Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1951

Chapter 1951: Charging To The Front Lines Again

With Jian Chens status in the Xuandao Empire, borrowing the teleportation formation was naturally nothing. Although he had turned down the emperors engagement, the emperors enthusiasm towards Jian Chen remained the same. He personally took Jian Chen to the teleportation formation in the imperial palace, allowing Jian Chen to use it for free despite the high cost of activating it.

After stating the position, the teleportation formation immediately activated. With a powerful force, Jian Chen who stood in the teleportation formation directly vanished.

In the prosperous imperial capital of the Heavenly Moon Empire, the City of Sun and Moon, the streets were bustling as noises and shouts rang out. Smartly dressed officials or high-ranking members of organisations moved along the bustling streets with simply-dressed cultivators. Endless stores filled the two sides of the streets and were crowded with people.

As an ancient empire that was on the same level as the Xuandao Empire, the Heavenly Moon Empire naturally possessed an imperial capital that was no less impressive than the one in the Xuandao Empire. A few people with quite some status in the southern region gathered here.

In the centre of the City of Sun and Moon was a castle-like structure. People gathered in there in groups of threes and twos. Nearby, four extremely profound teleportation formations were carved into the ground.

Two of the teleportations were relatively smaller. They were roughly ten meters in diameter. As for the other two teleportation formations, they were larger, a total of thirty meters wide. Not only were the pulses of energy that they gave off stronger, but the inscriptions were also more complicated and profound.

All the people in the castle handed over different sums of divine crystals to an old man there before jumping onto the teleportation formation that was only ten meters wide and leaving.

The second teleportation formation of the same size would flicker with white light from time to time. Each time the white light dispersed, groups of people of varying sizes would appear.

One was an entrance, while the other was an exit!

Compared to the two ten-meter-wide formations, the two other formations were much more desolate. They would not be used even over several months.

However, at this moment, one of the thirty-meter-wide formations suddenly emitted a pulse of powerful energy. The energy was so powerful that it was several times greater than the two ten-meter-wide formations.

The regional teleportation formation is responding. Someone is coming from another region.

The regional teleportation formation is only used once every several years. It costs an astronomical amount of divine crystals every time. I wonder which great person has come from the other regions.

For a time, the people in the surroundings all looked towards the teleportation formation as they discussed softly.

Under everyones attention, a young man who only seemed to be in his twenties appeared in the teleportation formation. He wore white robes, and he concealed his presence. As a result, he seemed like an ordinary person.

However, his resolute, handsome face possessed some coldness such that his ordinary eyes made many people present feel a frightening pressure.

This person must be an expert!

Many people secretly commented around the teleportation formation. Their gazes were filled with envy and respect.

To no surprise, the young man was Jian Chen.

Jian Chen did not stick around for long. Once he left the teleportation formation, he made his way outside the castle. He purchased a map in the imperial capital and hurried off after gaining his bearings. He did not waste any time at all.

When he had chosen a path of retreat for the Tian Yuan clan before, he had cast down a teleportation formation in the Heavenly Moon Empire. However, the teleportation formation was extremely distant from the imperial capital of the Heavenly Moon Empire. As a result, he needed to hurry to where he had initially cast down the formation. Only then could he return to the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian in the shortest amount of time possible.

As the ruler of the Dongan province, the Tian Yuan clan was clearly rather lethargic. A stifling atmosphere loomed over Tian Yuan clan.

This was because the patriarch who supported the clan had already vanished for many days. His situation was still unknown.

Jian Chen was everything to the Tian Yuan clan. Even though the clan possessed other Overgods, they were nowhere near close to replacing Jian Chen.

As a result, Jian Chens disappearance had affected the clan greatly.

I hope that the patriarch can return safely.

The Tian Yuan clan cant afford to lose patriarch Jian Chen.

At this moment, Mo Ling, Ando Fu, and the former patriarch of the Mo clan, Mo Xingfeng, gathered together. Their faces were all filled with worry.

Mo Xingfeng had now become a God after receiving a large number of resources from the Tian Yuan clan, becoming an elder of the Tian Yuan clan.

Right at this moment, their faces froze. Their eyes widened as they stared ahead in surprise.

The white-clothed Jian Chen slowly made his way out of the forbidden grounds.

P- patriarch? The three of them cried out in disbelief. At that moment, the three of them were completely puzzled.

As everyone knew, the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan had been captured by the commander of the seventh army, Yaxi Lian. There was no news regarding his situation apart from that.

But now, the patriarch, who was rumored to be captured by Yaxi Lian, had just emerged from the forbidden grounds in perfect condition. The three of them found this rather difficult to understand.

Whats the situation at the front lines? Are Sacredfeather and the others fine? Jian Chen asked rather nervously with a stern face. He was afraid that something he did not wish to see had happened during the time he was away.

Elder Sacredfeather and the others are well, and elder Sacredfeather and elder Houston have become Overgods, Mo Ling said. He was overly excited, causing his face to become flushed.

Jian Chen finally let out a breath of relief. He could not help but smile slightly before immediately charging off for the front lines.

The battle continued near the boundary of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. The tough walls had already completely collapsed, forcing the armies on the side of the divine kingdom to form lines of defence to stop the soldiers from the Empyrean Demon Cult.

In this battle, the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian had used all they had. Not only had all the people from the divine kingdom sent more people from their clans, but even most of the guards had been relocated away from the royal capital. The Royal Divine Army had been mobilised as well.

Aside from the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, the nearby divine kingdoms had sent large numbers of soldiers as well. They used spatial treasures to move them over from various places. They could only fend off the soldiers from the three armies of the Empyrean Demon Cult by pouring together the strength of several divine kingdoms.

The divine king hovered in the sky as he looked around at the battlefield. He was not very optimistic inside while his brows had remained furrowed the entire time.

On the other side, vice-leader Huai An stood with his arms crossed, hovering there leisurely. He smiled faintly as if victory was already in his grasp.

He stared at the sky. Through his unique cultivation method, he could clearly sense invisible energy of souls gather in the sky. All of it was sucked towards the sea of blood at the headquarters.

Most of the mission from the grand elder has been completed, Huai An thought. He understood very well that the Empyrean Demon Cult did not attack to invade this time. Rather, they attacked to create endless slaughter so that they could gather the energy of souls.

Suddenly, Huai Ans eyes narrowed. He stared behind the divine king. With his eyes as a Primordial realm expert, he could clearly see a figure shoot over with lightning speed on a sword.

Its Jian Chen! How is he still alive? Huai An frowned.

At the same time, the divine king sensed Jian Chen make his way over from behind. He was slightly surprised, and soon afterwards, he seemed to think of something. Understanding filled his face.

Greetings, your majesty!

Jian Chen arrived before the divine king very soon. He clasped his hands and bowed at the divine king.

Good, very good! As long as youre fine! The divine king nodded with a smile. Jian Chens return had cleared up some of the gloom within him.

Jian Chen, wheres the commander of the seventh army, Yaxi Lian? Huai An growled. He suddenly experienced an ill omen after seeing Jian Chen in perfect condition.

Jian Chen smiled with deep meaning when he heard Huai An mention Yaxi Lian. He said, Your majesty, I just happen to have a small gift for you. With that, Jian Chen immediately brought out Yaxi Lian, who had been imprisoned in the Bright Moon Divine Hall.

Right now, Yaxi Lians cultivation remained sealed, so she was unable to use her great strength at all. She was like a sitting duck in Jian Chens hands.

Yaxi Lian! Huai Ans face changed drastically as he cried out. Disbelief had completely filled his face.

This was because the outcome was completely different from what he had imagined. It could be described as the exact opposite.

Huai An moved very soon, flying towards Yaxi Lian as quickly as he could. He wanted to save Yaxi Lian from Jian Chen.

Primordial realm experts were so fast that Jian Chen could not even react.

Huai An, if you take another step forward, Ill wipe out her soul, the divine kings voice rang out. He had already appeared before Jian Chen silently with his hand pressed on Yaxi Lians head.

With his strength as a Primordial realm expert, he only needed to press down gently, and Yaxi Lians soul would be wiped out instantly. Even Huai An would not be able to save her in time.

Huai An came to a halt when he heard the divine kings words. His face had darkened as he glanced extremely sternly at Yaxi Lian, who had the divine kings hand on her head. The light in his eyes flickered with uncertainty.

In the end, Huai An did not dare to advance any further. However, he did not back off either. He glared at Jian Chen and said coldly, How impressive, Jian Chen. I never thought you really did have some ability for even Yaxi Lian to end up in your hands.

Theres a Primordial realm expert behind this brat. If it werent for her, how would he have been able to escape from me with just his own abilities? Yaxi Lian snorted coldly. Her face was calm and composed. Even though her life was in the hands of the divine king, she did not become flustered at all.