Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1941

Chapter 1941: Spatial Fantasy Meteorite

Hmm? Whats this? Suddenly, Xingers face froze, and she stared at a store to the side of the street.

The store specialised in selling saint artifacts as well as various strange materials. However, a blue light shone in the store right now, and it even reached the street.

The blue light was not intense, nor did it give off any pulses of energy. However, a light flickered like stars in there.

It seemed like the blue sky had suddenly become filled with stars, which was an extremely enchanting sight.

Lets go and have a look. The sudden blue light immediately attracted Xinger and Laners attention. Immediately, the two of them seemed to have forgotten about Jian Chen. They held hands and quickly ran into the store.

In the store, the shopkeeper held a wooden box at the counter. A piece of fist-sized rock laid in the wooden box.

The blue light that seemed to possess stars originated from the rock.

Not only had the blue light filled the entire store, but even the shopkeepers ancient face had been dyed blue.

I want this Spatial Fantasy Meteorite. Shopkeeper, can you go cheaper? An old man stood before the shopkeeper. He was currently negotiating a price with the shopkeeper.

Five hundred thousand high grade divine crystals is already my cheapest price. I really cant go any lower, the shopkeeper kept a business smile plastered across his face as he spoke amiably.

Xinger and Laner just happened to see the rock at this moment, and the starry light of the stone immediately enchanted them. They could not help but cry out, What a beautiful piece of rock. If we take it back and make it into jewelry, itll definitely be extremely pretty. Shopkeeper, we want this rock. Well give you a million high grade divine crystals.

Its the two princesses. I never thought that the Spatial Fantasy Meteorite would catch the eyes of the two princesses as well, the shopkeeper clearly recognised Xinger and Laner. He bowed in a hurry as he smiled. He spoke extremely politely.

After learning the identities of the two women, the old man who originally planned to purchase the Spatial Fantasy Meteorite only let out a helpless sigh. He knew that it was impossible for him to buy the Spatial Fantasy Meteorite anymore, so he left in pity.

Shopkeeper, here. A million high grade divine crystals, Xinger immediately took out a Space Ring to pay.


However, a voice suddenly rang out. With a flash, a person had silently appeared before Xinger and Laner.

When Xinger and Laner saw the person, their faces immediately changed. They became furious as they glared at him. They said angrily, Its actually you. You sure are bold, showing yourself before us again.

The person who had suddenly appeared was Jian Chen.

Clearly, Jian Chen was also surprised. Before, he had focused all his attention on the Spatial Fantasy Meteorite. Seeing how someone wanted to buy it, he hurried over as quickly as he could. He really did not see the two princesses there.

Jian Chen immediately felt a headache when he saw how furious Xinger and Laner were. He hesitated slightly before clasping his hands apologetically, Princesses, what happened that day was purely a misunderstanding. I was also a victim-

Shut up, dont mention that ever again!

However, before Jian Chen could finish speaking, Xinger and Laner bellowed at Jian Chen secretly while feeling embarrassed. They looked at him with murderous gazes.

They did not dare to say something like that aloud, as they were afraid that it would only perpetuate the matter.

Jian Chen glanced at Xinger and Laner. He sighed before ignoring them. He turned around and said to the shopkeeper, Shopkeeper, I also happen to be in need of this rock. Ill pay two million high grade divine crystals.

This The shopkeeper hesitated and looked towards the two princesses.

Xinger and Laner both gritted their teeth. They stared at Jian Chen with much resentment and raised the price as well, Well pay five million high grade divine crystals. No one can take away something that has caught our eyes.

Jian Chen felt a headache. He knew that Xinger and Laner wanted to make things difficult for him. He could give up on other items and not play along to their tune, but the Spatial Fantasy Meteorite was a material he needed for forging the twin swords.

This material is extremely important to me, so I must obtain it. Ill pay a block of supreme grade divine crystal. Jian Chen knew that nothing he said would work. He could only keep increasing the price.

The Spatial Fantasy Meteorite was not unique, but if he missed it, he had no idea when he would be able to find a second piece. As a result, he had to obtain all the materials needed for forging the twin swords when he saw them, regardless of the cost.

Two blocks of supreme grade divine crystal, Xinger and Laner upped the price as they bit their lips. They completely hated Jian Chen. They completely believed that Jian Chen was doing this on purpose. Moreover, when they thought about what happened the other day, they could not just give in when confronted with how overbearing Jian Chen was.

As a result, even though they knew the price had completely exceeded the actual value of the rock, they still would not back out.

Hmm? Isnt this princess Xinger and princess Laner? Hahaha, what a coincidence. I never thought Id be able to meet the two princesses here. Looks like were really fated to meet, a young man in golden robes who seemed slightly arrogant strode in. He stared at Xinger and Laner excitedly.

Behind the young man were a few more young men in similar attire. They all followed behind the golden-robed young man politely.

Xinger and Laner immediately became slightly impatient when they saw the young man. However, Xinger seemed to think of something soon after. She smiled deeply with other intentions and crossed her hands. She fumed with a stern face, What a bore. I managed to come out with sister Laner after so much difficulty, and I just happened to come across something I liked, but who knows where this ignorant person has come from, trying to steal the item that has caught both of our eyes.

Oh? Has something like that happened? Whos bold enough to steal the item that the two princesses want? A cold light flickered through the young mans eyes when he heard that, and he spoke icily.

Xinger crossed her arms. She looked at the ceiling and said without even looking back, Who else can it be with so many people here?

The princesses are benevolent and will never stoop as low as others, but there just happens to be some people who dont appreciate it and are insatiable. If the two princesses have to personally deal with someone like that, itll basically be dirtying the princesses hands. Leave this to me. I guarantee that the outcome will satisfy the two princesses, the golden-robed young man smiled at Xinger and Laner. When he saw Jian Chen, his gaze immediately became sunken. He swung his hand and said, Come, break this persons arms and legs and cripple his cultivation. Then throw him out for me.