Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1942

Chapter 1942: Getting Out Of Hand

The golden-robed young man spoke very casually, without treating Jian Chen with any importance at all.

Even though he had no idea who Jian Chen was, he believed that there was no reason for him to learn this at all given his personal status.

This is the imperial capital of the Xuandao Empire. There are clear rules that forbid fighting. Do you plan on ignoring them? Jian Chen stared at the golden-robed young man calmly.

Rules? The young man sneered and stared at Jian Chen like he was a joke, Rules only affect ordinary people. As for me, I can ignore them.

Seeing how Jian Chen and the golden-robed young man were in conflict, Xinger and Laner were naturally delighted. Moreover, they did not forget to fan the flames, Thats right. With young master Zhous status, these rules indeed do not affect him. Young master Zhou, whatre you rambling on about with this person? Why dont you hurry up and do it? The two of us find him irritating just by looking at him.

The golden-robed young man smile from ear to ear when he heard them refer to him as young master Zhou. He felt extremely happy. When he heard their soft and sweet voices, he felt power swell up within him.

Not only was this the first time the two princesses had called him young master Zhou, but this was also the first time they had spoken to him in such a gentle tone. The sudden change with the two princesses did not make the young man feel that something was off. Instead, it roused him. He believed that this was a great opportunity to show off his strength to the two princesses.

The young man suddenly grew serious as a condescending expression filled his face. He said in a voice that he believed to be very dignified, which left no room for argument, After you cripple this persons cultivation, look into his background. Hmph, his crimes for offending the two princesses are so great that just crippling his cultivation isnt enough. The clan behind you has to pay a certain price as well.

If he doesnt have a clan and is only an independent cultivator, his crimes will be passed onto his parents. Well get your parents to pay.

The young man spoke extremely coldly as if he controlled Jian Chens life. He did not realise that the two princesses personal guards had said nothing when they personally witnessed someone fight for what the princesses wanted as well.

Jian Chens face became cold in that instance when he heard that the young man wanted to touch his parents.

At the same time, the people behind the young man arrived before Jian Chen. Two of them lunged at Jian Chen, while the others all took out their saint artifacts and swung them at Jian Chens limbs without any mercy at all. One of them stabbed his sword towards Jian Chens dantian.

Xinger and Laner watched on as they took things easy. They smiled as if their scheme had succeeded. They knew Jian Chens strength and also knew that he had the support of a Primordial realm expert. However, they just wanted to make trouble for him so that he would not have an easy life.

Jian Chen did not even look at the people who attacked him. His gaze was locked onto the young man. He flicked his fingers a few times, and a few strands of sword Qi flew out rapidly.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

With a series of metallic sounds, the saint artifacts in the hands of the people who attacked Jian Chen snapped at that moment.

Moreover, the sword Qi from Jian Chen did not disperse after destroying their saint artifacts. It continued on without weakening at all, heading towards their bodies.

All the people who tried to lay their hands on Jian Chen staggered backwards as they shrieked out. Their faces became extremely pale, as they had already been heavily injured. The power from the Laws of the Sword wreaked havoc within them, making them all spurt blood.

Jian Chen turned into a blur. He arrived beside the golden-robed young man in a single instance and grabbed him tightly by the neck. He said coldly, I only planned on giving you a small punishment originally, but you should have never, ever threatened my parents. Even if Godkings do that, I will make them pay the price. With that, there was a sudden flash of light from his hand that held the young mans neck. Sharp strands of sword Qi entered the young mans body in an extremely brutal method, directly heading towards his dantian and obliterating it.

The young man trembled violently. Blood spurted from his mouth like a fountain. Unfortunately, Jian Chens hands were wrapped around his neck, so he could not make any sounds at all. Otherwise, his miserable shrieks would have probably shocked everyone already.

Afterwards, Jian Chen smashed the young mans head gently before throwing him onto the streets outside like a dead dog. He did not even glance back at him.

Jian Chens strike had almost shaken the young mans soul into pieces. He directly fell unconscious.

Fortunately, Jian Chen had no intentions of killing him. He had only heavily injured his soul, so it would be difficult for him to recover.

His dantian was destroyed, and his soul had almost dispersed. Even if the young man managed to survive these wounds, he would basically be reduced to a cripple.

After doing all that, Jian Chen acted as if nothing had happened at all. He arrived beside the Spatial Fantasy Meteorite and stared at Xinger and Laner. He said coldly, I will pay three blocks of supreme grade divine crystal for this piece of Spatial Fantasy Meteorite. Do you still want it?

The two princesses stared at the golden-robed young man who laid on the street like mud in a daze. Using the senses of their soul, they completely understood the young mans wounds, which completely shocked them. They were no longer in the mood to fight over the Spatial Fantasy Meteorite with Jian Chen anymore.

In the end, Jian Chen purchased the Spatial Fantasy Meteorite for an astronomical price of three blocks of supreme grade divine crystal.

However, Jian Chen had obtained Yaxi Lians huge wealth. Even though three blocks of supreme grade divine crystals was a huge amount, he did not feel any pain when he spent it at all.

Zhou Chu has actually been crippled. I- isnt this a little too vicious? After all, behind Zhou Chu is Xinger and Laner only looked at one another. Their faces were rather ugly. They had realised that the matter had gotten out of hand.

They wanted to find trouble for Jian Chen, but they never thought he would be so vicious, directly crippling Zhou Chu. They never expected something like that.

A case where deliberate injuries were caused had happened in the imperial capital. Naturally, the matter spread rapidly. In a short amount of time, the area around the young man had become packed by people who had heard of the news. Many of them stared at the young man and pointed as they discussed.

That seems like young master Zhou Chu of the Skycloud sect. Heavens, who is bold enough to injure the young master like this?

The Skycloud sect is one of the peak sects in the Xuandao Empire. Even the imperial family must show them respect. Their status is extremely great.

I heard that Zhou Chu is the descendant of one of the sects Primordial realm ancestors. Now that Zhou Chu has been beaten to a pulp, almost to the point where hes a cripple, the Skycloud sect will probably never just let this matter be.

Nephew Zhou Chu! As people discussed among themselves, a cry rang out from the sky. A white-robed, middle-aged man descended as he gave off a tremendous pressure. He stared at Zhou Chu, who laid on the ground, with an ugly expression.

Who did it? Who was it? Who injured nephew Zhou Chu like this? When the white-robed man checked Zhou Chus wounds, he became utterly furious as extremely intense killing intent radiated from him.