Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1947

Chapter 1947: Muers Depature

Child, you cant interfere with the battles of the Empyrean Demon Cult. Even if you remain here with your current strength, you wont be able to turn the situation around in the end. Sure, you may be controlling it barely, but with the Empyrean Demon Cults strength, getting through it wont take any effort at all. Come with us, one of the middle-aged women said to Shangguan Muer.

Thank you for your concern, seniors, but I dont want to leave right now. My husband has been captured by the commander of the seventh army, and his situation is currently unknown. If I dont find my husband, I wont leave here, Shangguan Muer said firmly.

Dumb child. You obtained the Third Ancestors supreme treasure. Once you join our Daoist Sect of Divine Sound, your status will definitely be extraordinary. It wont be like the regular disciples. If you have potential, our Daoist Sect of Divine Sound will definitely spend resources to nurture you, giving you a chance to rise up. As for your husband, he cant even deal with a mere commander from the Empyrean Demon Cult. How can someone like him have you, a disciple from the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound, as his wife?

Child, forget your husband. You will definitely rise up among people. In the future, your accomplishments will be so great that your husband can only look up to you. Hes not suitable for you, the middle-aged woman said sincerely.

With their cultivation levels as Primordial realm experts, there was completely no need for them to speak so politely to an Overgod. However, the Third Ancestors past status in the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound was so great that it could not be surpassed. She had also been a supreme expert that the two of them respected very much.

Since Shangguan Muer had obtained the Third Ancestors supreme treasure, their attitude towards her changed.

Our Daoist Sect of Divine Sound is located in the central region of the Skyfire Plane. In the future, if the people from your clan want to visit you, come to the Skyfire Plane to look for us. Child, its time for us too. Once you get to the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound and witness the prodigies raised by those large sects on the Skyfire Plane, you will discover that the husband you miss so much is actually nothing. With that, the two middle-aged women directly waved their hands and took Shangguan Muer away with them, whether she agreed to it or not.

Sister Muer!

Sacredfeather cried out. His eyes were filled with fury, and he immediately pursued them.

However, with his strength, it was impossible for him to follow two Primordial realm experts. In the blink of an eye, he had lost their tracks.

Houston, Rui Jin, and the others on the fortress all revealed very ugly expressions. Shangguan Muer had just been taken away right before them, yet there was nothing they could do. It filled them with a sense of grievance, and they also felt extremely helpless.

First, Jian Chen had been taken away by the commander of the seventh army, and his current situation was unknown. Now, Shangguan Muer had been taken away as well. The people from the Tian Yuan clan felt gloomy over this.

Shangguan Muers departure naturally had an extremely great impact on the battlefield. Without her music, the soldiers of the Empyrean Demon Cult immediately became more and more courageous as they fought. They were able to use their full strength again.

On the other side, the armies of the divine kingdom were unable to maintain the balance when they faced off against such a violent army. They immediately lost the upper hand.

Even though they possessed a numerical advantage, their strength was on a completely different level.


Rui Jin yelled out and charged onto the battlefield with a heavy heart.

Houston and the others also charged towards the soldiers of the three armies afterwards. They did not say anything.

As for the divine king, he stood on the fortress walls as he stared at the vice-leader of the Empyrean Demon Cult, Huai An.

Neither of them could send out an attack, as once they did, a battle between Primordial realm experts would start.

In the imperial palace of the Xuandao Empire, Jian Chen had just bid farewell to a few princes from other empires and prodigies from other sects. He returned to his temporary residence by himself, and a sliver of exhaustion appeared on his face.

In the past few days, his battle against Fei He of the Skycloud sect had already spread across the entire northern region, with the news of his victory included. It had raised the attention of many large organisations in the northern region. As a result, people from different places constantly visited him in the past few days. They were either the princes from a few empires, young masters from large clans, or disciples of large sects.

With so many prodigies gathered together, there was naturally some fighting. At the same time, they felt doubt towards Jian Chens rumored strength.

As a result, Jian Chen faced the challenges of many prodigies in the past few days.

At the very start, he turned them down, but the more he turned them down, the more they wanted to challenge him. In the end, the people who challenged him only increased.

In the end, after running out of choices, Jian Chen could only spar with the prodigies, revealing some of his strength.

However, through this, Jian Chen befriended quite a few prodigies from those large sects and princes from the empires. He had learnt about all sorts of odd matters in the northern region from them.

At this moment, a young man seemed who to be around the same age as Jian Chen rushed over in in a hurry. He said, Brother Jian Chen, princess Taian and the fifth prince of the Xi Empire have come to visit. They want to see you.

The young man directly arrived before Jian Chen. He was both overjoyed and excited. He said enthusiastically, Brother Jian Chen, its princess Taian and the fifth prince. Do you know great their statuses are in the Xi Empire?

Please tell me, brother Yan Shun, Jian Chens eyes lit up when he heard the Xi Empire mentioned.

This young man was called Yan Shun, and he was a prince of the Xuandao Empire.

In the past few days, basically all the princes in the Xuandao Empire had expressed their goodwill towards Jian Chen. They did their best to establish a relationship with Jian Chen.

As a result, Jian Chen basically knew all the princes in the Xuandao Empire.

Prince Yan Shun cleared his throat and explained in a hurry, Princess Taians nobility was personally conferred by the Xi Emperor himself. Its said that she is connected to the empress by blood. Not only is she the empress junior, but shes also one of the most beloved people of the empress. Its said that in the Xi Empire, apart from the Xi Emperor, shes the closest person to the empress.

The imperial family in the Xi Empire is just too vast. All the children of the emperor become princes and princesses, while the descendants of the siblings of the emperor also become princes and princesses. As a result, there are plenty of princes and princesses in an eternal empire.

But in reality, many princes and princesses only have this status. Theyre actually extremely distant from the emperor. As a matter of fact, there are a few princes and princesses who have never even spoken to the emperor before. However, princess Taian is someone who can visit the empress whenever she pleases, and the Xi Emperor had personally conferred her title to her. As a result, her status in the Xi Empire is so great that almost no one can match up to her.

As for the fifth prince, hes the person that the Xi Emperor appreciates the most. The father of the fifth emperor had the best relationship with the Xi Emperor when the Xi Emperor was still a prince.

As we all know, the Xi Emperor has no children. Even though the fifth prince does not directly descend from the Xi Emperor, many people believe that the Xi Emperor is raising him as his successor from how much he appreciates him.

Prince Yan Shun told Jian Chen everything he knew about princess Taian and the fifth prince. He did not put up any haughtiness as a prince before Jian Chen.