Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1937

Chapter 1937: The Godsfallen Clan

Senior Tian Shuang, do you know any other way to leave the northern region? Is there no place that the Xi Emperor has missed when he sealed up the region? Jian Chen asked. He had no idea how long the seal over the northern region would last. He really did not want to stay here for too long, as he was afraid that something would happen to Sacredfeather and the others.

Its not exactly impossible, Tian Shuang sank into her thoughts, and she became somewhat serious. She said, The Xi Emperor has indeed sealed off the northern region, but there are a few special places that are unaffected. The Godsfallen clan is one of them.

The Godsfallen clan? Fairy Hao Yue murmured softly as she became doubtful.

She had stayed in the northern region for some time, so she basically understood all the organisations in the northern region. However, this was the first time she had heard of the Godsfallen clan.

The expression of the emperor who stood to one side changed when he heard Tian Shuang mention the Godsfallen clan. Deep angst and dread appeared in his eyes.

The Godsfallen clan was an existence their Xuandao Empire could only look up to. They were so great that they stood at the very apex of the Cloud Plane.

Even just learning the name of the clan required a certain amount of strength.

Even the emperor had only learnt about it after ascending.

Tian Shuang explained, The Godsfallen clan possesses an extremely great status in the northern region. Theyre one of the organisations that stand at the very peak of the Cloud Plane. Only they can help you now.

Jian Chens heart sank with that. He was depressed. Since the Godsfallen clan was so powerful, there was no reason for them to help him with his current status.

Suddenly, Jian Chen thought of an idea. A figure he had not seen in quite a while suddenly appeared in his head. He immediately looked at Tian Shuang with shining eyes and said, Senior Tian Shuang, do you know about the Tong family?

The Tong family? You actually know about the Tong family? Tian Shuang stared at Jian Chen in surprise. She felt taken aback, Of course I know about the Tong family, but theyre not in the northern region. Theyre in the central region.

Sister Tian Shuang, tell me the location of the Godsfallen clan, fairy Hao Yue said at this moment.

Sister Hao Yue, surely you arent going to pay a personal visit to the Godsfallen clan for him? Tian Shuang stared at Hao Yue in shock. She discovered that her sister Hao Yue treated Jian Chen like he was extremely special.

Fairy Hao Yue had been by Jian Chens side along the way. She understood just how important Sacredfeather, Houston, and the others were to Jian Chen. As a result, Tian Shuang felt powerless under fairy Hao Yues insistence. She could only tell her the Godsfallen clans location.

Sigh. Sister Hao Yue, since youre going to the Godsfallen clan, I can only come with you as well. In the end, Tian Shuang also went with fairy Hao Yue.

The three of them immediately left the Xuandao Empire while Yaxi Lian was also brought along in the Bright Moon Divine Hall.

The emperor stood in the floating garden as he stared deeply at Jian Chen as the latter travelled away. The light in his eyes flickered as he seemed uncertain. Fairy Hao Yues previous words continued to ring through his head.

Even fairy Hao Yue herself had no idea just how great of an impact her previous words had on the emperor. The emperor firmly remembered all of it.

Fairy Hao Yue had carried Jian Chen along. The speed of a Primordial realm expert was truly unbelievable. The Linear Lightning Release that Jian Chen took pride in was like a snails pace before the speed at which the two Infinite Primes travelled at.

Gentle moonlight surrounded Jian Chen. He felt like the world flashed by him as if he was teleporting around as he looked through the moonlight. It was unbelievably fast.

Fairy Hao Yue only needed to take a step, and the distance she travelled would take him a day to cover.

Before long, the three of them stopped; they had arrived at an ancient mountain range that was extremely abundant in origin energy. The surroundings were remote, without a single person to be seen in a range of a thousand kilometers. There were only the calls of birds and beasts running among the mountains.

Tian Shuang glanced across the empty space. The powerful senses of the soul that belonged to a Primordial realm expert directly expanded and fused with the space there, causing it to distort slightly.

Very soon, the space cracked open and rapidly turned into a gate of light. A hunch-backed old man walked out, and he said with his old voice, State your identities!

Tian Shuang of the Xuandao Empire has come to visit your esteemed clan, Tian Shuang clasped her hand at the gate of light.

Please wait. Ill pass this up right this moment, the old man directly disappeared back into the gate of light.

Jian Chen felt extremely shocked as he stared at the gate of light. The Godsfallen clan had actually carved out a region of space as land for their clan.

This was the Saints World. Space was extremely tough here, so carving out a region of space under these circumstances was unimaginably difficult.

That alone was enough to show just how powerful the Godsfallen clan was!

Even though the Godsfallen clan possessed an extremely great status, they clearly would not decline a visit from a Primordial realm expert. Very soon, the old man appeared once again and led Jian Chens group into the clan.

Jian Chens attention was drawn away by the origin energy that was thick enough to almost condense once he entered the Godsfallen clan.

He discovered that not only was origin energy extremely abundant within the Godsfallen clan, but even the laws of the world seemed clearer.

In such circumstances, cultivation would progress extremely rapidly; it would be fast enough to be described as skyrocketing. There would be no need to absorb divine crystals either. Even comprehending laws of the world would be much easier compared to the outside world.

However, Jian Chen also became vigilant after he entered the Godsfallen clan. He deeply hid the twin swords in his body.

If he were still a Deity or a God, he would have never been bold enough to enter the Godsfallen clan, as he would be afraid that a powerful Primordial realm expert would see through the truth about him.

However, he was already different from the past. He was confident that even Primordial realm experts would struggle to see through him unless they made contact with him.

The patriarch is currently waiting in the main hall. Please come with me, the old man led the way. In the end, he brought the three of them to a majestic divine hall.

At the same time, a figure shot towards the direction of the Godsfallen clan with lightning speed in the outside world. He seemed to be fleeing for his life, moving extremely quickly. His speed was far greater than fairy Hao Yue and Tian Shuang.

Im almost at the Godsfallen clan. Xi Ziyun has sealed off the northern region, so the Godsfallen clan is my only hope. Once Im there, Ill be able to leave the Cloud Plane through the Godsfallen clans teleportation formation. No matter how great you are, Xi Ziyun, you wont be able to find me when that happens, the person thought to himself as he gritted his teeth.