Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1952

Chapter 1952: The Fox Saint Elder

A Primordial realm expert? Huai An snorted coldly as his gaze became extremely frigid. He growled, I really do have to look into this matter carefully and see just which Primordial realm expert dares to stand against our Empyrean Demon Cult. Its nothing even if we lose if its a battle between Primordial realm experts, but our Empyrean Demon Cult will never drop a matter where a Primordial realm expert lowers themselves to deal with a Godking. We will pursue the matter to the end.

Huai An stared at the divine king at this moment and said, Pingtian, release Yaxi Lian!

The divine king smiled and said, Huai An, looking at how much youre worrying, Yaxi Lian must be quite important to you.

As he said that, the divine king could not help but press down harder on Yaxi Lians head. The laws of the Primordial realm vaguely condensed as he threatened Huai An, Its not impossible for me to release Yaxi Lian. Your Empyrean Demon Cult just has to retreat immediately.

Retreat? Thats completely impossible, Huai An said icily. His gaze was extremely cold, and there was heavy killing intent when he looked at Jian Chen in particular.

If it were not for the Primordial realm expert behind Jian Chen capturing Yaxi Lian, why would he, Huai An, be forced into negotiating?

This was all because of Jian Chen.

I can never let this Jian Chen go. Even if I ignore how great of a problem hell become once he matures, just what he has done to Yaxi Lian cannot be forgiven, killing intent filled Huai An inside.

At this moment, he was even tempted to ignore the divine king and directly try to kill Jian Chen. However, Yaxi Lian was in the divine kings hands right now, so he did not dare to act recklessly.

Since your Empyrean Demon Cult wont retreat, I can only lower myself to personally kill the commander of the seventh army. With that, the strength of your cult will weaken, the divine king said icily. It was filled with firm killing intent.

He was also someone who could kill without hesitation. Since they could not come to terms, he had no need to keep Yaxi Lian alive!


Right when the divine king was about to kill Yaxi Lian, Huai An suddenly called out.

The divine king remained indifferent. Powerful laws had condensed around his hand on Yaxi Lians head.

Huai An, have you through it through? The divine king asked as he glared at Huai An.

Pingtian, Ill be honest. You cant kill Yaxi Lian, because if you do, your Divine Kingdom of Pingtian will definitely be annihilated. Thats because Yaxi Lian is a direct disciple of one of the eight elders, the Fox Saint Elder. At the same time, shes the Fox Saint Elders only disciple. You should be able to guess just how important she is to the Fox Saint Elder, Huai An growled.

The Fox Saint Elder? The divine king frowned. His understanding of the Empyrean Demon Cult was limited to only the branch on the Cloud Plane. Clearly, the Fox Saint Elder of the eight elders had already surpassed the limits of the Cloud Plane.

I never thought she would actually be the direct disciple of the Fox Saint Elder. Pingtian, we really cant kill this Yaxi Lian because no one is the Fox Saint Elders opponent in the southern region apart from the eternal Blood Sun Empire, including us ancient empires.

At this moment, an ancient voice suddenly boomed out in the divine kings head.

The divine king knew who the voice came from. He was a Primordial realm ancestor of the imperial family of the Heavenly Moon Empire. He remained with the imperial family. Thanks to his powerful soul, he was able to communicate with him from so far away.

The divine king thought quickly and said to Huai An, So what if shes the direct disciple of the Fox Saint Elder? There will be losses when the two armies clash. If the Fox Saint Elder really is bold enough to come, do you think the Blood Sun Empire will just stand by? Getting me to release her for nothing is impossible.

Huai An became uneasy. After a very long pause, he said, Pingtian, getting me to retreat is impossible. However, I can give you seven days to regroup in exchange for Yaxi Lian.

Huai An was out of choices with the current situation. Yaxi Lians identity was just too special. If something were to happen to her, he would not be able to bear the consequences.

Seven days are too short. Give me a month, the divine king said coldly.

Ten days! Huai An also responded coldly.

In the end, they agreed to a ceasefire of half a month.

Although half a month was very short, the time would allow the side of the divine kingdom to greatly regroup, allowing them to deploy even more troops.

With the ceasefire, both the battle between the Overgods and the Godkings stopped at that moment. They all returned to their respective bases.

It was just that there were far fewer of them compared to the beginning of the battle.

A third of all the Overgods had passed away, while several Godkings had died as well.

However, when they saw Jian Chen standing beside the divine king in perfect condition, many of them became deeply surprised.

Brother, this is fantastic. I knew youd be fine. Sacredfeather arrived before Jian Chen as soon as possible. There was excitement and joy on his face that he struggled to hide.

Right now, Sacredfeather was covered in blood. There were many vicious and horrifying wounds on him.

Behind him, Houston, Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu all let out a breath in relief when they discovered that Jian Chen had returned safely. They all smiled from the bottom of their hearts.

They were also injured to varying degrees. Hei Yu was the most heavily injured out of all of them.

Lets go back first! Without talking too much, Jian Chen vanished into the fortress with them.

There was a military base within the fortress, and at the centre of it stood several divine halls. Each divine hall represented a major organisation.

The divine king had also placed a divine hall here for the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian as a place where his people could rest.

Jian Chen directly took Sacredfeather and the others into the divine hall. They directly made their way to a secret room. After that, he took out the best healing pills out of everything he had purchased from the Xuandao Empire.

These are all high grade pills, so consume them and heal up, Jian Chen said to everyone.

They did not hold back, directly devouring the pills to heal their wounds and replenish their origin energy.

Brother, sister Muer has been taken away, said Sacredfeather. He became rather depressed when he mentioned this.

What? Muer has been taken away? Jian Chen was surprised. His eyes shone with a shocking light as a powerful presence emanated from his body, What happened? Who took Muer away?

Its a sect called the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound Everyone explained everything that had happened in a few sentences.

The Skyfire Plane, the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound, Jian Chen murmured. Instead, he calmed down after learning about this matter. Then, he raised his head and stared at the ceiling of the secret room quietly.

His gaze seemed to be able to penetrate all, reaching into outer space. He seemed to see the distant Skyfire Plane that he had never even heard about.

Muer, I will come looking for you. That day wont be too far away, Jian Chen secretly made up his mind.