Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1943

Chapter 1943: Battling Fei He

The killing intent directly caused the temperature of the surroundings to plummet as if it had become a cavern of ice.

The bustling street had already become completely crowded. However, everyone shivered from the white-robed, middle-aged mans killing intent. They felt it pierce their bones, and all of them could not help but back away. Even Overgods behaved like that.


Countless people cried out inside while their gazes towards the man became filled with angst from the bottom of their hearts as well as some envy and eagerness.

Godking was a cultivation level that they could only dream about. It was their life goal.

Who? Who is it? Who did this? The white-robed Godking was extremely furious as he bellowed out. Then, his gaze locked onto the store where Jian Chen was before long.

This was because a few disciples from the Skycloud sect still laid on the ground inside. Their blood had formed pools on the ground, giving off a metallic smell.

In the store, the two princesses behaved innocently. They looked at Jian Chen with some pleasure due to his situation before leaving the store with their guards.

However, the two of them did not walk off. They stood nearby and observed with great interest.

The white-robed Godking naturally recognised the two of them. After glancing past the two of them, he glared at Jian Chen.

At this moment, Jian Chen had also emerged from the store after putting the Spatial Fantasy Meteorite away. He saw the Godkings murderous gaze, but he remained completely calm and composed.

Did you injure Zhou Chu? The Godkings gaze was extremely terrifying. With that, the monstrous presence of a Godking radiated from him, crushing down on Jian Chen like a mountain.

At this moment, another powerful presence appeared. An armored, middle-aged man with a striking appearance had appeared in the air.

In the distance, large squadrons of armored, imperial guards hurried over quickly.

Its general Jin of the imperial guards from the imperial capital!

People cried out when the armored middle-aged man appeared.

General Jin appeared there and glanced past Zhou Chu, who had basically been crippled. He immediately frowned.

He deeply understood just how special Zhou Chus status was in the Skycloud sect. Of the two Primordial realm ancestors of the Skycloud sect, one of them was Zhou Chus senior. Now that Zhou Chu had become so heavily injured in the imperial capital, he would not be able to separate himself from the matter as the general responsible for order in the imperial capital.

General Jins face instantly sank. He glanced around, and just when he was about to ask who the troublemaker was, he suddenly discovered Jian Chen and was stunned.

His sharp instincts allowed him to realise who the troublemaker was, so he immediately felt a headache overwhelm him. He had no idea what to do.

The people on both sides both possessed great backgrounds. Neither of them could be offended.

Thats right, I injured him. Are you going to ask why I injured him? Jian Chen stared at the Godking responsibly and said calmly.

Fellow Jian Chen, brother Fei He, there are some misunderstandings in this matter. Lets not jump to conclusions. We can talk after weve looked through the entire matter, said general Jin. Originally, he had rushed over here aggressively to arrest the troublemaker, but now, he could only try to persuade both parties gently.

A misunderstanding? Hmph, Nephew Zhou has already become so injured. It doesnt matter what kind of misunderstanding there is, as itll definitely develop into a grievance. General Jin, theres no need to say anything more. It doesnt matter what this persons background is. He has to pay for what he has done, the Godking said coldly. It was impossible for him to not tell that Jian Chens background was not simple from general Jins attitude.

However, they, the Skycloud sect, had truly never feared anyone before.

Since youve crippled Zhou Chu, Ill cripple you as well, and then Ill take you back to the sect so that the ancestors can handle your punishment, said the white-robed Godking. With that, he directly extended a finger towards Jian Chen.

His gesture possessed the power of laws in the surroundings. Godking level laws instantly condensed around the finger, shooting towards Jian Chens dantian as a chain.

Oh no, retreat!

The expressions of the people who watched on from the surroundings changed when they saw the white-robed Godking strike out. They all fled wildly.

The might of a Godkings attack was simply too powerful. With their strength, they would be drawn into the attack even with the protection of the powerful formations in the imperial capital if they were too close.

General Jin was filled with bitterness. He did not believe that Jian Chen was Fei Hes opponent, but there was also a terrifying existence behind Jian Chen, so he could not allow anything to happen to him at all.

However, just when general Jin wanted to stop Fei Hes attack, a powerful sword Qi suddenly appeared below. It stunned the general.

With a flash of golden light, it shot towards Fei He with energy that was terrifying enough to surprise general Jin.

Behind the golden strand of sword Qi, Jian Chen wielded the Starling Rainbow sword. He seemed like he had fused with his sword as he radiated with intense light. He followed the golden sword Qi, lunging towards Fei He as if he was unstoppable.


The golden sword Qi collided with Fei Hes chain. It was like a high-speed collision of two planets, shattering into pieces with a deafening sound. It turned into a terrifying shockwave of energy that swept out.

Immediately, a formation appeared in the imperial capital, completely isolating the energy so that it could not even leave a scratch on the city itself.

A light flashed through Fei Hes eyes. He stared at Jian Chen in shock. Through Jian Chens presence, he could obviously tell that he was not a Godking and just a peak Overgod.

An Overgod had actually managed to block his attack in an open confrontation and not lose the upper hand. It was unbelievable.

But clearly, Jian Chens attack had not ended. After the Daluo Sword shattered, he charged through the region where energy wreaked havoc while he was coated in white light, lunging towards Fei He. In a single instance, he had arrived before Fei He.

Its actually a supreme Overgod from the Overgods Plaque! Fei He said coldly. He did not become flustered at all when he faced Jian Chens attack. He swung his hand calmly, directly catching Jian Chens Startling Rainbow sword.

Jian Chen sneered. The power of laws and Chaotic Force immediately erupted from the Startling Rainbow sword, dispersing the layer of power of laws around Fei Hes hand.

Even though Fei He was a Godking, it was impossible for his body alone to handle the sharpness of the Startling Rainbow sword.

Jian Chen used some force to cut through Fei Hes hand. He stabbed out as a smear of blood spurted out from Fei Hes hand. Jian Chen directly went for his heart.

Fei Hes eyes exploded with light. At that moment, his gaze had become extremely shocked.

In the next moment, a sword appeared in his hand. It danced and struck Jian Chens Startling Rainbow sword with lightning speed, knocking it aside.

Taiyi Sword Technique!

Jian Chens reaction was extremely quick. He formed a seal and fused with his sword. As a sword, he directly rammed towards Fei He.

During this time, Jian Chens entire body seemed to have become a sword of great might, giving off a monstrous presence!