Chaotic Sword God Chapter 196

Chapter 196: Rosco
Chapter 196: Rosco

The strong milky white light of the light Saint Force enveloped Jian Chens entire body as its strange glow slowly entered his body. As of that moment, the flesh all over his body was being mended.

Because it was daytime, the light of the light Saint Force was rather hard to see, so Jian Chen wasnt afraid that his secret usage of the light Saint Force would be leaked. Even if someone were to come by, Jian Chen would be instantly notified by their presence to stop the flow of light Saint Force.

By now, Jian Chens spirit had been fully recovered, so when he began to control the light Saint Force, the amount of time he could control it would definitely be long, and the quality of the light Saint Force would be rich. By the time two hours had passed, Jian chen was almost fully healed.

However, using the light Saint Force still came at a price. Since he still wasnt in prime condition, using the light Saint Force made him feel rather dizzy and he had the constant feeling of wanting to sleep.

Jian Chen continued to heal himself for the entire day. Waking up again on the second morning, Jian Chen lay in the warmth of the bed to hide his condition.

After all, the man who saved him two days ago saw how seriously injured Jian Chen was. If he were to find out his current condition, then the nature of Jian Chens light Saint Force would definitely be revealed to him. Even with the help of medication, a serious wound like the one Jian Chen had received would definitely take longer than two days to heal. For that reason, Jian Chen refused to get off the bed and hid his body underneath the covers. As long as he kept his secret hidden, then no problems would occur.

He knew that Radiant Saint Masters were rare within the Tian Yuan Continent. If this secret was revealed, then he would be constantly troubled by people.

Laying in the bed, Jian Chen silently healed with the use of his light Saint Force. For the past two days the man had given him some herbs to help heal him, but currently, he was all out of Saint Force; the sword within his dantian had been reduced to a darker version as well.

Quickly, the afternoon came and Jian Chen could smell the fragrant scent of a meal wafting into the room.

Creak! At that moment, the wooden door to the room slid open and the middle aged man walked into the room, stopping only by the bed.

Seeing the shut eyed Jian Chen, the man let out a breath of air and muttered, Ai, hes been asleep for another two days without waking up to eat even once. Even with injuries this severe, Im not too sure how long hell last. Its truly unfortunate that this poor village isnt able to find any stronger medication.

The man shook his head helplessly before walking back out of the room.

Uncle! Suddenly, a weak sounding voice called out from behind. The man went rigid before whirling around to look at Jian Chen and called out joyfully, Kid, youve finally awaken! After falling unconscious again, I was afraid youd never wake up again.

Hearing that, Jian Chen smiled, This one is sorry, Ive let uncle worry.

No worries, as long as you are awake, everything is fine. At the very least your life is still well and safe. Thats right! You havent eaten in two days, Im sure youre hungry. Let me bring you something to eat. With that, the man turned and walked out of the room once more.

Quickly, a hot bowl of rice with a plate of meat was presented by the man. We are only in a small mountainside village, so the best we can normally get is the meat of the wild beasts we find in the mountains. Since youre injured, its best for you to eat some meat to properly heal your body.

This one thanks uncle greatly! Jian Chen slowly climbed up from the bed.

Upon seeing his movements, the man instantly started, Hey! Dont move! Youre injured and moving will only make it worse. With that, his hands put down the meal on the table and went over to support Jian Chen.

Jian Chen smiled, Although I am injured, after two days of resting, my health has been stabilized. Moving just a little bit is no problem now.

Seeing how Jian Chen didnt have a problem sitting up right slowly, the man had a look of admiration on his face. Youngster, your strength is surely that of a decent standing to be able to sit up so soon after such a grievous wound.

Jian Chen looked at the man with a deep look, Uncle, it would appear that you are quite strange yourself. I assume you once traveled the continent before as well?

Ai! The man let out a breath of air as if Jian Chens words had struck a heavy blow. His face had taken on a sad expression.

After a moment of silence, the man spoke once more, To be truthful, 10 years ago, I too was a mercenary at the Middle Saint Master level. I traveled with a few brothers that suffered fire and rain with me, but one day while transporting some precious cargo, we encountered a bandit group that changed my life forever.

That group of bandits was truly strong. After a fierce battle we drove off the bandits, but our side had paid a heavy price. My Saint Weapon had been destroyed by a stronger bandit, and although I didnt die, I had lost my ability to cultivate and the entirety of my strength. I was nothing more than a cripple, thus, I came to this village to isolate myself from the world.

Hearing that, Jian Chen went silent as well. He could fully understand the emotions within the mans heart. To go from a mercenary that traveled the Tian Yuan Continent to becoming a cripple that couldnt cultivate, this was a cruel torment that even the most ambitious would rather die than to live and suffer.

With that, Jian Chen continued to chat with the man while eating. As they talked, Jian Chen learned of the mans name Rosco.

Rosco was about 40 years old this year. Ever since he had his Saint Weapon shattered and became a cripple, he arrived at the village and married himself to a woman of a closeby village. They then gave birth to a son and daughter who were both 10 years old.

After that, Jian Chen had come to live temporarily within their house. However, he didnt mention that his wounds were now completely healed, so he lay in bed for the entire day. Rosco would leave him be, letting him rest for the most part. Though, in secret, Jian Chen would sit upright and continue to refine his Saint Force.

Although Jian Chen had spent many days refining his Saint Force in Phoenix City, he still hadnt completely gotten rid of the side effects from using the monster cores to cultivate.

In the blink of an eye, Jian Chen had been a resident of the village for half a month. In that half month, Rosco had grown to respect Jian Chen and would often let him rest except to bring him a meal two or three times a day.