeed as emperor.

In any empire, there is always a fierce struggle amongst the princes to become emperor. The glory of the Xi Emperor naturally attracted the envy of the other princes. He became the greatest obstacle to many of the princes who wanted to become emperor. As a result, all the princes in the Xi Empire treated him as a thorn in their side. They all wanted to eliminate him.

However, in all those years, the Xi Emperor never focused on the position of emperor. He thought of it as nothing, showing no intention to take part in the struggle for it. As a result, the princes never moved against the Xi Emperor.

Several thousand years ago, the old emperor became an Chaotic Prime and was about to abdicate. However, he wanted the current Xi Emperor to take up the position, which naturally resulted in the displeasure of all the princes who wanted to become emperor. As a result, the princes all moved against him secretly to eliminate him.

Tian Shuangs expression changed slightly when she reached this point. As she stared at the Xi Emperor, who fought against the ancestral emperor in outer space, a sliver of sympathy and understanding appeared in her eyes. She continued, The matter that created the greatest stir was when the Xi Emperor and his wife visited his wifes home, and they faced the pursuit of the many princes. The current Xi Emperor had never shown any interest in the position of emperor, so he never bothered to rope in any authoritative members of the upper echelon, while the other princes had all been raising their own factions. They were either supported by senior members of the imperial family or Infinite Prime subjects. As a result, when they hunted down the Xi Emperor, the people who supported them obviously took part as well. Some of the princes had even asked people who were not a part of the imperial family to hunt him down.

At that time, over a dozen Infinite Primes tried to hunt down the Xi Emperor and his wife, pushing them towards desperation. They almost lost their lives many times, and even their path back to the Xi Empire had been blocked, so there was no hopes of them returning. As a result, the two of them could only flee all over the Cloud Plane. If it were not for the fact that they were both Infinite Primes, they probably would not be alive anymore.

The hunt and pursuit lasted for many years. With the Xi Emperors talent, his strength constantly increased while he was being hunted down. When he reached the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime, he finally returned.

After returning, the Xi Emperor who had never shown any interest in the position of emperor suddenly changed his mind. He began taking part in the struggle for emperor. With the old emperors favor and his personal talent, it was certain for him to become the new emperor. He completely overwhelmed the other princes and became the new Xi Emperor.

However, something had probably stimulated the Xi Emperor when he was being hunted down. As soon as he ascended, he was no longer behaved as refined and cultured as in the past. He became extremely forceful, moving against the people who had hunted him down in the past. He killed an Infinite Prime subject and two princes on the day he ascended, but clearly, he was not satisfied. When he wanted to kill a second subject, the ancestral emperor stopped him. At the same time, quite a few subjects and senior members of the imperial family joined forces, using more than half of the empires power to fend him off. Even a few of the peak sects in the Xi Empire took part, placing the Xi Emperor back under control.

However, none of them had imagined that soon after he became emperor, he would break through again and become a Chaotic Prime. He became someone equivalent to the ancestral emperors of the Xi Empire. With that, there was no one left in the Xi Empire that dared to disobey him. The Xi Emperor also completely ran amok after that, eliminating large groups of enemies that had hunted him down in the past. It did not matter whether they were peak Infinite Primes, senior members of the empire, or princes. If they had taken part in the pursuit against the Xi Emperor and his wife, the Xi Emperor would execute them mercilessly.

There had even been two Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime subjects that were personally slain by the Xi Emperor. A sliver of amazement appeared in Tian Shuangs eyes when she reached there, Theyre Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes, only a step away from becoming Chaotic Primes. The Xi Emperor has even killed people like that without any hesitation. Hes willing to go as far as that, and he is even willing to fight against his father.

Fairy Hao Yue also became surprised, Has the Xi Emperor gone insane? Even if those people have hunted him down in the past, theres no need to go as far as killing them. Just a slight punishment is enough. After all, theyre Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes. Even in our Moon God Hall, we would nurture them like treasured people. Of course, thats only if they dont commit any heinous crimes.

Yeah. In the northern region, many people believe that the Xi Emperor has lost his mind, or he encountered a stimulation thats too great. Otherwise, why would he change so much and become so vicious and vengeful? Hes completely different from before, said Tian Shuang.