Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1950

Chapter 1950: The Seal Released

In the next few days, the number of people who visited Jian Chen decreased. It gave Jian Chen a few days of peace.

However, during that time, the emperor of the Xuandao Empire had come looking for Jian Chen. He wanted to propose an engagement with Jian Chen, where his two daughters, Xinger and Laner, would be engaged to Jian Chen.

Naturally, Jian Chen objected this matter, turning him down without any hesitation at all.

Even though he had learnt that the two princesses possessed special constitutions from fairy Hao Yue, he had no such intentions.

Aside from that, the Skycloud sect, one of the peak sects of the Xuandao Empire, had sent a Godking to the imperial palace. He did not come asking for an explanation from when Jian Chen injured Zhou Chu and Fei He. Instead, he brought rich gifts and expressed his most sincere apologies, wishing to clean the slate between Jian Chen and the sect.

Jian Chen understood that this was all because fairy Hao Yue supported him, resulting in a deterrence, which was why the Skycloud sect was so willing to bow down.

There were no great, irresolvable grievances between him and the Skycloud sect. He did not have any intentions of becoming their enemy either, so Jian Chen happily accepted the apology.

Two other matters that shook up the entire northern region happened during this time.

The first matter was that the first, second, and third armies of the Empyrean Demon Cult had created a huge massacre near the edge of the northern region in their attack, which directly infuriated the empress of the Xi Empire.

The empress set out personally and single-handedly killed her way over, heavily injuring the vice-leader who watched over the armies in the northern region.

With that, the movements of the Empyrean Demon Cult came to a temporary halt in the northern region.

The second matter was even more shocking. After being locked in a stalemate with the Xi Emperor for several days, the ancestor of the Heaven-cracking sect finally came to terms with the Xi Emperor, handing over the two great elders who had once taken part in the hunt.

The news that the Heaven-cracking sect had come to terms created a huge shockwave among the various powerful organisations in the northern region. They were all astounded.

The Heaven-cracking sect also possessed a Chaotic Prime. Even the imperial family of the Xi Empire had to treat them with respect at other times.

However, the ancestor of the Heaven-cracking sect actually chose to give in to the Xi Emperors forceful demands, handing over his two Infinite Prime great elders.

The entire Heaven-cracking sect only possessed three great elders.

No one dares to refuse the Xi Emperor with his might.

The Xi Emperors prestige became even greater after this. People praising the Xi Emperor could be heard everywhere in the northern region.

The matter between the Xi Emperor and the Heaven-cracking sect has finally come to a conclusion. I hope the seal over the northern region will be released soon. Jian Chen sat in the imperial palace as he stared at the tremendous formation in the sky. He was secretly eager.

Ive completely refined the poison in these plant cores and monster cores. At this moment, Jian Chen heard fairy Hao Yues voice. She walked over slowly in a white dress and said, Its best if you dont reveal them in the southern region. Behind them is a prince of the Blood Sun Empire. The status of the Blood Sun Empire in the southern region is equivalent to the Xi Empire in the northern region. You know what the consequences are.

Jian Chen accepted the plant cores and monster cores from fairy Hao Yue. They were all fist-sized and had become transparent after the poison within them had been refined. He could even vaguely see pure, powerful energy slowly move about. It was extremely lively.

Fairy Hao Yue raised her head towards the sky. She stared at the barrier of light that sealed the entire northern region and said, Since the matter between the Xi Emperor and the Heaven-cracking sect has reached a conclusion, this seal shouldnt last for too long. Tomorrow, some people from the Xuandao Empire will be moving against a large sect that they have grievances with. Once I complete this deal with the Xuandao Empire, I will probably leave the Cloud Plane and return to the Moon God Hall.

Fairy Hao Yue struggled to remain calm when she mentioned the Moon God Hall. Her feelings fluctuated slightly.

It has been so many years. I wonder how the Moon God Hall is right now. Has my father discovered Nan Potians schemes? Its a pity that the Cloud Plane is just too far away from the Moon God Hall. Its impossible to find any information about it here at all, a sliver of worry appeared on fairy Hao Yues face.

Fairy Hao Yue, this Nan Potian must be very powerful, right? If the matters really develop to a point where all the odds are against you, just come back, Jian Chen said with hesitance. Although he did not know what was happening with the Moon God Hall, it was quite easy to guess a few things from fairy Hao Yues words.

In the past, Nan Potian approached peak Chaotic Prime, but he was quite a lot weaker than my father. If Nan Potian comes to the Cloud Plane, probably no one can match up to him as long as Grand Primes dont appear. In the past, it was because I discovered his schemes against the Moon God Hall that I suffered to his hand. In the end, my body was destroyed, and my soul accidentally fled to the lower world, fairy Hao Yue growled as killing intent flickered in her eyes.

Jian Chen sank into his thoughts from that. After a while, he said seriously, Fairy Hao Yue, Id advise you to go to the Moon God Hall later. Increase your strength as much as you can first. If the Moon God Hall really has fallen for Nan Potians schemes, you wont be of any help even if you return given his strength.

Fairy Hao Yue nodded gloomily, Of course, I understand that, but Im running out of patience. It has already been so many years. No matter what the situation is, I have to go back to the Moon God Hall to take a look. Otherwise, I wont be at peace. There was confidence in fairy Hao Yues words.

Jian Chen also felt helpless when he saw how he could not persuade fairy Hao Yue. After a moment of silence, he suddenly asked, Wheres the Moon God Hall?

Fairy Hao Yue glanced at Jian Chen slightly and said, Its on the Ice Pole Plane, the place where one of the seven Grand Exalts of the Saints World, the Ice Goddess, stayed. Its also one of the seven great sacred planes of the Saints World. Fairy Hao Yue paused before continuing, The Cloud Plane is extremely far away from the Ice Pole Plane. Just the amount of five-colored divine crystals needed to take the teleportation formation between planes is extravagant. Its enough to bring an ancient empire to its knees. Even sister Tian Shuang cant afford this price.

Its because I made a deal with the Xuandao Empire, where I would deal with one of their greatest enemies, that theyre willing to provide me with enough divine crystals.

In the morning of the next day, fairy Hao Yue left with Tian Shuang and two other Infinite Prime ancestors of the Xuandao Empire silently.

Soon after they had left, the formation that sealed up the entire northern region vanished. The Xi Emperor had finally removed his seal on this day.

The moment the seal was removed, Jian Chen suddenly stood up in his luxurious hall. With a flash, he arrived outside, and he looked at the sky. He had already waited too long for this day.

Fantastic. I can finally leave the northern region, Jian Chen said excitedly as he stared at the sky. Without hesitating at all, he immediately went to find the emperor, wanting to leave through the teleportation formation of the Xuandao Empire.

He was already filled with worry. Now that the seal was removed, he did not even have the time to bid farewell to fairy Hao Yue. He wanted to return to the southern region as soon as possible.

I wonder if princess Taian has given the box to the empress or the Xi Emperor. However, Im not certain whether Xi Yu is actually their daughter or not. Its just my guess. However, I clearly cant just wait here for the outcome of an unlikely guess. If she isnt their daughter, waiting here is just wasting time. Its throwing everyone from the Tian Yuan clan into danger.

If she is, the Xi Emperor will definitely come to the southern region given his love for his daughter. As Jian Chen thought through this, he had already met up with the emperor successfully.