Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1938

Chapter 1938: Imperial Protector Of The Xi Empire

Xi Ziyun, do you think you can act as you wish in the northern region after youve become a Chaotic Prime? Thats only limited to the Xi Empire. The Godsfallen clan is a place where even you wont dare to make trouble.

Not to mention that you were once unsociable, so you lack connections. Youve never visited the Godsfallen clan before, so you have no connections to them at all.

On the other hand, for all the time Ive spent as an Imperial Protector of the Xi Empire, I havent been as wasteful as you. Ive already befriended several elders in the Godsfallen clan, and I showed kindness to the current patriarch before he took the position. Once I make it to the Godsfallen clan, you wont be able to do anything, even if youre the current Xi Emperor.

I wont seek out refuge at the Godsfallen clan. I only want to borrow their teleportation formation. With my friendship with the many elders and the current patriarch, its impossible for them to not agree to such a small request.

The old man hurried towards the Godsfallen clan as a strange light flickered in his eyes. This was his only hope of escape.

Jian Chen, fairy Hao Yue, and Tian Shuang all sat on seats within a majestic divine hall in the Godsfallen clan.

A rather dignified middle-aged man with quite a striking appearance sat in the centre of the hall in luxurious clothes.

The middle-aged man was the current patriarch of the Godsfallen clan.

Jian Chen did not even have the right to speak here. The patriarch of the Godsfallen clan did not attach any importance to him. As a matter of fact, he had not even glanced at Jian Chen, completely treating him as a follower of fairy Hao Yue and Tian Shuang as if he was their attendant.

Fairy Hao Yue and Tian Shuang handled the conversation with the patriarch.

Here, only they, Primordial realm experts, possessed the right to speak.

Jian Chen paid no heed to all this. He seemed to be seated there calmly, but he was secretly worried inside. Whether he could use the teleportation formation to return to the southern region or not would be up to fairy Hao Yue and Tian Shuang.

The patriarch of the Godsfallen clan is only a Godking. Its naturally impossible for a Godking to have much power in the Godsfallen clan. It looks like the patriarch before us cant make some of the important decisions, Jian Chen studied the patriarch of the Godsfallen clan. He guessed that the patriarch was probably equivalent to a caretaker, handling menial, day-to-day matters.

Patriarch, Ill be honest. Weve come because we want to borrow your clans teleportation formation, Tian Shuang explained her intentions after exchanging pleasantries.

You want to borrow the teleportation formation? The patriarch looked at fairy Hao Yue and said, Have you also been drawn into the matters with the Xi Emperor?

Thats not the case. Tian Shuang shook her head, This is my sister. Her name is Hao Yue. We want to borrow the teleportation formation because my sister has urgent matters elsewhere, but even the Disc of Heavenly Ways has been rendered useless now that the Xi Emperor has sealed up the northern region. As a result, we could only disturb your esteemed clan.

Hao Yue? Why does this name sound slightly familiar? The patriarch of the Godsfallen clan mumbled with furrowed eyebrows.

Tian Shuang smile, I dont think youre the only person who is familiar with my sisters name, patriarch. Even in the entire Saints World, any person who possesses a certain level of status will be familiar with it. After all, only people on the Godkings Throne can shake up the Saints World apart from those who have made it to the apex of the world.

The patriarch of the Godfallen clan seemed to think of something when the Godkings Throne was mentioned. A gleam of light immediately flickered through his eyes, and he stared at fairy Hao Yue in shock. He immediately stood up and clasped his fist, I never thought it would actually be the renowned senior Hao Yue from the Godkings Throne. I have heard of you long ago, but I never thought Id be able to see you personally today. It really is a great honor for me.

The patriarch of the Godsfallen clan was indeed extremely shocked. He had once felt great admiration towards the person called Hao Yue, and even the elders in the clan had spoken about her. He just never thought that it would be a woman.

Jian Chen was secretly amazed. He could not help but study fairy Hao Yue properly in much surprise.

He too had never thought that fairy Hao Yue was once an expert on the Godkings Throne!

Ive seen a total of two experts from the Godkings Throne before. One of them is protector Shui from the Ice Goddess Hall, and shes ranked ninth. The other one is Audriana, who is known as the greatest Godking from the God clan. Shes ranked in the top hundred. I wonder what fairy Hao Yues ranking was in the past? Jian Chen began to wonder. He felt quite curious.

However, he clearly could not ask about this in the current situation.

You are too polite, patriarch. So about the teleportation formation Fairy Hao Yue clasped her hands.

The patriarch of the Godsfallen clan sighed gently. He appeared troubled. Just when he wanted to say something, his face suddenly changed, and he looked out the hall.

Hahaha, I havent seen you in several millennia, and the patriarch remains the same as before! At this moment, an old voice rang out from outside. An old man strode in as he said that.

Its the Imperial Protector of the Xi Empire! The patriarch of the Godsfallen clan stood up to receive him. He was extremely polite. This Imperial Protector had assisted him quite a lot for him to become the patriarch.

A Primordial realm expert! Jian Chen determined the old mans cultivation level as soon as he saw him.

The Imperial Protector exchanged simple pleasantries with the patriarch before also mentioning that he wanted to borrow the teleportation formation.

Sigh, you dont know. The ancestor has personally ordered us to shut down our teleportation formation. Without the ancestors orders, even the elders in the clan would not dare to use it for themselves. And senior Hao Yue, I dont think Ill be able to help you out with the teleportation formation, the patriarch said powerlessly.

What? Your ancestor personally ordered the teleportation formation to be closed down? The Imperial Protectors expression changed when he heard that. His face sank rapidly, What a coincidence. Just when Xi Ziyun sealed up the northern region, you close your teleportation formation as well. Is it to cooperate with Xi Ziyun? Thats impossible. Its impossible for Xi Ziyun to be so great that even your Godsfallen clan has to respect his demands. Moreover, he has never had any connections with your Godsfallen clan in the past at all.

The light in Jian Chens eyes flickered when he heard the Imperial Protectors words. He thought to himself, Is the Xi Emperor moving against the Imperial Protector of the Xi Empire this time? If thats the case, hes a complete madman to even kill Imperial Protectors.

Just what unknown secret is hidden amongst all of this, where its enough for the Xi Emperor to even turn on his own Primordial realm experts?

The Imperial Protector began to speak again. He expressed his desire to stay at the Godsfallen clan for a few days so that he could catch up with the elders he was familiar with.

Imperial Protector, the elders are all in secluded cultivation. Moreover, Ive received orders from a great elder that our Godsfallen clan is currently undergoing some reorganisation, so we arent able to receive any guests, the patriarch of the Godsfallen clan said reluctantly. Even though he spoke extremely mildly, he still expressed that the Imperial Protector should leave.

The Imperial Protectors face darkened. He left the Godsfallen clan in a hurry.

He could not insist on staying shamelessly after the Godsfallen clan had asked him to leave.

Lets go as well.

Seeing how the teleportation formation of the Godsfallen clan was closed, fairy Hao Yue also left the clan helplessly with Jian Chen and Tian Shuang.

After leaving the Godsfallen clan, the three of them appeared in the ancient mountain range once again.

The Imperial Protector did not leave. He also stood nearby, except his face was extremely ugly.

Before him stood a white figure. Extremely powerful laws of the Primordial realm had condensed in the space around him, revolving around his body. It gave off a devastating might that caused space to twist and the surroundings to shake. Time and space seemed to fall into a disorder around him.

The power of laws concealed his appearance. Only his white clothes were vaguely visible, while his face was completely hidden.

An extremely dense pressure radiated from his body. He seemed like the emperor of heaven, where his pressure could annihilate the surroundings just by him standing there.

The Xi Emperor! Tian Shuang cried out as she stared at the white figure in shock.

Fairy Hao Yue and Jian Chen both stared at him.

Xi Ziyun, do you know how many meritorious contributions Ive made to the empire as an Imperial Protector? Are you really going to execute me? The Imperial Protectors face became extremely sunken as he stared at the Xi Emperor firmly.